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17.07, 17:45 [0:1] Levski Sofia - Vaduz (LIE)

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    17.07, 17:45 [0:1] Levski Sofia - Vaduz (LIE)

    1.36 4.50 7.00 bet365

    Odds on the home win are a bit short to my taste. Stay tuned for a preview later today.

    The first match in Liechtenstein revealed a lot about the two teams and their approach to the tie.

    Vaduz might have less quality in their squad, but were focused on getting a good results for all the 90 min. of the first leg. It is no coincidence that they have successfully passed the first qualifying round in every of the last 4 seasons. Vaduz showed some solid defending and their two African wingers proved to be fast, athletic and capable of scoring (one of them scored the game's lone goal). But that was about it and it should be seen how they behave if they find themselves trailing.

    Levski were slow, lacked ideas and seemingly also motivation (rumour has it payment of salaries in the club is a bit behind schedule). They went onto the pitch as if they expected Vaduz to beat themselves, conceded early and applied real pressure on the hosts only during the second half of the game. Having said that, Levski were a bit unlucky - key defensive midfielder Thiam got injured during the warm up and was replaced by Belmont who had a horrendous game. Then, Vaduz scored with their first shot on target, laid back and defended their lead for 75 min.

    The good news for Levski is that they can only improve their performance now. The match in Liechtenstein was their first official of the season and they should be one idea more fit this time. The fans are likely to create an atmosphere that will motivate Levski's players to put more effort and do what's needed to get past the brave Liechtensteiners. In the likes of Obertan and Bus Levski has the players that can deliver goals. CD Jablonsky was one of the team's leading goalscorers last season and Vaduz's defense should certainly keep an eye on him during corner kicks in front of their goal.

    As mentioned, I am far from thrilled about the odds on Home Win. However, that remains the most likely outcome (I give it at least 60% chance). To be honest, I really don't expect Vaduz to score. At the same time, they have shown that they know how to defend so no goal fests expected here. Here are some alternative options (though not mutually exclusive) that you can choose from depending on your appetite for risk:

    HT/FT Levski/Levski @2.05
    Under 2.5 @1.95
    CS 2-0
    First goal before 30'



      Won't put money on Levski even with a gun to my head But under 2.50 isn't a bad idea.


        Yes, I agree with my native friends that UNDER 2.5 GOALS is a rock solid bet. I am pretty quite sure that Levski will not eliminate Vaduz in 90 minutes. I also recomend Vaduz +1.5, because there is an enormous pressure on Levski and they fail big time in every case where even a little pressure is put on them. There is a huge mismatch in Levski's fans expectations and the capability of their players and the coach Delio Rossi. There is also a disbelief between the players and the coach. Levski's players don't believe in Rossi's methods. The rumours are not rumours, but the truth. Levski's players are not getting paid by two months. Fans will be mad if Levski do not lead at HT and they will start to put more and more pressure on the team with each minute. If Vaduz score, Levski will be doomed, because the players are strangers to what Levski means to the fans and they simply don't care about the club. That's it. Also Levski's goalkeeper can always produce a poor performance. I wrote last time, that he makes 1-2 big mistakes every single game, but that's because for 10 years in Levski he played 60+ games, which is quite ridiculous for a club with big pretences like Levski. Of course FC Vaduz are not worldbeaters, but I still think the organisation of that club will give results on the pitch. Vaduz players earn very good result in the first leg, so they can be focused and with clean heads tonight in Sofia. They have nothing to lose. Almost nobody expected from Vaduz to eliminate Levski, so definately the pressure is on Levski. Good luck to everyone.


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