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Spain LaLiga Santander - April 13 to 15

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    Spain LaLiga Santander - April 13 to 15

    Fixed odds in La Liga:

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    Girona - Betis
    Betis dnb@ 2.25, sbo 7/10

    Both are supposed to fight for EL but imo only Betis have real hopes and as a matter of fact Girona are a new promoted side and won't be as motivated as their rivals. Moreover, Girona have shown a bad shape in recent games not only the 5-0 in San Sebastian but 2nd part against Levante at home too where they were completely outplayed by their rivals.

    Problems for Betis in the last hour, Guardado and Javi Garcia are doubtful and this is why 20 players were called in the list. Good news for Sanabria who returned after spending a long time on the sidelines while young revelation striker Loren Moron recovered after missing last game. Betis have 4 wins in a row.

    On the other hand Girona have few problems but coach didn't not deny rotations and if this happens it is a sight of lack of further ambitious from the Catalans.

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      cheers mate

      .... .i do not have bowles to go vs girona at home specially after bad series ...
      this guys control every aspect of game at their pitch ...
      even tough betis looks great this is the phools proof for them .. at getafe they got a lucky win ...

      some toughts tomorrow

      Sevilla -.25 1.6 12u / 1/1 2.85 9u / -1.25 2.85 8u / (-2) 5.8 5u / over (3) 2.3 8u
      we shall skip the "tiredness factor " and take into account others wich may be more imp in such tie first of all
      host come from bad series in league and has still somthg to play like EL and above all - way more imp for laymen support - finish above betis ... also in one week time they play cup final ....
      so host likely to be in a frame of mind ... another factor is they kind of finished CL in style .. undefeated at allianz and playing face to face with powerhouse baya´ everyone is happy ... another factor goes along ... when they are for it this sevilla can play cracking football .. specially with possesion .. not only bayern but barsa just felt it at pizjuan .. and another imp thing to take into account is grogets looking really on a down lately .. receiving too many - actually asenjo is MOTM most games for them - and not so sharp upfront since bakambu left .. to add woes sevill ais sort of yinx team for them .. and visitors miss 2 of their most used cb´s menaing rukavina will starts and if somethings hapens theyll have not many choices... host will likely start with bets 11 probably givin chance to sandro to improve not so good performance from usual ben yeder and muriel ...

      Las Palmas (0) 2.75 10.2u / G 1.65 8.5u / over 3.25 2.55 6u
      Motivation clearly on host and often hapens when one team is hopeless like pio pio that they start to deliver last round when pressure is off and noone believe in them ..fact is host looked ok in some games .. african midfielder etebo improved their game and guys like halilovic or youngster exposito are growing .... a minus factor is their best defender galvez is out ... probably jemez will go back to what he likes more atack w/o loooking back oposite to real sociedad that looks like "caged" under new coach more eager to show under his helm they can keep CS .. win vs girona is a mix of catalans big day off and great quality on ranks atackin on txuriurdin ranks ... that atcking flair with otarzabal yanujaz and co makes me believe in two ways game theyll score .. but home team is more motivated still with slight chances... guest miss both first choice keepers and couple of imp units like odriozola or prieto latter can be replaced with no probs ...
      ...but then again, who does?


        Does anyone else think that Valencia @ 9.5 is a bit overpriced? I mean if Barca are going to lose this season, I can't see a more suitable moment. Valencia are rested and they have been great all season, Barca coming off a big disappointment after the elimination against Roma and their morale should be low, plus they had to travel. It is clear now that they have problems and honestly I can't believe they have been able to mount such a campaign for the title.


          i do .. even it feels worng to go ag barsa at NC ..specially after big lose .. but valencia is just not right rival atm .... it may of c still finish 5-0 :/

          Celta (0) 1.7 10u / over (2) 1.77 8u
          Only mild stakes couse celestes are very irregular and leganes often deliver at home with solid game tough still not so sound as other like getafe or girona .... thing is host have imp missings like amrabat - just like at malaga he was the guy making things hapen on their offensive - ..beaubue or gabriel .. of course legane swill still field strong 11 ..but i think in both areas where game are won visitors have upper hand with aspas scoring everything that comes ..and even able to create them on their own .. or maxi tough under drought a guy with great finishing skill and motivated to bounce back --- rejected big money to stay in la liga only to have chances for a spot in russia woth uruguay ... same goes for aspas hypermotivated with chances for a spot at NT ... overall celta has better players in almost every line ...
          only place where they tie is keeper position with highly untrustfull keepers that why goals may lick in ...

          Valencia +2 1.7 10.3u / ht +.75 1.9 10u / (0) 7.5 6u / scores 1.7 9u
          I know team slike barsa tend to bounce back in style but knowing how thinsks work in that team it may be not so easy ... probably players are depressed couse only motivation they had till russia was CL they have cup final in one week and thats it ... so under normal circumstances theyll want to shine just before that yet its not some leganes , athletic or girona they are facing .. they face ches.. best colective side in la liga ... and one that often hits headlines at NC ..even when they are down ... they have fitness in their favour and some counter thunder game with guedes and rodrigo great understanding ... they recover murillo today wich is great news couse gitanito montoya has GPS issues
          and misses position all time ...marcelino will show him door rather soon ... colombian proven to be top defening material ..... host will field moutinho .... and dembele .. both arising doubts about their worth ..maybe too anxious to prove it ... of course messi fingerpointed shall be eager to say im still here .. but then again effrot may be more than usual vs a well gelled side ..and at the end pulga know it oes not matter .. if they win cup and league .. it might be ok season - bad if royals win CL - but at th eend if next season keeps showing similar game at NC people will still be devoted to him ... ... so whatever this shall not be walk in park like odds imply specially since great solidness shown by catalans all season long was a big ? in both games vs roma and even vs sevilla or leganes ...

          Deportivo +1 1.8 10.7u / over 2.25 1.8 11u / (0) 4.3 7u / over (3) 2.9
          Very open one ... athletic mixes good performances with rather mild with plain horreondous .. fact berizzo sounds like new coach may not benefit .. in front depor like las palmas may start delivering when its not enough anymore ..gallegos come from two good displays and at metropolitano had many chances ... here they will face another cracking keeper but lucas finally ended drought so may be key factor ... guest miss sidney .. wil field atacking formation ... host played monday wich usually not benefits ... good hunting ground for depor SM over years
          ...but then again, who does?


            Men, odds on Valencia are rising, the straight win is now priced at 11, looks like everybody is on Barca and expect them to smash Valencia. Like litost said it could finish 5:0, but I can't pass this price.

            IMO the other motivation which Barca have left is Clasico. The way I see it - Barca lose tomorrow, then they win the cup, Real get eliminated by the germans and Barca thrash them at the NC it will be the perfect ending of their season.
            Last edited by HeatAr; 13-04-18, 22:19.


              Hey Litost!
              Fully agree with you and I had gone even further with Las Palmas and Celta!

              Las Palmas - Sociedad
              Las Palmas win@ 366, pin 8/10

              Las Palmas to win imo is the bet of the month not because UD is better than RSC but because the momentum is on them and odds are there to take! UD have been playing very well recently and should have clearly won last week in Levante. Sociedad in the zone of nowhere, really nothing to play for maybe they will be focused on midweek game against Atletico Madrid, Spaniards use to do things like this.

              Illarramendi is back for RSC but keeper Moya got injured and first choice and key keeper, Rulli, failed to recovered in time to the game. Other missings remain still.

              Las Palmas have missings on their own but their lineup is very strong and attacking one. Imoh Ezekiel will play on different position than usually plays but he did excellent in the left wing against Levante and this move gives room to Calleri to start in the attack. Exposito is in excellent form, the players are highly motivated and ready to play for their club and their manager, Paco Jemez. I think that this is a fine opportunity for UD to grab all three points, odds are great!


              Leganes - Celta
              Celta -0.25@ 208, sbo 8/10

              Celta needs everything out of this game while Leganes with nothing to play for laying in the zone of nowhere, 13 points above relegation limit and 11 below the 6th place. Good morale in Celta after last win over Sevilla by 4-0.

              Mor is back in Celta's squad after two 'drops' in a row by mister. Leganes are facing important missings. Key attacking midfielder Gabriel is suspended, key striker Amrabat got injured, important striker Claudio Beauvue is absent due to the terms of his loan.

              In my opinion Celta will do the job here, odds are fine.



                Originally posted by HeatAr View Post
                Men, odds on Valencia are rising, the straight win is now priced at 11, looks like everybody is on Barca and expect them to smash Valencia. Like litost said it could finish 5:0, but I can't pass this price.

                IMO the other motivation which Barca have left is Clasico. The way I see it - Barca lose tomorrow, then they win the cup, Real get eliminated by the germans and Barca thrash them at the NC it will be the perfect ending of their season.
                Thanks for your and Litost insights. I took Valencia DNB @ 10 on bet365, too good to ignore!

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                  I'm thinking about -2 or -2.5 ah on Atl. Madrid, I think players will be motivated to score goals after losing to Sporting in europa league. How bad are Levante really?


                    16:15 Barcelona - Valencia
                    hosts over 6.5 corners @ 1.86

                    At this meeting only one option seems to me and these are corners for the hosts. Barcelona recently has quite a lot of them, which is a big surprise. This is the first meeting after the defeat of Roma, and in addition with a very difficult rival like the Bats. There will be no calculations here, because the hosts will want to avoid defeat and keep the winning streak. Valencia will not defend itself because he wants to keep his advantage over Real and take advantage of Barcelona's last setback with Roma. I expect an open meeting, and the main advantage will be the corners of the hosts, who think that they will want to quickly blur the stain after defeat Roma and also quickly secure a championship.


                      Well, Barcelona did beat them after all, but Valencia had so many chances. If you miss chances the way they did you just robe yourself. No wonder Ter Stegen was man of the match, he pulled a couple of really important saves, only the stupid way he conceded the penalty was embarassing. Better luck next time.


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