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Copa Rey Return Leg 1/8

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  • Copa Rey Return Leg 1/8

    Originally posted by litost View Post
    i dunno mate ...
    friday i tough athletic had a chance but then reality is a biatch ... and even if id love it i see mighty lions wof wof leaving CN tail between legs happy to be still alive and so on ....

    i do not think barsa is so bad this two games as pundits argue ... they looked bit rusty and missing their often sound flanks atack as alves and alba are top in atacking spaces and have great understanding with the little feker mastermind .. ..yet still people forget villareal and athletic can be tough rivals at their pitches specially .... an dstil ended cornered ... alba may come back next... i see neymar plugged even if things do not work soundly theyll do ... suarez well hell apear soon .. iniesta as well looks ok ...then little master flea ...looking on top of hi sgame at times ..... the rest is just talk the talk and a waste of space ... cules liek a hurt wild boar atm will go for jugular ... ref is ok on paper well see if he can handle pressure from cules ... two days not help is too much ...
    visitors will miss garcia and iturraspe .. imo theyll need score two gaosl to have a chance ..with williasm speed and pace may be close ... but also can see locals scoring 4 or 5+ :/
    btw cules decided not show at fifa awards ... !! focus on return leg .. on paper

    i think we may see similar score and scenario like first game january last year not second oen when athletic had their chances ..still ended losing almost get trashed again ...
    unfortunately i do not give lions many chances vs cules with fulls squad and full focused .. i disagree their game is not so down ... looks same as previous seasons under lucho .... more or less ..perhaps started season unfocuse sp away from home ...

    but its waste of time plus space as said above talk the talk when messi is involved surrounded by iniesta , suerez and co .. mainly at camp nou where they are often diferent animal ...alba comes back ... raikitic shall start ...

    for guest they will have chances to pass only scoring 2 .. garcia is a miss in such place ...
    sure basque outfit are about the few that can face barsa couse they have galons and done many times over last years but outcome is usually one sided sp on cruch tiems like finals wich this sort of is ...

    will leave all their chances to williams speed and aritz class finishing ..but at NC they are not likely to have so many cahnces nor balls share ...

    another factor like ref wich looks like brave one but will likely sucumb to pressure at Nc shall also

    Barsa - 2.25 1.85 11u / -3.25 3.2 8u / (-1) ht 1.85 8u / [-4] 6.2 6u / over 5.5 @ 5 5.73u /
    neymar scores @ 2 6u / messi 2+ 3.75 6u / ney 2+ @ 6 2u / williams @ 6.3 2u /host score a pk @ 4.2 6u / red card 3.2 6u /

    alaves -.25 @ 2.2 10u / qualifies @ 1.5 11u / over 2.25 1.9 9.3u / over 3.5 4.3 4u / 2-2 CS 17 2u
    value on host and on overs ... cup games do not aply much to league traits ..both are atctically sound and solid at times more host than depor imo .... and locals have upper hand playing at home and having wider squad atm as gallegos are missing soem players late weeks unable to rotate properly ... all in all upper prat wich willsee 3new players for locals looks betetr sp since they recover theo and will field their solid trunk playing their favourite counter game ... guest with dodgy arribas and two players that leave doubts reg their primera level like marlos and valle .... whatever likely with goals even if depor will not go all guns firing from start ...
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    ...but then again, who does?

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    Barça squad: Ter Stegen, Cillessen, Piqué, Rakitic, Sergio, Denis, Arda, A.Iniesta, Suárez, Messi, Neymar Jr, Rafinha, Mascherano, Paco Alcácer, Jordi Alba, Digne, Sergi Roberto & Umtiti

    Rakitic & Cillessen are back in squad. While Masip, Vidal, Mathieu and Gomes have been dropped out.

    The game does suffer, cause the middle was weak and shaky throughout the season, when a team pressed Barca high they made mistakes, which ended up in goals, look at the goals from Bilbao and Villarreal. I don't understand this consistency in making mistakes, especially bad passes, i constantly hope i can see a game where Busquets doesn't make a bad pass, still waiting... Don Andres hasn't brought the stability needed in the middle, nor the passes needed to connect the middle with MSN, especially in the last game, he made so many wrong passes (granted Villarreal mae a hell of a game defensive wise). With this situation, Messi needs to drop back a lot to get balls, but he is always surrounded by at least 3 players, which makes it hard for him to have decent chances. Apart from that, some clear chances wasted by Neymar, in both games this year, although he did looked sharper in his actions, he failed on his last shot with some poor finishing.

    This will be a game played at Camp Nou and it makes it a different story, as the players are more comfortable at home and the pitch provides them with more spaces. The players are really frustrated by the refereeing in the last 2 games, some obvious penalties not given, which imo influenced the teams game, in a bad way. They should've have kept pushing and not get carried away, by arguing with the ref, but when you see penalties not given, like that of Neymar in Bilbao or the clear handball on Messi's shot in Villarreal, it must make you mad, considering they've tried so hard to break both of those tight defenses. I'm not looking for excuses, but the refereeing level in Spain just continues to go down, especially this season and across the league...

    With all these things in mind i expect Barca to come out guns blazing, something has to give an Bilbao may end up on the other end of a beating. I saw that Catalan media said Williams had a fever and didn't trained yesterday, so most likely he will start on the bench. One major stat for this match-up, Barca hasn't lost a double encounter with Bilbao from the '60s...
    Originally posted by djasmu
    if that happens, i will leave forever to better forum


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      williams reported ok this morning ... shall start ... not sure aduritz will after playing both games ...

      i agree about midfield chmistry not so good and their lack of bottle losing easy balls in last 1/3 ...but at cn is diferent and i blame part of that to unfocus many times at fisrt part of season ... but when big games come they shall not commit so many .. rikitic is at spotlight right now ... and main problems has been busi and masche level not at best ...

      but athletic just like barsa away from SM ... have frailties ..we ll fight to the end and on good day maybe perhaps ..then messi .... then ( )

      not much tiem elaborate i expect villareal turn things around or get at least near ..perhaps qualy even with a trash ...
      txuriurdin have beating soem pasable rivals away from anoeta like sporting granada and lega but very often showed their defeding to have many leaks ... vs this villareal sp at madrigal that will be key factor ... vela out doe snot help .. he sthe guy making diferent things even if oyarzabal is grwoin ..

      -1 ,1/1 , wg & 3.5 on script ...
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      ...but then again, who does?


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        just look at villareal line up .. trigueros pato & jona left on bench ..still with fresh legs those coming in have quality ...
        ...but then again, who does?


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          2nd half at madrigal looked ridicilously inactive , so many wrong passes , back or wide ones , no effort on target or off target at all . also reff with many strange decisions through the game .


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            Celta Vigo - Valencia

            Celta Vigo has no significant problems.

            Valencia CF without: Diego Alves (G 14/0), Rodrigo (A 15/4), Mario Suárez (M 14/3), E. Pérez (M 12/0), Nani (M 12/2), E. Garay (D 8/1), A. Abdennour (D 8/0), Guilherme Siqueira (D 3/0


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              any news on Sevilla-Real match? squards, motivation, etc?


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                Real Madrid without


                Sevilla without N'Zonzi, Mariano ,Franco Vázquez


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                  cheese have not slept nor eat in last 24 but just have to com here talk teh talk and bullsheet around reg this one ....

                  3-0 no big deal ....zidane is a bold man in every sense i guess ..keeps ridin his luck leaving mastermind modric out ... 3-0 looks done deal but we all know at cup comp phony things hapen ...2-0 before teh hour mark ..we have game and all sudden locasl are favs ...

                  sevilla will as well rotate ...but theyve proven to be quite sharp on their day ...
                  i do not buy real all sudden superb duper side ..beating off focus sevilla then dodgy granada ...
                  goals is risky couse game may very well become low pace awaiting weekend more imp ...

                  Seviglia -.25 @ 2.2 11u / 1/1 4.6 6u / -1 4.6 6u / wg 6u / -1 ht 10 2u /-2 @ 10 2u / over 3 1.9 7u / over 4.25 3.8 4u
                  ...but then again, who does?


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                    Originally posted by Miccho View Post
                    Brou, you should cut off those amfetamins :-)
                    yeap darn vietnamese coffee ..crist ... !!

                    cadiz -.25 @ 2.22 10u / over 2 1.85 7u / wg 3u / 1/1 3u / o 3.5 2u
                    The -for some- real yellow submarine receive at tacita de plata
                    castillians from pucela in a higghly anticapateeedddd encounteEREERRRRRRRR .... adn we feel odds look too high on locals that as uusal hapens with ex big guns promoting
                    from 2B are ussing boost galons and so on with a greta run strong tema play and specially very sharp atack to be up there close to straigh promotion ..for this oen host miss infleuntial garrido inmidfield and
                    dubious eddy shall start with two ex big players mantecon and abel on hold... apart from that same line up that got quite good run lately ... sharp guiza and locals salvi will be on bench wiating too add fuel if neccesary ... in front pucela will sure be at leats on play offs couse they hav egreta squad and coach but their travelling has not been perfect thus far ..guest with full suqad tough villar may not start ..
                    all in all host may keep godo run vs highly rated oposition in agame likely featuring goals as tehy both have top atacking players ... depite having very tactical coaches ( any coach in 2a worth name is tacticall imo so .. )
                    ...but then again, who does?


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                      man im telling u this coffe makes me see things .. i am quoting u right now before u even utter a WORD :::::CRIST ..this is weard ...

                      off to bed ... wake me up in year 2056 ..hope things are beter then ..cheese ...
                      ...but then again, who does?


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                        Originally posted by litost View Post
                        cheese have not slept nor eat in last 24
                        Brou, you should cut off those amfetamins :-)


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