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Slovenia - preview 2006/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14 + reports

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  • NK Celje

    New signings:
    Jernej Leskovar (Olimpija)
    Danijel Brezi***269; (Interblock)
    Anel Omerovi***269; (Sparta Praga)
    Dejan Puriši***269; (Aluminij Kidri***269;evo)

    Boris Bjelkanovi***263;
    Levin Oparenovi***269;
    Uroš Korun
    Peter Stojanovi***269;
    Darijo Biš***269;an
    Aljaž Horvat
    Matej Centrih
    Aleksander Polšak
    Antonijo Pranji***269;


    CM Celje : Croatia Sesvete 3:1 (Bezjak 2, *traus)
    CM Celje : Varteks 0:1
    CM Celje : Inter Zapreši***263; 0:0
    CM Celje : Javor 0:0
    CM Celje : *entjur 3:0 (Duspara 2, Bezjak)
    CM Celje : Triglav Gorenjska 2:1 (Mo***269;ivnik, Brezi***269;)
    Mura 05 : CM Celje 1:0
    CM Celje : *entjur 7:0
    Dvoran***269;i***269; 3, Rep 2, Bezjak, Akamba
    CM Celje : Medžimurje 2:0 (Bezjak, Lovre***269;i***269;)
    CM Celje : Dravinja 6:0 (Bezjak, Duspara, Andjelkovi***269;, Mo***269;ivnik, Krljanovi***269;, Dvoran***269;i***269;)
    CM Celje : Krško 5:1 (Bakari***269;, Urban***269;, Rep, Dvoran***269;i***269;, Bezjak)

    Borut Arli***269; - technical manager:
    There are no set plans for the season, they just want to end as high as possible and the same
    goes for the cup competition.


    • NK Dom***382;ale


      ***381;eljko Filipovi***269; (Olimpija)
      Tim Lo Duca (Rudar Velenje)
      Matic Seferovi***269; (Radomlje)
      Mato ***352;imunovi***263; - Avt (Nitra, Slk)


      D***382;engis ***268;avu***353;evi***269; (Wil 1900, ***352;vi)
      Luka Elsner (Austria Kärnten, Avt)

      Friendlies and scorers:

      Dom***382;ale : Ihan 8:0 (Lo Duca 2, Krci***269; 2, Perme, Zatkovi***269;, Brezova***269;ki, Vu***269;ki***269;)
      Labod Drava : Dom***382;ale 0:3 (Apati***269;, ***352;turm, Topi***263;)
      Labod Drava : Dom***382;ale 1:0
      Dom***382;ale : Rudar 1:0 (Filipovi***269;)
      Dom***382;ale : Izola 2:0 (Perme, Zec)
      Dom***382;ale : Bela krajina 2:1 (***352;turm 2)
      Dom***382;ale : ***352;en***269;ur 4:1 (Krci***269;, Zatkovi***269;, Peki***269;, Lo Duca)
      Dom***382;ale : Simer ***352;ampion 1:1 (***352;turm)
      Umag : Dom***382;ale 0:2 (Saferovi***269;, Lo Duca)

      Sporting director Orazem:
      We had a quality 3 week's preparations at the Croatian seaside with natural grass. We lost the long
      year captain Elsner but got 4 new players. The objective is Europe though we are 7th in the tables.


      • NK Interblock

        New signings:

        Asmiou Ayewa
        Leon Karajkovi***269; (Zagorje)
        Peter Klan***269;ar (Jonkopings, ***352;ve)
        Jamie Sheldon (Redditch United, Ang)
        Andrej Troha


        Matja***382; Rozman (Greuther Fürth, Ger)
        Bla***382; ***352;ujica (Chievo, Ita)


        Zagreb : Interblock 5:0
        Krka : Interblock 2:3 (***268;ehi***269; 2, Vrhunc)
        Triglav Gorenjska : Interblock 4:1 (Ili***269;i***269;)
        Interblock : Sangiovannese 3:0 (Klan***269;ar, Ili***269;i***269; 2)
        Montepulicini : Interblock 2:3 (Zadnikar, Ayewo, Smukavec)
        Interblock : Javor 0:4
        Zadar : Interblock 1:0
        Interblock : Bela krajina 2:0 (Fink, Majcen)
        Interblock : Kr***353;ko 1:3 (Paez)
        Selekcija SPINS : Interblock 4:3 (Smukavec, Zuki***269;, Bo***382;i***269;)

        Borivoje Lu***269;i***263; - coach:
        The main objective is to stay in 1st division. They were preparing on artificial grass at home.
        The performances on friendlies were warm-cold as the yound players can't hold constant form.


        • ND Gorica

          New signings:
          Matija Katanec (Croatia Sesvete)



          Rudar : HiT Gorica 1:1

          Istra 1961 : HiT Gorica 4:2
          Bre***269;evi***263; 2

          HiT Gorica : Javor 2:2
          Demirovi***263;, Katanec

          HiT Gorica : Livar Ivan***269;na Gorica 6:1
          Bre***269;evi***263; 2, Martinovi***269;, Nikoli***269;, Galeši***263;, Ar***269;on

          HiT Gorica : Terek Grozni 1:3

          HiT Gorica : Vasas Budapest 1:0
          Kovacs og

          Coach Persic:
          There's no fear for survival!
          They had good preparatory conditions and according to Persic they're quite well prepared.
          They see the cup as their salvation this season.


          • NK Drava


            New signings:
            Goran Blagus (Mura 05)
            Gregor Fink (Dravinja)
            Franc Fridl (Zavr***269;)
            Suvad Grabus (Interblock)
            Kristjan Kul***269;ar (Mura 05)
            Jan *trukelj
            Patrik Bordon (Sežana)
            Matjaž Lunder (Maribor)
            Zoran Pavlovi***269; (Maribor)
            Igor Radeti***263; (CRO)
            Nejc Skubic (Interblock)
            Bojan Stepanovi***263; (Chivas, ZDA)
            Sead Zili***263; (Maccabi Petakh Tikva, Izr)


            Siniša An***273;elkovi***269; (Maribor)
            Nemanja Jozi***269;
            Rok Kronaveter (Rudar Velenje)
            Rok Marini***269;
            Denis Perger (Parma, Ita)
            Andrej Prejac
            Anže Rupnik (Ankaran)
            Borut Semler
            Ricardo Sousa (Portugal)

            Friendlies and scorers:

            Labod Drava : Domžale 0:3 (0:1)
            Labod Drava : Domžale 1:0 (0:0) (Ekpoki)
            Labod Drava : Paloma 8:0 (0:0) (Bordon 3, Kelenc, Pavlovi***269;, Roškar, Zajc, Ogu)
            Labod Drava : Javor Ivanjica 1:2 (*trukelj)
            Labod Drava : Mura 05 6:1 (4:0) (Pavlovi***269;, Benki***269; a.g., Ekpoki, Zajc 2, Bordon)
            Labod Drava : Male***269;nik 2:0 (Pavlovi***269;, Zajc)

            Coach Djurovski:
            Main objective is of course to stay in the league which is doable according to him. The general
            conditions are great now in club (that's interesting due to the fact they owe a lot of money
            and were before bancruptcy in autumn).
            Many quylity signings for Slovenian circumstances imo and they seem to copy Koper with bringing
            in Pavlovic and also Djurovski, now even Rakovic...


            • Commenting

              Some facts are there after the autumn part and with Koper even purchasing more players they seem
              to be the number (only) one title contenders for the season. I have my doubts but it's still better
              to wait for at least 3-4 rounds to see how things will be starting.

              Maribor again can rely on their fans and management firstly as they'll have to work a lot on
              motivation again and train more than the rest to achieve smtg with the present team. It's
              a common thing that 'Violets are blooming in the spring' as Maribor usually has been showing
              better results in the past.Not sure though whether they can hold constant form throughout the
              rest of the season.

              Nafta seems unusually high in the tables but Vucicevic (coach) says they'll work to stay there
              and most of all change the usual results in spring which Nafta has had in the past (just opposite
              to Maribor)
              I think Nafta could remain in the f.e. top 6 but that's also all imo as it'll still be tough to defend
              the present position compared to the other, more equiped teams.

              Rudar will be showing some good games imo as they still have a good team now even reinforced,
              though the best newcomer Kronaveter may be still injured. Pusnik (coach) will again be their
              main weapon and I really hope he can overcome his small but still limitations as otherwise
              he can become a highest quality coach s I have a feeling with him that after some great periods
              he loses the common thread.

              Olimpija should be climbing the tables as well as they set things well imo, bringing in great Omladic
              from Rudar and (perhaps) Purisic from Sporting and of course with their very good management.

              Celje is quite a mistery imo but with Djuricic on the bench they have experience as well as
              with Brezic (playmaker) on the field, but they may get problems due to short bench.

              Domzale seem to be well prepared but their optimism may be of short period as they don't have
              the best team and even lost two of the key players with Elsner and Cavusevic (perhaps less the
              second one)
              They can have periods of good play imo but not a constant long range form with the team.

              Interblock is still basing theri team on their own youth and with it problems won't go away.
              They surprised many times after their whole starting team left in the autumn but surprises
              won't last long so they'll have to work hard to stay in the league imo.

              Gorica made almost no changes in team and with their (over)experienced team they could have
              problems in the spring as well. Their number one scorer from the past season is still out though
              getting better but all in all there's a question of how long the 'oldies' can save the club.

              Drava has big (saving) plans and with all the players arrived they can put together an over
              average team for our circumstances but they may be needing some time to 'come together'.
              Otherwise as already mentioned it seems like they got the idea from Koper where they brough
              Pavlin for sporting director/player and Drava did the same with ex-Maribor captain Pavlovic.

              Generally I see new energy in the league and with all money worries misteriously vanished
              this could be quite an interesting ending of a champioship. The fact Slovenia is preparing for
              the World cup is helping the fact for sure.


              • Slovenia round 23

                Luka Koper : Rudar 2:1 (1:1)
                Vrši***269; 19., Radujko 52.; Sulejmanovi***269; 21.


                Labod Drava : Interblock 3:1 (0:1)
                Ekpoki 53., Zili***263; 68., Pavlovi***269; 75./11-m; Horvat 12.
                RC: Ili***269;i***269; 75./Interblock


                CM Celje : HiT Gorica 1:4 (0:2)
                Bezjak 76.; Demirovi***263; 42., Bre***269;evi***263; 45., 72., Cvijanovi***269; 47.


                Domžale : Maribor 2:3 (1:1)
                Topi***269; 41., Vidovi***269; 86.; Mezga 21., Džini***269; 63., Plut 78.


                Olimpija : Nafta 0:0




                • Round 24

                  Rudar : CM Celje 3:1 (2:1)
                  Tomaži***269;-*eruga 10., Selimi 29., Mujanovi***269; 90.; Savi***263; 35./a.g.
                  Poro***269;ilo s tekme

                  Nafta : Interblock 3:1 (0:0)
                  Vassiljev 49., Volaš 69., Caban 73.; ***268;ehi***269; 90.

                  Olimpija : Domžale 1:1 (1:0)
                  Bonfim 22.; Topi***269; 84.

                  HiT Gorica : Labod Drava 2:1 (1:1)
                  Osterc 33., Martinovi***269; 90.; Zili***263; 42.

                  Maribor : Luka Koper 2:2 (0:1)
                  Plut 44., Tavares 50.; Boži***269;i***269; 7., Polovanec 55.
                  RC: N. Kova***269;evi***269; 31./Luka Koper



                  • Round 26

                    Rudar : Interblock 1:2 (0:1)
                    Grbi***269; 78.; Ili***269;i***269; 2., Beri***269; 46.
                    Red: Jeseni***269;nik 44./Rudar


                    Olimpija : CM Celje 1:3 (1:1)
                    Roj 13.; An***273;elkovi***263; 17., Bezjak 55., Bakari***269; 71.


                    Maribor : Labod Drava 3:2 (1:0)
                    Tavares 17., Mezga 65., 84.; Pavlovi***269; 29., Filipovi***269; 83.
                    RC: Filekovi***269; 29./Maribor; Lunder 74./Labod Drava


                    Dom***382;ale : Luka Koper 0:1 (0:1)
                    Brulc 27.


                    Nafta : HiT Gorica 0:1 (0:0)
                    Demirovi***263; 84.


                    Last edited by Feri; 15-03-10, 15:42.


                    • Slovenia 27th round

                      Luka Koper : Nafta 2:0 (1:0)
                      Radujko 50., Vrši***269; 94.


                      Labod Drava : Olimpija 0:0
                      Red: Ogu 77./Labod Drava


                      Interblock : Maribor 0:1 (0:1)
                      Mezga 16.


                      CM Celje : Domžale 1:0 (1:0)
                      Mo***269;i***269; 7.


                      HiT Gorica : Rudar 2:1 (1:1)
                      Bre***269;evi***263; 28., Galeši***269; 66.; Kronaveter 15./11-m




                      • Slovenia 28th round

                        Nafta : Rudar 2:0 (0:0)
                        Buzeti 54., Benko 89./11-m
                        RC:Trifkovi***269; 32./Rudar


                        Interblock : Olimpija 2:1 (0:0)
                        Horvat 73., Fink 87.; Purovi***263; 62./11-m
                        RC: Jug 57./Interblock; Roj 31., Cvijanovi***269; 60., Bonifacio 90./vsi Olimpija


                        Labod Drava : Dom***382;ale 2:1 (0:0)
                        Rakovi***269; 62., Pavlovi***269; 84./11-m.; Topi***269; 88.


                        HiT Gorica : Maribor 3:3 (2:1)
                        Osterc 38., Cvijanovi***269; 43., Demirovi***263; 66.; Ba***269;inovi***269; 16., Andjelkovi***263; 70., Jeli***269; 86.


                        CM Celje : Luka Koper 1:3
                        Popovi***269; 82.; Vr***353;i***269; 9./11-m, Pavlin 41., 75.


                        Last edited by Feri; 29-03-10, 08:19.


                        • Videos added. The Gorica and the Interblock games surely standing out.


                          • 25th (postponed) round

                            Labod Drava : Rudar 0:1 (0:1)
                            Selimi 19.


                            Interblock : HiT Gorica 0:5 (0:1)
                            Osterc 16., 62., Gale***353;i***263; 56., Cvijanovi***269; 74., Martinovi***269; 76.


                            Luka Koper : Olimpija 1:0 (1:0)
                            Pavlin 3.


                            Dom***382;ale : Nafta 3:1 (2:1)
                            Peki***269; 7., 56., Brezova***269;ki 21.; Topi***269; 13./a.g.


                            CM Celje : Maribor 0:2 (0:1)
                            Jeli***269; 24./11-m, D***382;ini***269; 84.


                            Last edited by Feri; 03-04-10, 10:35.


                            • Now you can check the midweek goals and chances (videos added)... plus the 'waterpolo'
                              game in Domzale as well as the hail addition in Gorica (Koper) and check how the 'oldies'
                              determin the championship (Pavlin, Osterc).


                              • Olimpija : HiT Gorica 5:0 (2:0)
                                *porar 17., Prašnikar 36., *kerjanc 67., Ibraimi 69., Rujovi***269; 89.
                                RC: Balažic 51./HiT Gorica


                                Luka Koper : Labod Drava 1:1 (1:1)
                                Radujko 24.; Lunder 27.
                                RC: Zajc 90./Labod Drava


                                CM Celje : Nafta 3:2 (1:1)
                                Lovre***269;i***269; 23., Dvoran***269;i***269; 82., *traus 90.; Caban 28., Miljkovi***263; 63.


                                Domžale : Interblock 2:1 (1:0)
                                *turm 42./11-m, Zatkovi***269; 69.; Beri***269; 90.


                                Maribor : Rudar 0:1 (0:0)
                                Selimi 60.




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