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Serbian Super Liga thread 2019

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    Serbian Super Liga thread 2019

    Super Liga Betting Odds

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    Why odds drop so much on Dinamo Vranje?


      Originally posted by usafraf View Post
      Why odds drop so much on Dinamo Vranje?
      Napredak was much better team in first part of the season, but after the break they looked quite poor in both games. Their two best players Vukanovic and Vulic joined Zvezda and they looked toothless without them so far. They still have a quality roster and same coach, so they should get it together soon. On the flip side, Dinamo was very poor in autumn, they changed the coach, reshaped their roster, and looked much improved in first two games. No bet for me, don't see value in Dinamo as a clear favourite.
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        A round to skip.

        Prija already gave a short view of Dinamo - Napredak game.

        Vozdovac - Vojvodina might be an interesting game. Home team gathered a decent group of experienced and "semi-experienced" players, who proved themselves in Superliga. Arsic came from Vojvodina, Jovanovic from AEL, Mikic from Manisa, Sikimic from Atyrau, Trujic from Botosani. Few other decent veterans were here for some time now like Mihajlov and Pavlovic.
        However, these players coming from abroad coming to Serbia to revive their careers, sometimes turn out to be at much lower level of play than anyone expected which often explains how come they couldn't find themselves a contract outside of Serbia. Time will tell. One thing is for sure, they cost more than usual Superliga regulars.
        Vozdovac beat Napredak easily (4:0) in the first game this part of the season, but looked terrible in last round vs Cukaricki. I watched that game. It was very strange. Cukaricki won 3:0, and had multiple chances to win by even higher margin. Now why I said it's strange is because Cuka never looked more dominant on the field. It's just that they created chances so easily. Nevertheless, it is expected that Vozdovac will climb on the table this spring.
        Vosa on the other hand continues to stumble. Very poor choice of players in the summer is taking credits for the bad play. Most of them were brought under directive of Aca Veselinovic who is no longer a coach, but players stayed ofc. Not much activity in this transfer window either. We brought some Liberian from K2 league. We also brought in (and promoted to starting eleven immediately) Vuk Mitosevic, HAHAHAHA. I completely forgot about this guy and I can't believe he is only 28 y old. A short brief of our biggest signing this winter - he was one of the top talents in Serbia in 2009, and expectations were huge. He was announced as a future star playmaker. However, besides decent technique, he showed nothing. From that point on (2011) his career is going down. He first signed for Jagodina, then went to middle table Kazakh clubs, then returned here to play for Radnik, until he finally went for Kisvarda in Hungary where he couldn't find himself again, so Vosa brought him back to be our playmaker. Outstanding move, really!!!
        Still I doubt Vosa will have three losses in a row.

        Proleter - Mladost might be a fun game also. I already wrote here a lot about Proleter and their involvement in match fixing and all absurdity of their existence in this league. I can't repeat myself now. It's all written here .
        It's pointless to predict their games. Now, a fun fact is that during the winter a long time Mladost coach Nenad Milovanovic was given a function of township board president of Lucani for ruling party SNS. Rumor says he wanted to leave Mladost, but local autorities convinced him to stay by giving him a "challenging" function and he was given a promise by the party that Mladost will have a piece of "Europe cake". It already happened in a bizzare fashion when Mladost had a chance to play Europe.
        I don't dare to predict this game outcome. Odds are way too low on Proleter atm.

        Radnicki - Radnik will also be a fun game . This is also a local derby. Both teams are at their history peak due to strong bonds with ruling party. Radnicki's president is Ivica Toncev while Radnik president is Novica Toncev. Brothers who had lots of involment in mafia, drug dealing etc. God only knows what they prepared us this afternoon : D.

        Backa - Zemun should be a HW but odds are too low. I was always saying that Backa has individually the worst team in the league, and get the least help from "behing the curtains" but they grind hard when playing at home. Might be a good idea to try to go for correct score 1:0 or 2:1, it's the usual outcome when they play teams like Zemun at home.

        Zvezda - Partizan is a match where everything pointing to HW. The quality, the current form, the financial situation...everything is on Zvezda side. However, in the past decade or two we often saw that it doesn't mean nothing in a derby match and that weaker teams often won derbies. In autumn, the game ended 1:1 on Partizan's staduim, and home team was much better. They should have won that even though situation looked similar to one we have now. But have in mind that Red Star then played CL. This time they can be fully focused. Odds on HW are still decent. I would try it.




            "Unfortunatelly", odds still not available, but I will write a short preview for a few games.

            Zemun - Proleter

            Again, Proleter is an abomination of Serbian football and it's pointless to predict their matches. It's preposterous to even think they are still in the league and look forward to find themselves a spot in play off.
            I have no idea what to expect here. I guess I will take HW if odds come to 4.00 or higher, but I have no idea how the odds are going to be placed initially, and I believe bookies have idea too.

            Cukaricki - Napredak

            I already wrote how I expect Napredak to slowly descend from the moment their president (and financier) Marko Miskovic stepped down back in October, and it looks like they are on their way to do that since they sold their best players, but didn't brought any decent name. Also, another club in the town of Krusevac has become a city favourite and has much more support lately. I am talking about Trayal, who is currently in their history prime and got promoted last year to Prva Liga (second tier). This club is led by son of Bratislav Gasic (ex Serbian ministry of defense, now head of Serbian security intelligence agency), Milan Gasic. Believe it or not, he is their player, a captain, a financier and clubs director of sports . True story guys, it's all on his wiki page if you don't believe me. Just shows what a graveyard this league (or shall I say country) is. Anyhow, I doubt there is a place in Krusevac for two teams in Superliga as I believe Trayal will promote in few years unless we perform a coup .
            Cukaricki on the other hand is real clinical lately. They are not as strong as they were in past few years individually looking, but their results are somewhat the same. Their team is pretty young, but play a nice football and have no problem in creating chances. Since they are in good form, I believe they will get another win. I will take HW for odds @1.50 or higher.

            Macva - Dinamo Vranje

            Home team got only one point in previous round vs Rad at home. I believe they won't drop 3 points again as they usually grind out wins vs teams like Dinamo at home.
            The hosts got some decent results lately, but I doubt they will gather much points in away games until play out. Then it will all depend on their controversial president Recko .
            Similar as with Cuka, HW@1.60 or higher is a bargain.

            Rad - Backa

            Again, as much as I love Backa, they really have no much chances any time they play away from home. Rad has a bad run of results lately, but they have a decades long tradition in Superliga and always find a way to stay in the league. They can't drop this one if they plan to stay on course.
            HW@1,80 or higher if fine for me.


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                No wonder odds on Dinamo Vranje dropped to 2.00 for HW against Cuka.
                Cuka usually have few very young players in their team, but this time they placed a first eleven that just finished high school.

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