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Norway Eliteserien, OBOS-Ligaen, 2.Division 12 - 18 Oct

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    Norway Eliteserien, OBOS-Ligaen, 2.Division 12 - 18 Oct

    Tuesday 12.10.2021 Asker - Tromsdalen:

    Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

    2.Division Group 1

    Game start: 16:00 CET

    Asker (12-3-4) won 5-0 away against a very reduced Valerenga Reserves side on Saturday, but the Barum side have 3 straight victories now, and their long shot run for a playoff spot are closing in game for game.
    Asker are 6-1-2 at home, with goal score 23-12.


    Tromsdalen (10-4-5) outclassed relegation side Floya 6-0 at home in their local derby game on Wednesday.
    The blue and reds are 2-2-4 on the road, with goal score 10-15.
    Henrik Asali Hanssen (Def 8/0) is out.

    Asker - Tromsdalen ended 4-2 back in 2008. (Tromsdalen - Asker ended 2-0 earlier this season)

    Battle between two of the best home sides in 2.Division Group 1.
    Tromsdalen won the first meeting at home, and Asker are clear favorites in the opposite meeting.
    That being said, both sides have very high top standards for this level, and Tromsdalen can shock on a good day.
    Asker have the momentum though, as they are only 6 points behind Hodd on a playoff spot (with 2 games less played), they have 3 clear victories in a row, and they have a full in-form squad.
    Im backing them to keep their great winning streak, and playoff ambitions intact.

    - Asker have won 5 home games in a row, and they have won 5 of 9 home games by 2 goals or more.
    - Tromsdalen have lost 4 of 8 away games so far, and 3 of 8 away games are lost by 2 goals or more.

    Pick: Asker (-1 EH), 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!

    Askers key players Madsen (Def), Kastrati (Mid/Att) and Sereba (Att) are all starting on the bench today, Asker can still make it, but less chance now pre-game.


      Sunday 17.10.2021 Brann - Stabak:

      Both teams are using natural grass at their home stadiums.

      Eliteserien - Game Start: 17:00 CET

      Brann (4-6-11) have climbed up to a relegation playoff spot, after being the bottom side for most of the season.
      4 straight games without defeat (2-2-0) now, and the home supporters are coming back to Brann Stadion to aid them in their fight.
      Brann are 3-3-4 at home, with goal score 13-17.
      Vieux Sane (Def 4/0) is out.
      Runar Hove (Def 1/0) is doubtful.


      Stabak (4-5-12) lost 0-3 at home against top side Bodo/Glimt last round, and the Barum side are 1-2 4 in their latest games.
      The blues are 2-2-6 on the road, with goal score 15-24.
      Captain Yaw Ihle Amankwah (Def 13/1) is expected out for the rest of the season
      Key player Kornelius Normann Hansen (Mid/Att 20/2) is suspended.
      Top scorer Oliver Edvardsen (Att 16/6) is doubtful.

      Brann - Stabak ended 1-1 in 2020. (Stabak - Brann ended 2-0 earlier this season)

      Normaly open battles between these two teams in Bergen, Brann with pressure, Stabak with counters.
      Both teams are heavily involved in the fight to avoid relegation this season though, and this will most likely be in players, coaches and spectators minds before this battle.
      Brann won 3-1 at home against Kristiansund last home game, after a great team effort. The starting XI seem fit and ready, and they are undefeated in their last 4 games.
      Stabak did impress earlier on in the season, with many unafraid young talents showing the way, especially up front.
      Now Edvardsen and Normann Hansen are likely out with injury/suspension, and captain Amankwah is long term injured.

      - Brann have won 2 of 10 home games by 2 goals or more this season.
      - Stabak have lost 5 of their 8 last games (league/cup) by 2 goals or more.
      - Stabak have lost 4 of 10 away games in Eliteserien by 2 goals or more.

      This is not a given home win, and absolutely not a given hc win. I do believe Brann have the momentum here though, given their good run of late, the rumours about a high amount of home support are in the air, while Stabak will have to perform some magic to avoid relegation unless they get their key players back in match fitness. HW.

      Pick: Brann (-1.5 AH), 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


        Sunday 17.10.2021 Stromsgodset - Viking:

        Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

        Eliteserien - Game Start: 17:00 CET

        Stromsgodset (8-5-8) lost 0-3 away against Valerenga, and the Drammen side seem to end up in a mid-table position this season, as they win at home, and lose away (1-3-7)
        The darkblue and whites are 7-2-1 at home, with goal score 25-8.
        Both regular center backs Gustav Valsvik (Def 21/3) and Ari Leifsson (Def 12/1) are suspended.


        Viking (10-5-6) won 2-1 at home against Sandefjord with 10 men for most of the game, as new keeper Patrik Gunnarsson (Kee 3/0) was sent off after 18 minutes.
        The Stavanger side are 8-2-1 (league/cup) since mid July, and they are undefeated in their 3 latest away games (Valerenga 1-1, Stabak 3-1, Molde 2-2).
        Viking are 3-3-4 on the road, with goal score 17-23.
        Patrik Gunnarsson (Kee 3/0) is suspended.
        Fredrik Thorsteinbo (Mid 10/0) and Johnny Furdal (Mid 0/0) are likely out for the guests.

        Stromsgodset - Viking ended 0-2 in 2020. (Viking - Stromsgodset ended 1-1 earlier this season)

        Either low scoring and even, or high scoring and absolute goal frenzies between these sides.
        Stromsgodset lost 0-3 away against Valerenga last round, and they got both of their center backs suspended for this game.
        That being said, Stromsgodset have won 4 of their 5 latest home games, and they can outscore most sides even with their backup center backs in their starting XIs, if their coach dares to gamble.
        Viking will most likely score anyway, they have taken many steps on the road, and Viking are one of very few teams that have claimed points from Molde Stadion and Aspmyra (Bodo/Glimt).

        - Viking have scored in 6 away games in a row, and they have scored 2 goals or more in 5 of them.
        - Stromsgodset have scored 3 or more goals in 4 of their 5 latest home games (league/cup).
        - Vikings top scorer Veton Berisha (Att 19/15) has scored 5 goals in his 4 latest away games, and he got some well earned Caps for Norway last week.
        - Stromsgodsets two first choice center backs are out with suspension.

        Goals are in the air if the coaches goes for 3 points. Both teams are capable of fighting their way to victory here, and defense will not be the key to victroy here imo. Over 4.5 goals can absolutely happen, and the hosts have covered this themselves in their two latest home games (league/cup)

        Pick: Over 4.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, [email protected] Good luck!


          Sunday 17.10.2021 Rosenborg - Valerenga:

          Rosenborg are playing at natural grass at Lerkendal. Valerenga are using artificial turf at their home stadium.

          Eliteserien - Game Start: 19:00 CET

          Rosenborg (11-4-6) lost the tricky away game against Kristiansund (0-1) last round, and title candidates are 7 points behind top side Bodo/Glimt with 9 games remaining.
          The Trondheim side are 7-1-2 at home, with goal score 26-11.
          First choice goalkeeper Andre Hansen (Kee 20/0), Adrian Pereira (Def 1/0), Vebjorn Hoff (Mid 16/0) and Alexander Tettey (Mid 5/0) are out.
          Adam Andersson (Def 20/0) is suspended.
          Anders Konradsen (Mid 10/1) is doubtful.


          Valerenga (7-9-5) won 3-0 at home against Stromsgodset last round, and ended a 4 game non-winning streak (0-1-3 in league/cup).
          The guests are 3-3-4 on the road, with goal score 13-16.
          No injuries or suspensions reported.

          Rosenborg - Valerenga ended 1-1 in 2020. (Valerenga - Rosenborg ended 1-1 earlier this season)

          Rosenborg still have a chance to enter the title race with a win Sunday night, while Valerenga will most likely stay a mid-table side (again), no matter the result here.
          The guests have kept top sides like Bodo/Glimt (0-1 away) and Molde (1-1 home) to close low scoring contests lately, but they have also lost 0-3 against Odd and Sandefjord in the same period, and you never know what youll get from the royal blues at the moment.
          Rosenborg are undefeated in their 5 latest games at home, and they have 4 straight victories at Lerkendal.
          Noah Holm (Att 7/3) has scored in 3 straight home games, and hes likely to create trouble for Valerengas defense again if he starts here.
          Rosenborgs top scorer Stefano Vecchia (Att 11/8) has also scored in 3 straight home games, and he scored a brace in two of them. (He has scored two goals in 3 of his last 6 Eliteserie games)

          I believe were in for a good game, and with a well crowded evening game at Lerkendal, I believe Rosenborg signs up for the title race with a victory here. I will go for a long shot bet, Vecchia goal at [email protected], and/or Noah Holm goal at [email protected] can be good alternatives in their current form.

          Pick: Stefano Vecchia (Rosenborg) to score 2 goals or more, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


            Saturday 16.10.2021 Kongsvinger - Kvik Halden:

            Kongsvinger are playing at artificial turf at Gjemselund. Kvik Halden are using natural grass at their home stadium.

            2.Divison Group 1 - Game Start: 15:00 CET

            Top side Kongsvinger (17-2-1) are sailing away from their promotion rivals at the top of the league, 4 straight victories, and 10-1-0 in their latest games.
            No errors at home so far by the hosts, 9-0-0, with goal score 35-8.
            No suspensions in front of this game.


            Kvik Halden (10-4-7) did not impress even though they won 3-2 at home against relegation side Floro last round.
            The guests are a very capable home side at their best, and they are the only that have defeated Kongsvinger this season (3-2).
            Kvik Halden are 3-2-5 on the road, with goal score 15-23.
            Mathias Engebretsen (Mid 20/0) is suspended.
            The guests have a couple of key players doubtful for this game, among them top scorer Fabian Ness (Att 15/9) that has been out for 3 weeks.

            No recent mutual games. (Kvik Halden - Kongsvinger ended 3-2 earlier this season)

            Top side Kongsvinger have a really interesting squad going on at the moment, and they are too good for 2.Division level.
            The work has to be done though, and Kvik Halden have proved earlier this season, that they can beat them if they are not fully focused.
            I believe the guests are building for next season, and unless they win here, they have nothing to play for besides prepare tactics and players for 2022.
            The hosts cant claim the trophy with a win here, but im sure they will build on the hard work they have done lately, and they will give their home supporters reason to have high hopes also for the 2022 season imo.

            - Kongsvinger have won 5 straight games (league/cup) by 3 goals or more.
            - The hosts have won all 9 home games, and 6 of 9 home games are won by 2 goals or more.
            - Kvik Halden have lost 4 of 10 away games by 2 goals or more.

            Pick: Kongsvinger (-1 EH), 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


              Saturday 16.10.2021 Asane - Ullensaker/Kisa:

              Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

              OBOS-Ligaen - Game Start: 15:00 CET

              Asane (8-4-10) have shaped it up lately, 2-2-0 in their latest games (league+cup), and they have kept a clean sheet twice, and kept Ranheim and Start to draws on the road in those four games. Impressive turnaround.
              The orange and blacks are 5-1-5 at home, with goal score 16-22.


              Ullensaker/Kisa (6-4-12) lost 1-2 at home against Grorud last round, and the Jessheim side have 7 straight defeats in the league.
              The relegation candidates are only 1 point behind Stjordals Blink on safe ground, with 8 games remaining.
              The guests are 3-2-6 on the road, with goal score 13-23.
              Key defender Stian Ringstad (Def 20/0) is suspended.

              Asane - Ullensaker/KIsa ended 4-2 in 2020. (Ullensaker/KIsa - Asane ended 0-1 earlier this season)

              "All or nothing" in the matchups between these sides in Bergen. 4-2 (2016), 0-3 (2017), 1-5 (2018), 4-2 (2020).
              Asane still needs points to be secure from relegation, but they have showed form lately that should be enough to secure their spot.
              Ullensaker/Kisa have nothing to lose though, as they need to win open games like this. They have tried to better their defense, but they have 7 defeats in a row, and we all know what they are capable of at their best in the attacking end.
              Asane have improved their defensive part lately, and Ullensaker/Kisa sure can play low scoring games as well, but in Asanes current form, that will most likely result in a home win, and Ullensaker/Kisas 8 straight defeat, and relegation will be very likely.
              Asanes Captain Martin Ueland (Def 20/2) is always a danger on set-pieces, and with Asane likely to create many chances in their good form of late, he may get his chance for a 3rd goal from the 11 meter spot this season.
              The hosts have impressed me in their recent turnaround, and will a lot of support on their new home stadium, I believe they are the better side against the struggling guests.

              Pick: Asane (-1.5 AH), 5/10 stakes, odds [email protected]
              Pick: Martin Ueland (Asane) to score, 5/10 stakes, odds [email protected]

              Good luck!


                Top side Kongsvinger are on fire, 7-0 victory against Kvik Halden tonight!
                Should have went with the Over in the open ?sane - Ull/Kisa (3-3) game, lets gain more profit tomorrow


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