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Norway Eliteserien, OBOS Ligaen, 2 Division, Toppserien 2020

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    Results Wednesday:

    Molde - Start 5-0 (Team goals: Molde Over 3.5) - Won

    Moldes attacking power became too strong for newly promoted Start to handle, and after Eikrem entered the pitch, it was only a question about how many goals Molde were going to score. Pick won tonight.

    + 20.70 Units

    2020 stats:

    Units won: 771.37
    Units staked: 637

    +134.37 Units
    21.09 %


      Mightye, this was great stuff. Just keep up like this ;-)


        Friday 07.08.2020 Valerenga - Kolbotn:

        Valerenga are using artificial turf at Intility Arena. Kolbotn are using natural grass at their home stadium.

        Max amount of spectators: 200

        Game start: 18:00 CET

        Title candidates Valerenga (4-0-1) won 3-0 away against Arna Bjornar last round, and the Oslo side have 4 straight victories since the season opener.
        Valerenga are 2-0-0 at home, with goal score 4-1.


        Kolbotn (1-2-2) claimed their first win of the season at home against bottom side Roa (2-1) last round.
        The white and blues are 0-1-2 on the road, with goal score 1-4.

        Valerenga - Kolbotn ended 1-0 in 2019. (Valerenga - Kolbotn ended 4-1 during pre-season, 23rd of June)

        Battle between title candidates Valerenga and mid-tbale side Kolbotn.
        Valerenga have good mix of established players and young talents this season, 4 straight victories in the league, and undefeated at home so far, (2-0-0).
        Kolbotn have a tough job each year, as one by one their key players leave, and new talents have to step up and fill the gaps.
        4-1 between the sides in a pre-season friendly one month ago, and I believe the ambitious home side will claim their 5th straight victory here.

        - 4 of Valerengas 5 games have ended with 2-0, 3-0 or 2-1 victories.
        - Valerenga have scored 2 or 3 goals in all 5 Toppserie games so far.
        - Kolbotn have scored 0 or 1 goal in 3 of 5 Toppserie games so far.


        Correct score: 2-0, 3/10 stakes, odds [email protected]
        Correct score: 3-0, 3/10 stakes, odds [email protected]
        Correct score: 4-0, 2/10 stakes, odds [email protected]
        Correct score: 2-1, 1/10 stakes, odds [email protected]
        Correct score: 3-1, 1/10 stakes, odds [email protected]

        Good luck!
        Last edited by mightye; 07-08-20, 07:30.


          Saturday 08.08.2020 Valerenga - Bodo Glimt:

          Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

          Max amount of spectators: 200

          Game start: 18:00 CET

          Valerenga (6-4-2) defeated Brann 2-1 away last round, after 3 penalty goals within the first 55 minutes.Close game besides from the pens, 1-4 loss away against Molde in the game before.
          Valerenga are 3-2-0 at home, with goal score 9-5.
          Felix Horn Myhre (Mid 11/0) is suspended.
          Ivan Nasberg (Def 12/1), Sam Adekugbe (Def 9/0), Johan Ladre Bjordal (Def 6/0) and Herolind Shala (Mid 9/1) are all doubtful.
          Adam Larsen Kwarasey (Kee 0/0) is released.


          Top side Bodo Glimt (11-1-0) won 3-2 at home against Stromsgodset last round, and even though they still score 2+ goals in every game, you still sense that Bodo Glimt really could need a full weeks rest now.
          The guests are 5-1-0 on the road, with goal score 22-9.
          Brede Moe (Def 8/0), Morten Konradsen (Def/Mid 0/0), Ola Solbakken (Mid/Att 5/1) are out.
          Fredrik Bjorkan (Def 12/0) is doubtful.

          Valerenga - Bodo Glimt ended 6-0 in 2019.

          Valerenga are holding the 4th position in the league, at equal points as Odd at 3rd, and the signing of coach Fagermo seem to have been a success for the Oslo side.
          The hosts are 4-1-1 in their latest games, 1-4 loss away against the reigning champions Molde last week.
          Top side Bodo Glimt have won 11 of their 12 opening games in Eliteserien, and Zinckernagel/Hauge/Junker are a guarantee for goals up front.
          The Norterners got a couple of injuries in defense against Stromsgodset, and if both Moe and Bjorkan are out, their defense doesnt have many alternatives if any of their defenders gets injured tomorrow.
          My bet will be on Bodo Glimts attacking end though.

          - Bodo Glimt have scored 3 goals or more, in 9 of 12 games in Eliteserien 2020.
          - Bodo Glimt have scored 3 goals or more, in 5 of 6 away games in Eliteserien 2020.

          Valerenga have performed well against equal or bottom half sides in Eliteserien this season, but they have clear losses against Molde (1-4) and Odd (1-4), and even though those games were away, Valerengas defense are a huge doubt against the best sides. Add that 3 regulars, Nasberg, Ladre Bjordal and Adekugbe, are doubtful for this game.


          Team goals: Bodo Glimt - Over 2.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


            Results Friday:

            Valerenga - Kolbotn 1-1 (Correct score bets) - Lost

            Valerenga with a super mistake early in the game to make it 0-1 for Kolbotn. Scored close before FT, but this was far from their top standard. Good for the LSK Kvinner season bet, but tonights result bet was lost.

            -10 Units

            2020 stats:

            Units won: 771.37
            Units staked: 647

            +124.37 Units
            19.22 %


              Monday 10.08.2020 Molde - Brann:

              Molde are using artificial turf at Aker Stadion. Brann are using natural grass at their home stadium.

              Max amount of spectators: 200

              Game start: 20:30 CET

              The reigning champions Molde (10-1-2) won 5-0 at home against Start on Wednesday, and showed that they can strike back from two disappointing away defeats, as they are normally very solid at home.
              6-0-0, with goal score 21-3 at Aker Stadion so far.
              Key defender got injured against Sandefjord, and will most likely be rested here.
              Stian Gregersen (Def 3/1) and Kristoffer Haraldseid (Def 0/0) are also out.
              Key playmaker Magnus Wolff Eikrem (Mid/Att 11/2), Martin Bjornbak (Def 11/0), Mathis Bolly (Mid/Att 0/0) and Leke James (Att 10/6) are doubtful.


              Brann (4-3-5) lost 1-2 at home against Valerenga in the "lottery game" with 3 penalties awarded in 55 minutes. Coach Lars Arne Nilsen has been fired by the Brann board since then, and the Bergen side are without a coach 3 days before the Molde game.
              Brann are 2-1-3 on the road, with goal score 6-12.

              Molde - Brann ended 1-1 in 2019. (Molde - Brann ended 3-2 in a pre-season friendly one month ago, on neutral pitch)

              As written before the home game against Start, Molde have one chance to rebound from their two away losses, by winning two home games in one week now. The first one was won 5-0, and Brann without head coach will be their next target to strike back in the title race.
              Brann can play even or win against any side at home, but they have 3 straight away defeats now (0-5 Bodo Glimt, 0-1 Odd, 1-3 Stromsgodset), and I believe a coach change will first make an impact on their home games.
              Brann may get an reaction from the sacking of their coach, and that could go either way.

              - Molde have scored 3 goals or more, in 8 of 12 Eliteserie games, in 2020.
              - Molde have scored 3 goals or more, in 4 of 6 home games in Eliteserien 2020.
              - Brann have allowed 3 goals or more against, in 2 of their 3 latest away games (2 of 6 total) in Eliteserien 2020.


              Team goals: Molde Over 2.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


                Sunday 09.08.2020 Kristiansund - Start:

                Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

                Max amount of spectators: 200

                Game start: 18:00 CET

                Kristiansund (4-6-2) followed up their 3-1 win at home against Sandefjord, with a 2-1 victory away against Viking. Both games were turned from being 0-1 down at HT, to win the game in the end.
                Kristiansund are 2-2-1 at home, with goal score 13-7.
                Sean McDermott (Kee 0/0) is long term injured.
                Flamur Kastrati (Att 10/0) has been out with injury lately, and may be out Sunday as well.


                Newly promoted Start (1-6-6) had a tough night on Wednesday, as they lost 0-5 away against the reigning champions Molde.
                The Kristiansand side are 0-2-4 on the road, with goal score 5-13.
                Henrik Gjesdal (Def 0/0) is out.
                Afeez Aremu (Mid 4/0) and top scorer Mathias Bringaker (Att 11/4) are doubtful.

                Kristiansund - Start ended 1-1 in 2018.

                Battle between a very capable home side, and a newly promoted side who have yet to win on the road in Eliteserien 2020.
                Kristiansund have come from behind and turned two straight games in 2nd half. Very solid team work lately, and we all know what Amahl Pellegrino (Att 11/9) is capable of at his best.
                Start had a very tough task away against Molde on Wednesday (0-5), will have another long travel for this game 4 days later, and the guests have lost 4 of their 5 latest away games.

                - Kristiansund have won 2nd half at home by two goals or more in 2 of their 5 home games in Eliteserien 2020.
                - Start have lost 2nd half by two goals or more in 2 of their 6 away games in Eliteserien 2020. (They have "lost" 2nd half in 4 of 6 away games)

                Kristiansund have impressed in two games in a row by turning their games into victories in 2nd half, and if they win at home, they often do their magic after the break. Start are a fighter team, that are very committed to fight against relegation as a newly promoted side, but they have struggled after the break in their latest away games, and they had a tough away game against the reigning champions on Wednesday (0-5), and we may see some tired legs here.
                Unibet and William Hill with 4.20 for 2nd half: Kristiansund -1 EH, Marathonbet best with 4.25 for 2nd half: Kristiansund -1.5 AH.


                2nd half: Kristiansund -1.5 AH, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


                  Saturday 08.08.2020 Fram Larvik - Vard Haugesund:

                  Both teams are using natural grass at their home stadiums.

                  Max amount of spectators: 200

                  Game start: 16:00 CET

                  Bottom side Fram Larvik (0-0-4) lost 0-5 away against Bryne last round, and got their keeper Anders Klemensson (Kee 4/0) sent off early in 1st half then.
                  He will be suspended for this game.
                  The blue and reds are 0-0-2 at home, with goal score 2-7.


                  Vard Haugesund (3-0-1) defeated promotion candidates Arendal 1-0 away last round, and the Haugesund side have won both away games so far (4-0 Rosenborg Reserves, 1-0 Arendal)
                  Robert Kling (Mid/Att 4/1) is suspended.

                  Fram Larvik - Vard Haugesund ended 1-2 in 2017.

                  Bottom side Fram Larvik are really struggling at the moment. 4 of 4 games are lost, and the last 3 games have been lost by 4 goals or more.
                  First choice goalkeeper Anders Klemensson (Kee 4/0) got sent off against Bryne last round, and 21 year old reserve keeper Erik Tallaksen will make his 2nd game from start at this level.
                  Vard Haugesund have impressed in 3 of 4 games so far, and they have won both away games so far, with goal score 5-0.
                  The guests have won all 3 meetings away against Fram Larvik since 2005.


                  Vard Haugesund, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


                    Mightye, what do you think about Floro to score over 1.5 against Alta ? Home team seems capable of scoring goals but defense looks shaky at least. Won last with easy. Before that some tough opositions.
                    Alta with good start but they usually are not good away. Have more or less same team for years. Not sure how they are at the back. Your insight is welcome.


                      Hey Mightye, excellent job, as always!
                      Are Bodo/Glimt getting tired? I was thinking of taking Sandefjord 1X against them on 16 Aug. Gives crazy odds. They just beat Molde (at the end of a three-game winning streak at home). H2H is not that relevant, still, looks good. What do you think?


                        cheers ellas! it sure seems so, and no one could blame them..they still score 2 goals on a less than 100% day, and it looked the same against Stromsgoset and Stabak, but scored 3 and 2 goals then as well. Bodo Glimt doesnt have the advantage of Moldes wide squad, but as we saw today, Jens Petter Hauges individual skills can make up for it anyday.

                        Can Sandefjord surprise at home? They defeated Moldes "reserves", and can shock Bodo Glimt if they are not at 100% again. Mark also that Bodo Glimt are the best team in Norway on artificial turf, Sandefjord are using natural grass at Komplett Arena


                          Results Saturday:

                          Fram Larvik - Vard Haugesund 0-1 (Vard Haugesund) Won
                          Valerenga - Bodo Glimt 2-2 (Bodo Glimt Over 2.5 Goals) Lost

                          Fram Larvik loses again, 5 of 5 games are lost this season. even though they had their chances as well tonight.
                          Bodo Glimt scores two goals before the break, and with "normal" Bodo Glimt football, we should have seen this go Over 2.5 Bodo Glimt goals, but even though they had a week to rest up now, the tough schedule may have taken its toll on the starting XI.

                          + 0.90 Units

                          2020 stats:

                          Units won: 790.27
                          Units staked: 665

                          +125.27 Units
                          18.84 %


                            Mightye, how do you see Stromsgodset- Sandefjord match? Thinking to take Stromsgodset -1.5AH. They play good football last matches but despite fhat dont have good result. Gave Bodo strong fight. Sandefjord i iim not impressed. Despite winning against Molde that was lucky win in my book. Against Kristiansund should have lose by more than one. I suspect they will sit on own half defending and waiting counters. Not sure about Stroms ability to break them.


                              Sorry mij0, didnt see this in time. Sure enough drama at Marienlyst tonight!


                                Results Sunday:

                                Kristiansund - Start 3-2 (2nd half: Kristiansund -1.5 AH) Lost

                                Kristiansund scores twice in 2nd half, but Start score twice in 2nd half as well, for the first time this season. I could have done other bets like Over 2.5 in 2nd half, but done is done. Pick lost tonight.

                                -9 Units

                                2020 stats:

                                Units won: 790.27
                                Units staked: 674

                                +116.27 Units
                                17.25 %


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