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Fredericia - Roskilde 6/11

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    Fredericia - Roskilde 6/11

    Tonights game in the danish 1 division between Fredericia and Roskilde seems like a clear home victory and the odds [email protected] is decent enough to take a bet.

    Home side is one of the best teams in 1 division with ambitions of Superligaen and then a game against Roskilde must be won.

    last game away against N?stved they got a 1-1 draw, not the best but N?stved is good at home and Fredericia got a red card in the 27***8217; minute and already down 1-0 at that time, so 1-1 is okay under these circumstances.

    Fredericia have Geertsen out because of the red card but otherwise everybody should be fine.

    Fredericia coach have stressed that Roskilde are not to be underestimated just because they are bottomteam and the team says they are ready to fight for the victory and not take the 3 points for granted, they won 2-1 in Roskilde earlier this season but the Roskilde team were in a diffent shape back then.
    Roskilde had financial problems and started the season with a new team, lot of young players, players joying for free, now they have bought some new better players, the team knows each other better and playing better.

    Roskilde have won the last two games, against N?stved who is in really bad shape, second from bottom, but N?stved also came from a very tough midweek game against topteam Viborg were they got two men sent off by red cards and therefore also missing against Roskilde.
    In the other game against Skive, Skive got a red in the beginning of 2 half, which led to the Roskilde victory.
    So things went Roskildes way in both games but i dout that it will continue tonight.
    Roskilde is also without topscorer Bakiz which is of course a big blow..

    it have been raining a lot in the Fredericia area the last couple of days, so dont know how the pitch will be but on the other hand it is normal this time of year, so players are used to it.

    i take another victory for the homeside.
    Last edited by Vilfort; 06-11-19, 10:45.

    Fredericia won a controlled 2-0, in a game that once again showed that Roskilde dont have enough quality when they meet the best teams in the league, 5 games so far this season against the top 3 teams and 5 losses and only managed to score 1 goal against them but 11 goals in own net

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