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Norway Eliteserien , OBOS Ligaen 2019 Season

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    Sunday 20.10.2019 Sandefjord - Notodden:

    Sandefjord are using natural grass at Komplett Arena. Notodden are using artificial turf at their home stadium.

    Game start 17:00 CET (Local time 18:00)

    Sandefjord (16-8-2) impressed with a strong away win against Kongsvinger (3-2) last round, and the Blues have played like a promotion side (6-5-0 since the start of August) for a long time now.
    Sandefjord are 10-2-1 at home, with goal score 18-8.


    Notodden (6-5-15) have stopped their losing streaks, much due to clear improvement at home. They are undefeated in their 4 latest home games (1-3-0), including a couple of playoff candidates.
    Notodden are 4-1-8 on the road, with goal score 18-24.

    Sandefjord - Notodden ended 3-3 in 2012. (Notodden - Sandefjord ended 0-2 earlier this season)

    Sandefjord are clearly a team with high confidence in their gameplay at the moment, taking their time and convert the pressure into close victories at home, and play even or better in more open games on the road.
    Notodden have turned things around at home lately (1-3-0), and the guests are 5 points above a relegation spot with 4 games remaining.
    These teams knows each other well from many pre-season battles the latest years, and many former Sandefjord players have played for (and coached) Notodden the latest years.
    The premisses are quite clear this time though. Sandefjord will need another dominating home game, without letting Notodden get to too many counters. Notodden will aim for one point in the very close battle against relegation, or keep the scoring as low as possible, as goal score can be decisive after 30 games played.

    - 9 of Sandefjords 13 home games have ended Under 2.5 goals
    - 4 of Notoddens 13 away games have ended Under 2.5 goals

    Pick: Under 2.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, odds 2.47. Good luck!


      Monday 21.10.2019 Bodo Glimt - Mjondalen:

      Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

      Game start 18:00 CET (Local time 19:00)

      Bodo Glimt (14-6-4) played their 3rd draw in 4 games, 0-0 away against Lillestrom last round, and the Northern side are 1-1-3 in their latest games.
      Much stronger at home though, 9-2-1, with goal score 34-10.


      Bottom side Mjondalen (4-10-10) couldnt keep the lead at home against relegation rival Stromsgodset last round (1-1), and most of the teams fighting against relegation gathered points this weekend.
      The brown and whites are 1-5-6 on the road, with goal score 12-23.

      Bodo Glimt - Mjondalen ended 1-0 in 2017. (Mjondalen - Bodo Glimt ended 4-5 earlier this season)

      Eliteserie battle between a title candidate, and a relegation candidate.
      Bodo Glimt are still in contention for the title, but their insane winning streaks are over, and 3 of their last 4 games have ended draw.
      Bodo Glimt have won 6 of their 7 latest home games though (6-1-0), and their chances for 3 points are high again.
      Mjondalen are now the bottom side of the league, as Ranheim climbed up to the playoff spot with their victory last night.
      The guests are clear underdogs tonight, but they played a thriller game (4-5) in their first meeting at Consto Arena earlier this season, and Mjondalen should know their strengths compared to top side.
      In addition to many tall outfield players like Gauseth, Brustad, Occean, the center back duo Sondre Solholm Johansen (Def 23/4) and Quint Jansen (Def 23/1) will be key at set-pieces, and maybe Mjondalens best chance of gather key points against relegation tonight.
      Solholm Johansen or Jansen have scored in 3 of Mjondalens 12 away games so far, and Johansen scored against Bodo Glimt in the 4-5 game earlier this season.

      Pick: Sondre Johansen (Mjondalen) to score, 5/10 stakes, odds [email protected]
      Pick: Quint Jansen (Mjondalen) to score, 5/10 stakes, odds [email protected]

      Good luck!
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        Sunday 26.10.2019 Lillestrom - Valerenga:

        Lillestrom are using natural grass at Arasen. Valerenga are using artificial turf at their home stadium.

        Game start 15:00 CET (Local time 16:00)

        Lillestrom (7-7-11) played "only" a 1-1 draw away against bottom side Stromsgodset last round, but the Canaries are 4 points above a relegation spot with 5 games remaining, and they are far from safe from relegation themselves.
        Lillestrom are 5-3-4 at home, with goal score 15-16.


        Valerenga (7-8-10) lost 0-2 at home against Stabak last round, and the Oslo side have played 11 straight games without victory (0-5-6), since early July.
        Valerenga are 2-4-6 on the road, with goal score 16-23
        Efrain Juarez (Def 18/0) is doubtful.
        Aron Donnum (Mid/Att 21/6) is suspended.

        Lillestrom - Valerenga ended 1-0 in 2018. (Valerenga - Lillestrom ended 0-3 earlier this season)

        Big rivalry battle with lots of history, but both sides are far from their best shape.
        Lillestrom have kind of established themselves as a team with lots of potential in the start of the seasons, for then to end up very close to the relegation zone the latest seasons. (3 points above in 2018, 5 points above in 2017, 4 points above in in 2016)
        Valerenga also started very promising this season, and Deilas "young guns" were supposed to fight for medals, and one by one be signed by big clubs. Chidera Ejuke (Mid/Att 14/6) keeps on impressing for his new side Heerenveen in Eredivisie, but the rest has yet to win a football game since his departure in July.
        None of these teams needs extra motivation in these games, but this surely is a 6-pointer, none of the teams can afford to lose.
        Under will be my call.

        Pick: Under 2.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!

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          Sunday 27.10.2019 Arna Bjornar - Valerenga:

          Arna Bjornar are using natural grass at Arna Idrettspark. Valerenga are using artificial turf at their home stadium.

          Game start: 13:00 CET.

          Arna Bjornar (6-5-9) played 0-0 draw at home against Trondheims Orn last round, and the Bergen side are 1-3-4 since late August.
          They have changed a lot of players in their squad for this season, but the red and blacks are safe from relegation with 2 games remaining of Toppserien, and they can make their way to a surprise place in the Cup final with some luck today.
          Arna Bjornar are 2-4-4 at home, with goal score 12-16.


          Valerenga (13-3-4) won 1-0 away against bottom side Fart last round, but they came up short against the reigning champions LSK Kvinner for the title this season.
          The Oslo side were closer than ever to really challenge the, now 6 time in row champions LSK Kvinner in Toppserien 2019.
          Valerenga are 7-1-2 on the road, with goal score 21-17.
          On the flip side, Jenna Dear (Mid/Att 11/1 - Fleury 91, France) and top scorer Natasha Dowie (Att 18/11 - Melbourne Victory, Australia loan deal ended) have both left.

          Arna Bjornar - Valerenga ended 3-2 in 2018. (Valerenga - Arna Bjornar ended 1-0 earlier this season)

          Semi-final of the NM Cup (Women) between former top side Arna Bjornar that were forced to do a big rebuild of the squad this season, and Valerenga that can secure the 2nd place and a Champions League ticket with a victory in one of their 2 remaining league games.
          Arna Bjornar may have lost many players, and find themselves in the bottom half, but they have shaped up with 1-2-1 in their latest games, and they are always hard to defeat in Bergen.
          Valerenga have taken many steps towards giving the champions LSK Kvinner are real fight for the title this season, and they have played 7 league games without loss (6-1-0) since August.
          They have had a base of established key players in their first eleven, and many young talents ready to fill in when needed until now, but now two key players Jenna Dear (Mid/Att 11/1) and top scorer Natasha Dowie (Att 18/11) have left, and even though the young talents can be good for the future, we have seen a drop of goals in their latest games (1-1 at home against Roa, 1-0 away against bottom side Fart).
          Yes Valerenga should be favorites given their great season, but not a 1.30 favorite in Bergen without Dear and Dowie imo.
          Arna Bjornar can keep this close for along while at their best, extra time and penalties in the cards?

          Pick: Under 2.5 goals (after regular time), 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!
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            Rosenberg - Molde
            Over 2.5 cards

            for small stake possible over 3.5 card also

            More picks -


              Originally posted by Cardynal View Post
              Rosenberg - Molde
              Over 2.5 cards

              for small stake possible over 3.5 card also

              More picks -

              WON again
              but I don't see anyone is interested in choosing in picks of bookings
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                  Wednesday 30.10.2019 Viking - Ranheim:

                  Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

                  Game start 20:00 CET

                  Viking (11-7-8) lost 2-4 away against Kristiansund last round, and the hope for medals seems to slip in the end after a very impressive comeback from OBOS-Ligaen this season.
                  Viking are 8-3-2 at SR Bank Arena, with goal score 27-13.


                  Ranheim (6-6-14) lost 2-4 away against Tromso last round, and they are holding the bottom position in Eliteserien with 4 games remaining.
                  The Trondheim side are 3-4-6 on the road, with goal score 12-19.

                  Viking - Ranheim ended 2-2 earlier this season.

                  Semi-Final of the NM Cup.
                  Viking have really made a comeback with style this season, hard to defeat both home and away, and a good mix of established players and young talents with lots of energy, especially when playing at home.
                  SR-Bank Arena are reclaimed as a fort (5-1-0, with goal score 16-5 in their last games), and the enthusiasm is surely back ion Stavanger.
                  Ranheim are holding the bottom position in the league, with 4 games remaining. Theres no doubt that Ranheim at their best can defeat any side at home, but we rarely see them win on the road (1-3-4 in their latest away games)
                  Viking are in very solid home form, and they deserve to crown their comeback season with a Cup final. Home win.

                  Pick: Viking (-1.5 AH), 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!
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                    Friday 01.11.2019 Stromsgodset - Rosenborg:

                    Stromsgodset are using artificial turf at Marienlyst. Rosenborg are using natural grass at their home stadium.

                    Game start 19:00 CET.

                    Stromsgodset (6-7-13) played 2-2 away against Haugesund last round, and the Drammen side are 0-3-1 in their latest games.
                    The darkblue and whites are 5-2-6 at home, with goal score 20-25.


                    Rosenborg (12-8-6) have won the league 4 times in a row, but even though they defeated top side Molde 3-1 last round, they will need a miracle to reclaim the title this season.
                    The Trondheim side are 3-5-5 on the road, with goal score 14-20.
                    Top scorer Alexander Soderlund (Att 25/7) is suspended.

                    Stromsgodset - Rosenborg ended 0-1 in 2018.

                    Relegation candidate Stromsgodset got a boost from signing their new coach Henrik Pedersen earlier this season, and even though Stromsgodset are on a 4 game non-winning streak now, their performances are much better than at the start of the season.
                    Both attacking signings this season, Moses Mawa (Att 11/3) and Lars Jorgen Salvesen (Att 9/5), have impressed up front for the hosts, and will be a clear danger up front again.
                    The reigning champions Rosenborg won 3-1 at home against top side Molde last round, and even though the title race seem lost, the Trondheim side have a good chance to fight for medals, and they have a couple of home games coming up in the Europa League group stage.
                    Rosenborg should be the better side, but Stromsgodset have regained their confidence against easier opponents lately, and will not give up without a fight.
                    None of the teams will be satisfied with a draw here though, and given that Rosenborgs top scorer Soderlund is out, new signing Bjorn Maars Johnsen (Att 7/5) are very likely to start up front for the guests.
                    Johnsen has scored in his 3 latest league games, and that includes in 2 away games in a row.

                    Pick: Bjorn Maars Johnsen (Rosenborg) to score, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected]


                      By request of many members i will continue

                      For Other picks join to channel of telegram -
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                        Saturday 02.11.2019 Tromsdalen - Raufoss:

                        Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

                        Game start 16:00 CET.

                        Even though bottom side Tromsdalen (2-4-22) have already relegated, they played well away against Notodden (3-3), they barely got defeated by top side Aalesund at home 0-1, and played 1-1 away against KFUM Oslo in their latest games.
                        Tromsdalen are 1-2-11 at home, with goal score 14-40.
                        If I have counted right, Andreas Arntzen (Def 22/0) will be suspended for this one.


                        Raufoss (12-2-14) played 1-1 at home against Sogndal last round, and the newly promoted side are safe from relegation, and they have a small chance to reach the playoffs.
                        That being said, their form of late is trending backwards. The Yellow and Blacks are 1-1-5 in their latest games, and they have 7 straight losses on the road.
                        Raufoss are 5-0-9 on the road, with goal score 17-25.

                        Tromsdalen - Raufoss ended 1-1 in 2007. (Raufoss - Tromsdalen ended 6-4 earlier this season)

                        Were reaching the final stages of OBOS-Ligaen 2019, and bottom side Tromsdalen are actually playing better now that their relegation is certain. The home team have clearly underperformed this season, and they have way higher potential in their side than they have showed this season.
                        In order to promote back next season, home games against sides like this should be won, and this will be the final game in front of their home supporters in 2019.
                        Raufoss were high-flying in the first part of the season, led by top scorer Mikkel Maigaard (Mid/Att 15/10). Since he left for Eliteserie side Stromsgodset, the yellow and blacks have stopped gathering as many points, and they have lost all away games since his departure (7 straight away losses now)
                        The low odds on Raufoss are set due to Raufoss should have the motivation (small chance for reaching the playoffs) here, but Raufoss have struggled on the road for a long time, and Tromsdalen at their best should have a great chance to claim points at home in their final home game.

                        Pick: Tromsdalen (+0.5 AH), 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


                          Saturday 02.11.2019 Molde - Kristiansund:

                          Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

                          Game start 18:30 CET.

                          Top side Molde (17-5-4) loss 1-3 away against Rosenborg last round, but the blue and whites have still a 6 point lead of Bodo Glimt, with 4 games remaining.
                          Molde have yet to lose at home, 10-2-0, with goal score 31-8.


                          Kristiansund (10-8-8) impressed a lot with a 4-2 win at home against Viking last round, and very few sides have left Kristiansund with 3 points this season. 1-2-3 in their latest away games though.
                          Kristiansund are 3-4-6 on the road, with goal score 10-20.

                          Molde - Kristiansund ended 3-2 in 2018. (Kristiansund - Molde ended 3-2 earlier this season)

                          Local derby game between two sides that keeps on impressing.
                          Molde may attack within limits though, as they want to secure their lead with 3 points in the title race, but if the capable guests scores first, we can see another highly entertaining derby battle tonight.
                          The two last battle between the sides (home/away) have ended with 5 goals scored, and a result like 3-1 seem likely in Moldes current form.

                          Pick: Over 3.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


                            Saturday 02.11.2019 Kongsvinger - Sandnes Ulf:

                            Kongsvinger are using artificial turf at Gjemselund. Sandnes Ulf are using natural grass at their home stadium.

                            Game start 16:00 CET.

                            Kongsvinger (13-4-11) won 1-0 away against KFUM Oslo last round, and the red and whites have won 3 of their 4 latest games, and are holding a playoff spot with 2 games remaining.
                            Kongsvinger are 8-3-3 at home, with goal score 23-16.


                            Sandnes Ulf (10-5-13) won 3-2 at home against Skeid last round, and ended a 3 game losing streak then.
                            The blue and whites have nothing to play for in their 2 remaining games, and will remain a mid-table side in OBOS-Ligaen 2019.
                            Sandnes Ulf are 4-4-6 on the road, with goal score 22-23.

                            Kongsvinger - Sandnes Ulf ended 6-0 in 2018. (Sandnes Ulf - Kongsvinger ended 1-2 earlier this season)

                            OBOS-Liga battle between in-form Kongsvinger that are holding a playoff spot with two games remaining, and Sandnes Ulf with nothing to play for.
                            Obviously Kongsvinger will be clear favorites here on the motivation, but Kongsvinger have also very good stats against this opponent the latest seasons. Kongsvinger have 4 straight victories against Sandnes Ulf (home/away), and 3 of those 4 games have been won by 3 goals or more.
                            Kongsvinger have two in-form strikers in Adem Guven (Att 26/16) and Shuaibu Ibrahim (Att 8/6) up front, and Sandnes Ulf have allowed 9 goals against in their 4 latest games.
                            I believe Kongsvinger will put on a show for their home supporters in their final home game of the season, and top scorer Adem Guven can also hunt the OBOS-Ligaen top scorer title with a couple of goals here. Guven has scored 11 goals in 13 home games this season, including his two latest appearances at Gjemselund. Hes also normally the first choice penalty taker. 7 Units on Guven goal, and 3 units for multiple goals from the quality striker in the final home game of the regular season.

                            Pick: Adem Guven (Kongsvinger) to score, 7/10 stakes, odds [email protected]
                            Pick: Adem Guven (Kongsvinger) to score 2 goals or more, 3/10 stakes, odds [email protected]

                            Good luck!
                            Last edited by mightye; 02-11-19, 17:52.


                              Sunday 03.11.2019 Valerenga - Brann

                              Valerenga are using artificial turf at Intility Arena. Brann are using natural grass at their home stadium.

                              Game start 20:00 CET.

                              Valerenga (7-9-10) are still struggling to score goals, but they kept a clean sheet away against Lillestrom in the local derby last round, and even though they are on a 12 game non-winning streak (0-6-6), they have only allowed 4 goals against, in their 4 latest games.
                              The Oslo side are 5-4-4 at home, with goal score 20-16.


                              Brann (9-10-7) played 1-1 draw at home against Bodo Glimt last round, and the Bergen side have played 5 straight draws now.
                              Just like the home side, Brann are struggling to produce a lot of goals these days, but Brann have only allowed 2 goals against in their 5 latest games.
                              Brann are 5-4-4 on the road, with goal score 18-14.

                              Valerenga - Brann ended 2-0 in 2018. (Brann - Valerenga ended 1-1 earlier this season)

                              Battle between two mid-table sides, that both are a bit from their best form.
                              Valerenga should be clear off the relegation battle, but as the bottom sides keeps on advancing for each round, Valerenga must at least prevent losses at home.
                              Brann have officially parked the bus the latest games, hardly anyone score more than one goal on them, but they arent scoring much themselves either.
                              Valerenga are struggling to get spectators watching their home games given their 12-game non winning streak (last victory in early July), and cold winter temperatures in the evening game will most likely not help much tonight.
                              Under (and draw) is likely.

                              Pick: Under 2.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


                                Monday 04.11.2019 Odd - Mjondalen:

                                Both teams are using artificial turf at their home stadiums.

                                Game start 19:00 CET.

                                Odd (13-7-6) disappointed their home fans at home in the semi-final of the Cup on Thursday, as mid-table side Haugesund won 3-0, and while Odd have really impressed all season long, their form seem to have dropped just before the decisive moments for the Cup final, and possible for the fight for medals. 0-2-2 in the latest games (league/cup)
                                The Skien side are 10-3-0 at home in the league, with goal score 26-11.
                                Key center back Fredrik Semb Berge (Def 23/0) is suspended.


                                Mjondalen (4-12-10) played 0-0 draw at home against Sarpsborg 08 last round, and the brown and whites have 3 straight low scoring draws in the league now.
                                The guests are 1-6-6 on the road, with goal score 12-23.

                                Odd - Mjondalen ended 2-2 in 2015. (Mjondalen - Odd ended 2-0 earlier this season)

                                The last game of round 27 (of 30 Eliteserie games) will be played at Skagerak Arena in Skien tonight.
                                Odd will hold the 3rd position no matter the result tonight, but Rosenborg and Viking seem eager to fight Odd for medals and a chance for Europa League Qual next season.
                                Odd are 0-2-2 in their latest games (league/cup) though, and while they have impressed us all season long with their attacking football, Odd have only scored twice in their 4 latest games (league/cup)
                                Mjondalen are fighting a tough fight against relegation this season, and there are only 5 points seperating the 6 sides in the relegation battle.
                                Mjondalen have improved a lot in their defensive end lately, 3 straight draws, and only 1 goal allowed against in those 3 games.
                                I believe the guests will try to keep this close and tight again, and as usual Mjondalens best chances to claim 3 points are on set-pieces. Odd will miss their tallest, and best header Fredrik Semb Berge (Def 23/0) due to suspension, and Mjondalen should have high priority on giving good serves to players like Occean, Jansen and Solholm Johansen tonight.
                                These teams can easily bring this game in a clear over, but in Odds current form, and given Mjondalens current situation, I believe this will be kept close and tight as long as possible.

                                Pick: Under 2.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


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