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Norway OBOS-Ligaen 24-25 Aug

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    Norway OBOS-Ligaen 24-25 Aug

    Saturday 24.08.2019 Sandnes Ulf - Aalesund:

    Sandnes Ulf are using natural grass at Idrettsparken. Aalesund are using artificial turf at their home stadium.

    Game start 14:30 CET (15:30 Local time)

    Sandnes Ulf (6-5-8) lost 1-2 away against Ullensaker Kisa on Wednesday, and the blue and whites are on a 4 game losing streak.
    The club has confirmed that coach Saternas will leave the club after the end of the season.
    The hosts are 3-1-5 at home, with goal score 14-16.
    Both keepers Saku Sahlgren (Kee 10/0) and Pal Vestly Heigre (Kee 9/0) are both struggling with injuries. Sahlgren is rated doubtful for this game. 17 year old Markus Nilsen started their last game against Ullensaker Kisa.


    Top side Aalesund (15-2-1) claimed another strong away win last week, as they defeated Sogndal 3-2 away. 6 straight victories now for the guests, and promotion seem very likely for the orange and blues.
    Aalesund are 7-2-1 on the road, with goal score 16-9.
    Niklas Castro (Att 13/5) is out with suspension.

    Sandnes Ulf - Aalesund ended 1-2 in 2018. (Aalesund - Sandnes Ulf ended 3-1 two months ago)

    Meeting between a capable mid table side that have struggled lately, and top side Aalesund, that seem determined to promote back in style this season.
    Sandnes Ulf have lost 4 straight games, and they have not impressed at home either. Key attacker Kent Havard Eriksen is back for this game, but they may have to use a fresh goalkeeper again here.
    Aalesund are winning clearly at home, and gather close victories away this season. 3-1 win against Sandnes Ulf before the break, and they should have a good chance for 3 points again in their current form.

    Pick: Aalesund (-0.5 AH), 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!

    Close but no cigar for Mighty yesterday.
    New chances today, though.

    Very home/away oriented game. KFUM are 7-0-2, 22-9 at home, while UllKisa are 1-1-7, 13-18 away. KFUM are in the playoff zone, Ull Kisa midtable with litle to play for, really. KFUM were promoted last season, and bookies are probably expecting them to falter as the season progresses, but they are holding up well.
    You?ll get around 2.0 on KFUM most places, which is very bettable, imho.
    "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
    - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


      Sunday 25.08.2019 Jerv - Skeid:

      Jerv are using natural grass at Levermyr. Skeid are using artificial turf at their home stadium.

      Game start 17:00 CET (18:00 Local time)

      Jerv (5-8-6) have been involved in many close battles lately, but they are 2-1-0 in their last 3 games.
      The Grimstad side are 3-5-1 at home, with goal score 10-7.
      Mathias Wichmann (Mid 19/4) is suspended.


      Skeid (3-7-9) have, like the hosts, been involved in many close battles lately, and their 4 latest games have ended draw or lost by one goal.
      The Oslo side are 1-2-6 on the road, with goal score 10-16.

      No recent mutual games (Skeid - Jerv ended 0-0 earlier this season)

      Battle between two mid-table/relegation battle sides.
      Even though Jerv often are involved in close battles, they seem to me like a better side after the signing of attacker Alexsander Dang (Nest Sotra). The new striker has scored 3 goals in 3 games, and the bookies doesnt dare to give odds on him to score.
      Skeid should be well aware of him though, and Tom Nordlies newly promoted side have two straight draws against promotion candidates Sandefjord (2-2) and Start (1-1), and a 0-1 loss against the clear top side Aalesund lately.

      - 6 of Jervs 7 latest home games have ended Under 2.5 goals.
      - 5 of Skeids 6 latest away games have ended Under 2.5 goals.

      Pick: Under 2.5 goals, 9/10 stakes, odds [email protected] Good luck!


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