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Norway Season Bets 2019

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    Norway Season Bets 2019

    Eliteserien 2019 - Season bet:

    Stromsgodset (7-10-13) ended 13th in Eliteserien 2018, and they were only 2 points from Start on a relegation spot in the end. They were clearly the biggest underachievers in Eliteserien 2018 then, and coach Bjorn Petter Ingebretsen has a big task to bring them back to their former heights (Champions in 2013, 2nd place in 2012 and 2015)
    Stromsgodset were 5-4-6 at home, and 2-6-7 on the road, in Eliteserien 2018.
    First choice goalkeeper Espen Bugge Pettersen (Kee 22/0) has retired, and reserve goalie Pal Vestly Heigre (Kee 1/0) has signed for Sandnes Ulf.
    Former key defender Kim Andre Madsen (Def 2/0) has signed for 2.Div side Asker.
    Key players Francisco Junior (Mid 18/0 - Vendsyssel, Denmark), Eirik Ulland Andersen (Mid/Att 28/6 - Molde) and Tokmac Nguen (Mid/Att 28/7- Ferencvaros) have also left.
    Martin Ronning Ovenstad (Mid 5/0) is out of contract, but hes in talks about a new deal these days.
    The Drammen side have signed several U-23 players like Viljar Myhra (Kee - Odd), Nicholas Mickelson (Def - HamKam) and Haldor Stenevik (Mid - Brann).
    Stromsgodset have just lost 0-5 against mid-table/bottom half side Bodo Glimt in a pre-season friendly, and even though key players like Lars Christopher Vilsvik (Def 22/0), Herman Stengel (Mid 25/1), Mustafa Abdellaoue (Att 24/7) and top scorer Marcus Pedersen (Att 23/14) were out, and players like Stian Ringstad (Def), Jonathan Parr (Def/Mid), Henning Hauger (Mid) and Amahl Pellegrino Mid/Att) started on the bench, the result showed signs of how far the remaining squad are behind the level of the other Eliteserie teams at the moment.

    + Stromsgodsets first eleven still looks strong at full fitness
    + Stromsgodset have signed many young talents, and the club may benefit from this in the long term.
    - The many young players may need some time to adapt to this level, and their performances may lack consistency in Eliteserien 2019.
    - They will be very vulnerable to injuries/suspensions on key players this season (still time for Jostein Flo to gather new signings though).
    - Top scorer Marcus Pedersen (Att) is returning from surgery, and may not be at 100% match fitness when the season starts.
    - Their struggles on the road are nothing new, but the 5-4-6 home stats was a sign of the dark blue and whites losing their home dominance at Marienlyst.
    - The loss of key players like Ulland Andersen, equals a big threat gone at set-pieces, and Tokmac Nguen could make many goalscoring opportunities out of nothing due to his quick speed runs.

    Unibet offer 15 in odds for Stromsgodset to relegate (direct or by playoff) in Eliteserien 2019, and even though they are not a clear relegation candidate, they are one of many teams thay may end up in the bottom half, and they were only 2 points from relegation in 2018.

    Pick: Eliteserien 2019 - Relegation (including playoff): Stromsgodset, 9/10 stakes, odds 15@Unibet. Good luck!

    Very interesting pick this, Mighty.
    I agree that Stromsgodset may well struggle this season. Key for them will be to avoid injuries to their first XI, since the rest of the squad is inexperienced.
    "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
    - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


      Sarpsborg 08 (11-8-11) ended 8th in Eliteserien 2018, but the blue and whites advanced to the Europa League Group stage (Group I) for the first time, and they had a incredible 2017 season, as they ended as runner-ups in the Cup and ended 3rd in Eliteserien.
      In 2019, Sarpsborg 08 will not be playing Europa League games, and the Ostfold side will be a big outsider in Eliteserien this season.

      Branns top scorer Steffen Lie Skalevik (Att) has been signed, as well as Sheldon Bateau (Def - Krylya Sovetov), Pablo Cesar Arboine (Def - Santos de Guapiles), Nicolai Nass (Def - Heerenveen), Wilmer Azofeifa (Mid - Santos de Guapiles), Jonathan Lindseth (Mid - Mjondalen), Lars Jorgen Salvesen (Att - Ullensaker Kisa) and Aboubacar Konte (Att - Minor club, Mali).

      Joonas Tamm (Def 25/2 - Korona Kielce, Poland), Joackim Jorgensen (Def/Mid 24/0 - Start), Muhammed Usman Edu (Mid 6/0 - Pyunik, Russia), Rashad Muhammed (Mid/Att 13/1 - Erzumurspor), Tobias Heintz (Mid/Att 23/2 - Kasimpasa), Patrick Mortensen (Att 28/12 - AGF, Denmark), and Mikkel Agger (Att 22/3 - Viborg, Denmark) have left.

      + Sarpsborg 08 followed up their great 2017 season, by qualifying for the Europa League group stage in 2018. Even though they were eliminated from the group stage, that experience will be key for the squad, and for the clubs economy in time to come.
      + Sarpsborg 08 will not play in Europe this season, and Eliteserien will be the top priority in 2019.
      + Sarpsborg 08 have created a "anything is possible" attitude on and off the pitch the latest seasons.
      + Sarpsborg 08 have signed a key striker (Steffen Lie Skalevik, 23/9 for Brann last season) that can provide 10+ goals this season, and he has proved to be a good link-up attacker in a 4-4-2 duo up front during the pre-season.
      + Sarpsborg 08s latest signing, the 18 year old talent Aboubacar Konte (Att), has arrived with big expectations, and with some hard work, he may become a big hit for the blue and whites this season. He will not get a free pass to play though, 19 year old Jorgen Strand Olsen has been the "one to watch" the entire pre-season, not only due to his many goals, but the link-up and understanding with his team mates has been really impressive. With other words 3 very good alternatives up front in Skalevik, Strand Olsen and Konte, that may benefit the blue and whites during tough schedules, compared to other clubs.

      - Sarpsborg 08 are still changing a lot of players after each season, that brings in profit from transfers, but may intervene with the consistensy from the start of the 2019 season, as the new players will need time to adapt.
      - Players like Tobias Heintz (Mid) and Patrick Mortensen (Att) were a big part of Sarpsborg 08s "anything is possible" attitude the latest seasons, and will be missed in 2019.

      My pick will be Sarpsborg 08 to finish Top 4 in Eliteserien 2019. I will add some short thoughts about the main contenders to Sarpsborg 08 for a top 4 position:

      - Rosenborg have won 4 straight league titles, and will be big favorites to claim another title in 2019. The Trondheim side have used some time to adapt to new coach Hornelands ideas though, but no reason not to rate them on top.

      - Brann are solid as usual in pre-season, and with a good start in Skien (Season opener away against Odd), I wouldnt be surprised to see Brann on top for a long while this season.

      - Molde have made some interesting signings this season in Kristoffer Haraldseid (Def - Haugesund), Eirik Ulland Andersen (Mid/Att - Stromsgodset), Mathis Bolly (Att - Greuther Furth) and Erling Knudtzon (Att - Lillestrom), but the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as head coach are a big loss.

      - Valerenga have showed signs of being able to step it up to the top 4 during pre-season, and Ronny Deilas side are filled with talents ready to take the next level. Their starting XI looks strong, but they cant match Sarpsborg 08 in quality backups in the squad yet. Shala, Finne and Ejuke have impressed lately, and will be interesting to follow in Eliteserien 2019.

      - Haugesund ended 4th in 2018, but coach Horneland has taken top scorer Akintola along and signed for top side Rosenborg. Former coach Grindhaug will make a comeback as coach, and that makes it a guarantee that Haugesund will be a handful for most teams also in 2019.
      West Ham winger Martin Samuelsen has been signed on a loan deal until the summer, and dont be surprised if Samuelsen/Wadji will start the season well for the white and blues.

      Sarpsborg 08 have written history for each season lately, and the blue and whites are absoltely capable of adding another milestone to their record books in 2019 at their best.
      As they will only have the league and cup on their minds in 2019, I believe we will see a much improved Sarpsborg 08 side compared to the 8th position in 2018.
      The club has gained a lot of profit from participating in Europe, and transfers the latest seasons, and they are attracting better players to the squad now.
      Sarpsborg 08 have a starting XI that should be fighting in the upper half, and the squad is wide enough to compete with the top sides the entire season imo.

      Pick: Sarpsborg 08 to finish Top 4 in Eliteserien 2019, 9/10 stakes, odds 1.90@Unibet. Good luck!
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        Eliteserien 2019 Season H2H Stromsgodset - Mjondalen:

        Stromsgodset (7-10-13) ended 13th in Eliteserien 2018, and they were only 2 points from Start on a relegation spot in the end. They were clearly the biggest underachievers in Eliteserien 2018 then, and coach Bjorn Petter Ingebretsen has a big task to bring them back to their former heights (Champions in 2013, 2nd place in 2012 and 2015)
        Stromsgodset were 5-4-6 at home, and 2-6-7 on the road, in Eliteserien 2018.
        First choice goalkeeper Espen Bugge Pettersen (Kee 22/0) has retired, and reserve goalie Pal Vestly Heigre (Kee 1/0) has signed for Sandnes Ulf.
        Former key defender Kim Andre Madsen (Def 2/0) has signed for 2.Div side Asker.
        Key players Francisco Junior (Mid 18/0 - Vendsyssel, Denmark), Eirik Ulland Andersen (Mid/Att 28/6 - Molde) and Tokmac Nguen (Mid/Att 28/7- Ferencvaros) have also left.
        The Drammen side have signed several U-23 players like Viljar Myhra (Kee - Odd), Nicholas Mickelson (Def - HamKam) and Haldor Stenevik (Mid - Brann).
        Their two latest signings are more experienced though, 31 year old Martin Spelmann (Mid - AGF, Denmark), and 28 year old Yacouba Sylla (Mid - Mechelen, Belgium).

        - The loss of key players like Ulland Andersen, equals a big threat gone at set-pieces, and Tokmac Nguen could make many goalscoring opportunities out of nothing due to his quick speed runs.


        Mjondalen (17-9-4) ended 2nd in OBOS-Ligaen 2018 and promoted to Eliteserien 2019.
        The brown and whites havent changed much in the squad that promoted, but Akeem Latifu (Def - Sogndal), Dagur Dan Thorhallsson (Mid - Keflavik), Fredrik Brustad (Att - Molde) and Sondre Liseth (Att - Nest Sotra) have been signed.
        Jonathan Lindseth (Mid 29/3 - Sarpsborg 08) and Ousseynou Boye (Att 20/4 - El Ghonah) have left.
        Keeper candidate George Bokwe may be out for a while.
        They have a capable starting XI that knows each other well, the main doubts will be their thin squad, and they will be vunerable to injuries/suspensions if this will be their final squad when the season starts.

        Season H2H between former giant Stromsgodset and newly promoted Mjondalen.
        Stromsgodset have made some well needed signings lately, and they may improve once their new signings are settling in.
        Their pre-season have been far from convincing, 0-5 against Bodo Glimt, 0-0 against Ranheim, 1-0 against Stabak, 2-4 against Sarpsborg 08 and a lucky 1-1 draw against Valerenga, and they have looked like a bottom half OBOS-Liga side when some key players have been out.
        Mjondalen outclassed Tromso 5-1 earlier today, and they have won 2-0 against Valerenga, 2-0 against newly relegated Sandefjord, and 0-1 loss against Odd during pre-season.
        Much can change during the Eliteserien 2019 season, but at the moment, Stromsgodset are nowhere near the 1.07 odds for ending higher than Mjondalen in the league. The first local derby between these sides will come in Drammen 12th of April in round 3, and im sure its the hosts that will fear losing that game the most.

        Unibet offer 7.00 for Mjondalen to end higher than big brother Stromsgodset, and even though this is a long shot, I trust Mjondalen to be better prepared for Eliteserie level this time, and they have players capable of taking the next level this season.

        Eliteserien 2019 Season H2H Stromsgodset - Mjondalen

        Pick: Mjondalen, 9/10 stakes, odds 7.00@Unibet. Good luck!


          Eliteserien 2019 Season H2H Bodo Glimt - Tromso:

          Bodo Glimt (6-14-10) ended 11th in Eliteserien 2018, and stayed clear of relegation as a newly promoted side. The yellow and blacks have won 3 pre-season games against teams at lower level, but now they will have their first test against a top division side.
          Top scorer Kristian Fardal Opseth (Att 30/10) has signed for Turkish side Erzurumspor.
          Martin Bjornbak (Def 29/4) has signed for Molde.
          Erlend Dahl Reitan (Def) will join on a season long loan deal from Rosenborg, Oliver Sigurjonsson (Mid) has returned from a season long loan period in Bredablik, Iceland, and Jens Petter Hauge (Mid/Att) has returned from a loan period in Aalesund.
          Nikita Khaykin (Kee - Hapoel Kfar Seba) and Victor Okoh Boniface (Att) have been signed.

          Bodo Glimt have showed no mercy to most of their opponents in pre-season, 7-0 against Junkeren, 9-0 against Mjolner, 3-0 against Tromsdalen, 5-0 against Stromsgodset, 3-0 against Aalesund, 2-3 against Valerenga and 1-0 against Start.


          Tromso (11-3-16) ended 10th in Eliteserien 2018, and ended up as a typical mid-table side. They lost 11 of their fianl 15 games though, and they have lost their 4 latest pre-season games, 1-2 against Stabak, 1-2 against Tromsdalen, 0-2 against Valerenga and 1-5 against Mjondalen.
          Key players Magnar Odegaard (Def 28/1 - AIK, Sweden) and Gjermund Asen (Mid/Att 21/2 - Rosenborg) have left.

          I see no reason why Tromso should be the main favorites in this duel, Bodo Glimt have proved several times in the season preparations that they are capable of defeating any side on a good day, and it will be very interesting to see if attackers like Herrem and Kupen, that have impressed at OBOS-Liga level, can step up to high Eliteserie level this season.
          4 points seperated the teams in Tromsos favor in 2018, but Ill give Bodo Glimt the upper edge in Eliteserien 2019.

          Eliteserien 2019 Season H2H Bodo Glimt - Tromso

          Pick: Bodo Glimt, 9/10 stakes, odds 2.20@Unibet. Good luck!


            Season bet - Top goalscorer Eliteserien 2019

            Many candidates for the top scorer title this season:

            - Ohi Omoujuanfo (Molde) new signing from Stabak, dominated Eliteserien 2017 at times, but he was used in different role behind Franck Boli in 2018. Is he the real deal, or was he over-performing in 2017? Leke James/Thomas Amang should also be clear candidates for the striker role in Molde.

            - Franck Boli (Stabak) won the battle of the top striker role against Ohi Omoijuanfo in Stabak last season, and he scored 17 goals then. Boli will be a handful for every opposition this season as well, but if he keeps clear of injuries + performs well in the first part of the season, he will 90% be sold in the summer. Too good for Eliteserien at his best.

            - Many candidates from Sarpsborg 08. New signing Skalevik, and fresh talent Strand Olsen, have impressed as a duo up front this pre-season. New signing Kante comes with high expectations, Ole Jorgen Halvorsen scores steady, and many midfielders are capable of scoring.

            Branns duo Koomson/Bamba will surely result in many goals, and if he stays fit, Bamba may win the top scorer title this season.

            Rosenborg have Akintola, Adegbenro, Soderlund and Bendtner fighting for this title up front, and new coach Horneland will have a difficult task in composing the best possible lineup here. Bendtner has been the first choice top striker until now, but he has not had a optimal build up for this season with injuries and non-football drama going on.

            My candidate is too find within Valerengas ranks though:

            Valerenga (11-9-10) ended at the 6th position in Eliteserien 2018, and Deilas young side will remain a outsider for Eliteserien 2019. Good signings in Johan Laedre Bjordal (Def - Zulte Waregem, Belgium), Herolind Shala (Mid/Att - Start), Deyver Vega (Mid/Att - Brann) and Matthias Vilhjalmsson (Att - Rosenborg), and the Oslo side have a wide squad with players capable of claiming a place in the starting lineup.
            Amin Nouri (Def - Oostende, Belgium) and Felipe Carvalho (Def - Nacional, Uruguay) have left on loan deals, while club veteran Daniel Fredheim Holm (Mid/Att) has signed for OBOS-Liga side KFUM Oslo.
            Valerenga latest friendlies: 1-1 against Rostov, 2-1 against Kongsvinger, 3-0 against Nomme Kalju, 3-2 against Bodo Glimt, 2-0 against Tromso, 1-1 against Stromsgodset and 4-4 against Lillestrom.

            Valerengas midfielder/attacking lineup with Ejuke, Finne and Shala have impressed over time for Valerenga now, Deyver Vega is finally back from injury and impressed a lot today against Lillestrom.

            New striker Matthias Vilhjalmsson were a top scorer candidate while playing for Start a couple of seasons ago, but he was more like a backup for the top scorers for top side Rosenborg. Now he seem back in a clear key striker role in Valerenga, and he has improved for each game now. 3 goals against Lillestrom tonight, and 5 goals in his 5 latest pre-season games makes him and the "new Valerenga" side one of the most exiting teams to follow in 2019.

            Vilhjalmsson to be top scorer in Eliteserien 2019 at odds 21 is simply too tempting, Valerenga have a side fully capable of scoring against any side, and Ejuke, Finne, Shala and Vilhjalsson will simply be too many players to mark out of the games. Vilhjalmsson have been secure on penalties during pre-season and will most likely be their first choice penalty taker in Eliteserien this season.

            Season bet - Top goalscorer Eliteserien 2019

            Pick: Matthias Vilhjalmsson (Valerenga), 9/10 stakes, odds 21@Unibet. Good luck!


              Season bet - Winner OBOS-Ligaen 2019:
              • Aalesund (1-0-0) ended 3rd in OBOS-Ligaen 2018, and failed to promote straight back to Eliteserien at first attempt.
                They had the lead for a long time though, and they have signed some key players in front of the 2019 season in former key midfielder Peter Orry Larsen (Mid - Brann), Niklas Castro (Att - Kongsvinger) and David Olafsson (Def - Breidablik, Iceland).
                New signing Izunna Uzochukwu (Mid - Bosman) will await work permit, and will most likely not be in the squad for this game.
                David Kristjan Olafsson (Def), Kristoffer Hay (Def), Robert Sandnes (Def/Mid), Jernade Meade (Def/Mid), Erikson "Nenass" Lima (Mid) and Niklas Castro (Att) were out against Start.
                Aalesund won the close battle away against promotion favorites Start (1-0) in the season opener last week.

                Aalesund seemed like the strongest side in OBOS-Ligaen for most of 2018, but lost some crucial games in the last part of the season, and let the promotion slip then.
                They won the tight battle away against promotion favorites Start in the season opener (1-0), and got the perfect start to OBOS-Ligaen 2019 then. They have signed some key players in front of this season, and they will fight in the top until the very end.
                Pape Gueyes match winner goal away against promotion favorites Start in the season opener, may have been the spark needed to really make Aalesund really believe in promotion in OBOS-Ligaen 2019.
                Be ready for a very enthusiastic home crowd for Aalesunds season opener at home Saturday, and at their best, Aalesund are more than capable of promotion for Eliteserien


                Start (8-5-17) ended 15th in Eliteserien 2018, and the Kristiansand side relegated to OBOS-Ligaen.
                Hakon Opdal (Kee 4/0 - Brann), Carl Elliot Kack (Def 28/2 - Djurgarden, Sweden), Niklas Sandberg (Def 15/0 - Haugesund), Herolind Shala (Mid/Att 14/3 - Valerenga), Dennis Antwi (Att - Trelleborg, Sweden) and Kevin Kabran (Att 22/6 - Elfsborg) have left.
                The yellow and blacks have signed Joackim Jorgensen (Def/Mid - Sarpsborg 08) so far, and many young players have returned from loan deals.
                Key striker Adeleke Akinyemi (Att 12/3) got injured against Aalesund, and the latest reports are not good. He is likely to miss many months due to surgery.

                Start suspended their coach Kjetil Rekdal, 2 days before the season opener, but he returned anyway and forced himself into the dressing room to lead the season opener against Aalesund. Now the club and Rekdal have agreed to terminate his contract, and the assistant coaches are likely to be in charge.

                Coach Rekdal is history, key striker Akinyemi is long term injured, and star player for OBOS-Liga level Kabran (Att) has just left the Kristiansand side. Start can still bounce back from all this, but they are far from the favorites for OBOS-Ligaen 2019 at the moment imo.


                Sandefjord (4-11-15) were unable to prevent relegation from Eliteserien 2018, and they ended up as the bottom side then.
                First choice goalkeeper Eirik Holmen Johansen (Kee 29/0 - Brann), Victor Demba Bindia (Def 16/0 - Wihdat) and Stian Ringstad (Def 14/1 - Stromsgodset, loan deal ended) have left.

                Sandefjord did show signs of a interesting change in the club, even though they relegated last season under Spanish coach Marti Cifuentes.
                Their possession based gameplay with Spanish trio Tito, Enric Valles and Rufo Herraiz showing the ropes, can absolutely prove succesful in OBOS-Ligaen 2019.
                They barely secured a 1-0 win after a 92nd minute goal against KFUM Oslo at home in the season opener, and key players Mohammed Fellah (Mid/Att) and Rufo Herraiz (Att) were out.

                Sandefjord will be very interesting to follow under Cifuentes lead in 2019, they have many players capable of fighting for promotion in the squad, and especially Rufo Herraiz seemed like a quality striker last season, even though Sandefjord relegated.


                Sogndal ended 4th in OBOS-Ligaen 2018, and they will most likely fight in the top also in 2019, but they look more like a strong playoff candidate, than a direct promotion/OBOS-Liga winner candidate right now imo.


                Start are still the favorites among the bookies, even though piece by piece of their house of cards are falling apart these days.
                Aalesund may have slipped as the favorites last season, but Im confident they will fight for promotion all the way this season.
                Sandefjord are very hard to predict, but they have something interesting going on, and they have many players capable of taking charge when needed, to seal a promotion in 2019.

                Season bet - Winner OBOS-Ligaen 2019:

                Pick: Aalesund, 7/10 stakes, odds 4.00@10bet.
                Pick: Sandefjord, 3/10 stakes, odds 3.25@Nordicbet.

                Good luck!


                Season bet - Top 4 Eliteserien 2019:

                Odd (2-1-0) defeated medal candidates Brann 3-2 at home in the season opener, played 1-1 draw away against Rosenborg last week, and they won 2-0 at home against Kristiansund on Sunday.
                The Skien side have lost many key players the latest seasons, but one by one they have returned at Skagerak Arena for the clubs 125-year anniversary.
                Odd were 11-7-12 in Eliteserien 2018, with goal score 39-38, and they finished 9th, one point behind Sarpsborg 08 then.

                Dag Eilev Fagermo (Odd coach since 2008) has done it again, Odd are capable of defeating the big sides with a mix of club veterans of high Eliteserie level, and many young talents willing to run the extra mile to claim the victories. Former young Odd starlets like Oldrup Jensen (Mid), Rashani (Mid/At) and Borven (Att) have been brought back, and Nordkvelle and Samuelsen are still going strong at midfield.

                Yes, Odd have a couple of first team regulars on loan, Fredrik Oldrup Jensen (Mid) and Sander Svendsen (Mid/Att), that are both supposed to leave in the summer, but if Odd are fighting in the top midway, we may see an extention to their loan deals.

                Add that Odd have several talents fighting for a place in the starting XI right now, players like Bjortuft, Kitolano, Kaasa, Lauritsen, Sodlund and injured Nije have all the potential to reach high Eliteserie level if they work their way into the starting lineup.

                Once Rosenborg are showing weakness in the top, the standard quote "Eliteserien are more open than ever" will be heard every week while it lasts. Odd fighting in the top are nothing new though, and the club has in the quiet prepared well for their 125-year anniversary this season.

                Molde seem like a title candidate at the moment, Rosenborg are likely to strike back sooner or later, Brann and Sarpsborg 08 are capable of more than they have showed so far. Bodo Glimt have impressed a lot in the start of the season, newly promoted Viking with 3 straight victories, and goal friendly Valerenga, will all remain outsiders at the moment.

                Odds results in the top league since 2009:

                2009 - 4th, 2010 - 5th, 2011 - 5th. 2012 - 10th, 2013 - 7th, 2014 - 3rd, 2015 - 4th, 2016 - 3rd, 2017 - 6th, 2018 - 9th.

                Odd have fought in the upper half for many seasons now, and they have finished Top 4 in 4 of their 10 latest seasons at the Norwegian top division.
                Odds performances so far are not in the "over-performing" category, yet Bookies clearly rate them lower due to their performances the earlier seasons when they lost several key players.

                Unibet offer 5.00 for Odd to finish Top 4, of coarse doubts regarding Oldrup Jensen (Mid) and Svendsens (Mid/Att) loan deals ending in the summer, and there are many teams in the mix this season.
                I believe in the black and whites in 2019 though, solid gameplay so far, with a great mix of club veterans in their final years, and many starlets brought back from playing abroad for this season. Upper half (Top 8) - Yes. Top 4 - Good chance.

                Pick: Odd to finish Top 4 in Eliteserien 2019, 9/10 stakes, odds 5@Unibet. Good luck!
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