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Copa Libtertadores 2018

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    Libertad v Boca Jnrs

    Clear as day discrepancy between the quality of both sides here. In typical Argentine fashion Boca were far more interested in protecting their 2-0 lead in the first leg than pounding on Libertad and ending the tie. Even though we switch to Libertad's home ground now I really don't see much advantage on their pitch as I've watched enough Libertad in Paraguay and Copa to know this team struggles mightily for goals at the best of times. Simply put they're just not that great at breaking teams down and can be horribly exposed on the counter attack with slow defenders like Da Silva in their back line. Boca have plenty of speedsters in their front line in Pavon, Benedetto and slower Zarate but legs that will carry him past this back line. In typical Argentine fashion they will set up to stop Libertad first so may not have that many chances early on with Libertad maybe happy to play it tight early, but with a 2-0 deficit will have to open up and push forward eventually so happy to take Boca on 0 AH.

    Boca 0 AH @ 1.80


      Easy as 1,2,3...bookies really are clueless when it comes to South America.

      Smalls on Palmeiras to trash Cerro.


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