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MLS 8th July

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    MLS 8th July

    08.07. 01:00 Philadelphia Union - Atlanta United FC 2.48 3.75 3.00 Vergleiche 22 Buchmacher
    08.07. 01:30 Montreal Impact - Colorado Rapids 1.69 4.15 5.75 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
    08.07. 01:30 New England Revolution - Seattle Sounders 1.87 4.00 4.40 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
    08.07. 02:30 Sporting Kansas City - Toronto FC 1.82 4.00 4.70 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
    08.07. 03:00 Houston Dynamo - Minnesota United FC 1.40 5.60 9.00 Vergleiche 22 Buchmacher
    08.07. 04:00 Real Salt Lake - FC Dallas 2.34 3.68 3.10 Vergleiche 22 Buchmacher
    08.07. 04:30 LA Galaxy - Columbus Crew 2.27 3.72 3.28 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
    08.07. 04:30 Vancouver Whitecaps - Chicago Fire 1.84 4.20 4.33 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
    08.07. 05:00 Los Angeles FC - Orlando City SC 1.46 5.20 7.00 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
    08.07. 05:00 Portland Timbers - San Jose Earthquakes 1.53 4.80 6.45 Vergleiche 22 Buchmacher
    09.07. 01:00 New York City FC - New York Red Bulls 2.12 3.92 3.50
    ...but then again, who does?

    Union (0) 1.85 10.7u / (-1) 3.8 6u / 1/1 7u / over (3) 1.96 10u

    Atlanta probably best team in terms of bench at mls also they do not change much game plan home away .. great away record yet they played at midweek at dallas heat and that can be tough vs union .. usual mls side playing on waves but delivering at specially at hoem and eager on revenge folowing reverse tie weeks ago when they were 2 down by 20th ....

    locals have one of best midf duet bedoya medunjanin and later comes back from 3 game ssuspension wich shall be a boost in their gam e.. all in all

    Revolution -.75 2.1 11u / -1.25 2.8 6u / 1/1 6u / over (3) 2.10 10.6u

    Host late years very strong at home .. this seaon delivering .. come from good series ...guest midweek game .. not so strong this seaon .. very irregular .. leacking goals .. both shall score but host with good h2h vs greens shal prevail easy or hard .. gust couple of oldies .. no sign team news ...

    Impact ( -1 ) 2.2 11u / 1/1 2.5 8u

    Host in form side vs rapids rather lacklustre season .. sick travellers .. receiving by pairs .. even if host may miss influential piette they have piatti !!

    beat that !! ..

    guest good record vs canadians .. time to improve it

    SKC -.75 2.05 12u / 1/1 2.6 8.7u / over (3) 2.1 10.73u / over (4) 3.8 6u / (-2) 5.3 7u
    bet of the round thus far ... kansas that own fc lately and overall shall coem back to wining ways vs reds that are leacking lately goals and shall have big handicap of southern usa heat hittin´hard ..

    host are one of my fav mls sides this season allready whown quite solid and nice atacking game come from bad series yet are sp hard to cope with at home .. they shall be on A frame of mind despite missing infleuntial fuigures like lobato , slloi or spinoza they have enuf to cover with key player illie on at midlle and russel back upfront ...

    in front northerners are going through rough patch .. still missing some units yet they shall score in a agme that could end up with freaking mls style score smthg like 4-5 / 2-3

    Dinamo -1.25 1.89 10u / 1/1 1.87 10u
    odds are utter crap but this hondurian full of houston side hav etwo faces hoem and away and should dispache of rather poor overall sp travelling minnesota .. easy or hard .. probably allready at Ht as often .. botrh played midweek ....

    Real -.25 @ 2 11.5u /
    really nice odds on royals with nice home record vs dallas that uusally are stronger at home and are dealing lately with diaz departure .. host with soem inform atackers have lately the luxury of benching plata beckermann or silva ... they should prevail.

    Whitecaps -.75 2.11 11u / G 1.57 12.5u / over 3.25 2.2 9u / over (4) 3.8 7u / (-2) 5.3 6u
    host shopuld get back wining ways despite missing infleuntial techera they have thunder fast davies and recover key unit reyna plus aja in back .. host shown quite sharp game on ocasions this season sp at home .. fire in front come from good seres and shall score yet will fall either way ... may rest soem units ahead of midweek ... goo dh2h in favour of white at their place
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    ...but then again, who does?


      Galaxy -.25 1.95 11.8u / 1/1 6u / -1.25 3.8 5u / over (3) 2.15 7u

      Host coem from not bad series even tough their defending is letting them down most games their atack with zlatan more settled is delivering they recover important santos brother that might be eager for action after just watching from bench last wc with tri .... guest look good side able to defend well but not throwin´crackesr on the upper end .. for this one may miss influential higuain while their rated keeper will still be sidelined wich looks affecting their stats on back... yellows last win at galaxy was 10+ years ago .. even if heat and fact locals played midweek may affect probably trend will remain and goo dchances for finally G win are on table.

      Orlando +1.25 2 11u / (0) 5.4 5u /
      No brainer .. i guess even at usa sports new coach affects and lions have quality on paper to at least for a while show ...
      fact LAFC played midweek benefits ..
      both recover players from WC like perhaps vela & surely yotun ..
      inf rossi doubt for locals

      host are doing great but this should be more open odds show .. first game ever for both clubs facing each other

      Timbers (-1) 1.85 11.3u / (-2) 3.4 8u / 1/1 2.15 7u / over 3.25 2.15 8u
      hard to see trends from both sides changing here ... host are in course mood and allready beating twice san jose this season .. a side teh californians that are widely known as mambo jambo material for mls late years they only deliver vs galaxy once avery 4 months ... while host that recover imp players like adi and polo ... are under great unbeaten run ...
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      ...but then again, who does?


        Phila dnb 1.83

        I have written previously how much I like this Atlanta team, and I have zero doubts they are the best team in the East, as the standings confirm. However, they are in a bad scheduling situation and I can not skip a bet on the Union. This is third game of Atlanta in a week, playing on Wednesday in Dallas on a very hot weather, players looked exhausted and even conceded two late goals to lose the game (2-3) even though we can argue they deserved much more. That game and the derby one vs Orlando at home they played with almost the same team, and with another long travel back to Philly, I am pretty sure they won't be at the top of their atheltic condition, so I wouldn't be shocked to see Almiron or Martinez start on the bench. The other particular reason I like the hosts here is that these teams played a month ago in Atlanta a controversial game when Atlanta were awarded a dubious penalty in 20th minute with score 00, and then both Bedoya and Medunjanin were sent off for protest and the game was practically over at that point. No doubts, Philadelphia still have this fresh on their minds and will be very fired up to get some revenge tonight. They have been in very good form at home lately and they will go at it no doubts.
        He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.


          Galaxy over 2.75 1.88

          What if I told you LA Gals have the most expensive defense in the MLS, you probably wouldn't believe me. However, guys like Skjelvik, Ciani, Ashley Cole don't come cheap, however it doesn't matter, Gals defense just keeps leaking game after game. Even on Wednesday they were hosting one of the bottom teams DCU who had a long midweek travel, but still couldn't close the game after being 2 goals up early to end in a 2-2 draw.

          Today will be a special game for Gyasi Zardes who is back to the team that made him as a player, where he became US national team player, and a team that discharged him this summer in the end and traded him to Columbus. Zardes is having a great season, so it didn't turn out to be a bad thing for him, but have no doubts, he will be very motivated tonight, and the Crew would love for him to score. Crew this season have been more careful on the road, had very good defensive record, but with Gals defense looking terrible, and Ibra, Alessandrini and Pontius being in great form, I stronlgy believe we will see another high scoring game here.
          He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.


            Great stuff Litost, I agree with most of your picks, will try to write a bit more when I get back from the bar and WC watching.
            He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.


              cheers for that ...

              of course u guys know my mambo jambo x2 style .... everything that moves !!

              i watched some games earlier in late may first 15 of june have follow some seasons be4 sp on summer .......

              surely ur insight is sharper ...

              i think MLS is actually better for live betting but with all that info i tought id share ?!
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              ...but then again, who does?


                Ok, shortly on the other games as promised.

                Revs and Montreal home wins I like, they are rested and their opponents are playing their third game in a week, I am always for that angle in MLS. What I don't like is odds on Montreal, they are pretty short for a team that's not so potent offensively, and Colorado is likely to park a bus.

                Kansas v Toronto was supposed to be a big game, but TFC is having a nightmare season (right after dream one). Both conceded 4 goals on Wednesday and both teams take pride in their defense, that's why I expect more careful approach for both, should be lots of respect from either side, so under 3 goals 1.99 is what I will be on as well.

                Dynamo and Loons should be goals I agree, with Houston clear favourite, but at these odds no bet, could be very interesting for live betting.

                Real Salt Lake is dominant at home, I agree there as well, guys like Plata and Beckerman are not regular starters anymore, if they could string some away results, they could join the elite teams.

                Very important game for Vancouver who go on a big roadtrip after this one. They dominated Rapids (0-1) last week, but couldn't convert their chances, now Reyna is back (Techera still suspended) and Chicago defense is as soft as there is. The problem is, Whitecaps always concede some stupid goals, can their outscore their porous defense is the question here?

                Orlando no idea really, debut of new coach, I advise wait and see approach there to see if he can turn it around, as they have the talent. LAFC is en fuego at the moment, it will be true baptism by fire for O'Connor.

                Portland is head and shoulders above San Jose at the moment, if they don't go out complacent after big win in Seattle last week, they should win, but it's MLS, anything is possible.
                Last edited by Prija; 07-07-18, 23:59.
                He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.


                  freekin´union ... not even scoring .. oh well .... MLS ?!

                  and revs as well ... go in hell !!
                  ...but then again, who does?


                    Union attacking line was awful last night, especially Dockal completely off, Sapong a ghost. As you said it's MLS, but you still got a lot of them right.

                    NY derby should be fun tonight, probably goals on the cards as well, new coaches for both teams shouldn't tinker too much coming from same systems as their predecessors, not so great odds pregame though.
                    He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.


                      15th July MLS

                      15.07. 01:00 New York City FC - Columbus Crew 1.90 3.96 4.20 Vergleiche 24 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 01:00 New York Red Bulls - Sporting Kansas City 1.75 4.05 5.25 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 01:30 Montreal Impact - San Jose Earthquakes 1.64 4.40 5.50 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 01:30 New England Revolution - LA Galaxy 2.10 4.00 3.50 Vergleiche 24 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 02:00 DC United - Vancouver Whitecaps 1.78 4.20 4.75 Vergleiche 24 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 02:00 FC Dallas - Chicago Fire 1.54 4.75 6.45 Vergleiche 24 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 02:00 Minnesota United FC - Real Salt Lake 2.40 3.76 2.95 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 02:00 Orlando City SC - Toronto FC 2.56 3.94 2.70 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 03:00 Colorado Rapids - Houston Dynamo 3.10 3.60 2.40 Vergleiche 24 Buchmacher
                      15.07. 20:00 Atlanta United FC - Seattle Sounders 1.48 4.95 7.20 Vergleiche 23 Buchmacher
                      16.07. 00:00 Los Angeles FC - Portland Timbers 1.77 4.20 5.00
                      ...but then again, who does?


                        some tought slooking into rest of action ...
                        live betting adviced ...

                        Crew +.75 1.8 9u / under (3) 1.85 9u
                        Both more low than medium stakes couse yellows are going through a rough patch opsite to locals .. then logic points to guest taking it seriously trying to end run while host have their 3rd game in one week ... under at mls is suicidal .. but sttas point to a not so high sc game despite crew receiving too much lately ..

                        SKC +1 1.78 10u / G 1.7 11u / over (3) 2.15 9.5u / over (4) 4.2 5u / wg 8 4u
                        red bull faces kansas outfit and tough its hard to go against RB at hoem with great numbers thing is light blues have good h2h at this pitch and come from bad series we know they are good going forward and can deliver on road as early rounds... guest recover 2 suspended players and despite having OC midweek shall start with close to best 11 couse they have 10 days rest aftrewards ... host with new coach with bring soem ? tough he comes within ranks and was on charge at offensive part of NY RB game .. host have quality to test lately lacklustre oponents defending so goals are expected in both ends ....

                        Revs -.25 1.85 10.7u / over (3) 1.75 10u / o 1.75 1.95 8u / over (4) 3.2 8u / 1/1 3.2 6u / [-1] 3.5 4u / wg 3.5 7u / 3-3 33 3u 4-3 51 2u 3-4 67 2u

                        cheese !! highly anticipaaaaattteeeeeeeeeeeeeed encounter at foxbrough .. when host one of mls clasics faces star studde galaxy and we feel it will be phols proff for angelinos taht look getting back on comp mood but have still to prove their worth away from stubhut ... beting crew is smthg but things went smooth from start they face here a side that under ex keepr nt look quite sharp on the day and come from good seiries pitch will be packed with 2x more regs eager to watch the sweede or the mex brous ... but we know nor the sweede nor those lazy bastards like running backwards - brothers actaully only get on speedy gonzales mood wehn they are in a hous efull of whores !! what !! - host were kept at bay by seattle but this time they will face LA with more open tactics all in all with NE having great numbers vs galaxy scoring average 2+ in 16 matches at home we expect one of those frek mls games with goals in both ends and locals wining it in last " ----
                        both with best available

                        Impact -.75 1.85 10.8u / 1/1 2.6 7u / -1.25 2.4 7u
                        shall be bried here quebeckians roatted a bit at bronx midweek specially upfront but come from goo dseries lately and should be able to get back on track vs ratehr poor quakes with only 2 wins in all season and losing 4 game slayed here straight ... host are only side at mls w/o draw wich bring some confidence .

                        D.C. -.25 1.56 12u / -1.25 2.7 8u / 1/1 6u / G 1.57 11.5u / over 3.25 2.25 8u / over (4) 3.4 6u / [-2]5 4u
                        Game with lots of things going on new pitch and rooney first minutes as reds black player .... host are worst mls side this season yet they only played 2 of 14 games - 4-6 less than most - at home due to new pitch issue and overall they look quite ok specially in the offensive department having quite a capable set of atackers with 2 argie and one jamaican quite sharp .. plus other susual suspects like arriola who shall start tonight after sligh injury ... host have full squad after recovering soem units . in front caps are one of side to beat this season .. very good going forward but leacking goals very much like DC ... guest wil probably field a wary picture perhaps rotate bit ahead of canadian schsip .. either way host with sam ecoach for many years shall win first game at their pitch in game with goals ..
                        locals won last 3 outings vs whites

                        Minnesota -.25 2.1 10.7u / over (3) 2.05 9u 7 over (4) 3.8 / wg 4 7u / 1/1 3.9 6u
                        loons with soem flair upfront but usual mambo jamb mls .. two ways games .. etc ..signed couple of SA of them may play ... RSL sick travellers but good going forwrad s..

                        Orlando -.25 2.3 11u / -1.25 4.4 4u / 1/1 4.4 6u / / over 3.25 2.1 9u / over (4) 3 5u / wg 4 8u /
                        lions may be helped by heat & humidity plus laclustre ways sp defending w/o usual cb´s tronto is showing .. host have quality on ranks and with new coach shall start wining games at some point .. spector doubt for locals does not help .. probably will still be leacking goals .. TFC great h2h vs florida outfit time to improve it

                        Dallas -1 1.85 12u / -2 3.8 8u / 1/1 2.25 10u / / over 3.25 2.15 8u / / [-3] 9 4u
                        highly anticipated Brimstone Cup as prija often says its good go against sides playing midweek with long trips and diferences in weather .. there is 10º diference between north and south .. hosthve almost perfect record .. guest problems defending and probably rest players ahead of cup . no brainer

                        Rapids (0) 2.25 10u / G 1.6 12u / over 3.25 2.5 8u /
                        u need to be brave to back such poor side as rapids but houston full of hondurians do not play same great game on road .. we can see host nickig it in game with goals....
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                        ...but then again, who does?


                          @litost, thanks for all your effort!


                            Fantastic job, Litost!

                            If it wasn't for a stupid red card and two late goals, Revs bet would have also came in.



                              cheers mates .. thats what BA is all about ...

                              i often bash usa sports but truth its they are very well covered ..way better than some sa leagues ..

                              and usa sports are sort of like their people .. quite transparent .. what is supoused to hapen specially watching games unfold at live .... often hapens ...

                              this is why i prefer live bett with mls .. couse often some game goes wrong ...

                              tonight everything was on script .. even revs .. it would have been perfect ,, if those 2 late goals at bronx and at at revs .. funny how galaxy in this league is usually helped by refs ...

                              new england even one less was on top ...

                              what came perfect is that caps goals last minute ..

                              well it will be like throwin crackers if rapids wins or does not lose and there are goals..

                              it looks like it .. but .. well murphy and all that ...

                              cheers !
                              ...but then again, who does?


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