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Israel - Ireland (WC Qual. 26.03)

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    Israel - Ireland (WC Qual. 26.03)

    The Ramat Gan stadium will be full packed with 40000 ppl including 3000 Irish fans , it will be a great atmosphere in ramat gan and i'll be there
    the feeling here in Israel coming to this match is good there is a lot of Optimism mixed with pressure in the Israeli side and I hope they will cope with it ...
    Ireland are the favorites for this encounter but we are a hard nut to crack especially playing at home. . in post meetings all friendly israel won 3-0 (84 ramat gan) ireland won 5-0 (87 dublin) and draw 0-0 (ramat gan)

    very Hard game to call....

    Israel coach Avraham Grant named a 23-man squad on Monday for the FIFA World Cup European Group Four qualifiers against the Republic of Ireland on March 26 and France four days later.

    Israel squad:

    Goalkeepers: Dudu Awate (Racing Santander), Shavit Elimelech (Hapoel Tel Aviv), Ohad Cohen (Maccabi Petah Tikva)

    Defenders: Klemi Saban (Hapoel Petah Tikva), Arik Benado (Maccabi Haifa), Alon Harazi (Maccabi Haifa), Adoram Keisi (Hapoel Petah Tikva), Tal Ben Haim (Bolton Wanderers), Shimon Gershon (Hapoel Tel Aviv), Abed Rabah (Bnei Sakhnin)

    Midfielders: Walid Badir (Maccabi Haifa), Idan Tal (Maccabi Haifa), Avi Nimni (Betar Jerusalem), Michael Zandberg (Maccabi Haifa), Abbas Suan (Bnei Sakhnin), Yossi Benayoun (Racing Santander), Yossi Shivkhon (Hapoel Petah Tikva), David Revivo (Ashdod SC)

    Strikers: Yaniv Katan (Maccabi Haifa), Pini Balili (Kayserispor), Omri Afek (Salamanca), Moshe Biton (Maccabi Petah Tikva), Omer Golan (Maccabi Petah Tikva).

    DUBLIN, March 15 (Reuters) - Manchester United captain Roy Keane returns to the Ireland squad for the World Cup qualifier against Israel in Tel Aviv on March 26.

    Keane missed Ireland's friendly international against Portugal last month with a knee injury.

    Ireland manager Brian Kerr also inlcuded Newcastle United defender Stephen Carr, who was rested for the Portugal game, in a 23-man squad which will play a friendly against China at Lansdowne Road on March 29.

    Ireland top European qualifying Group Four on goal difference from France and Israel. All three teams have eight points from four matches.

    Ireland squad:

    Goalkeepers: Shay Given (Newcastle United), Paddy Kenny (Sheffield United), Joe Murphy (Walsall)

    Defenders: Stephen Carr (Newcastle United), John O'Shea (Manchester United), Gary Breen (Sunderland), Richard Dunne (Manchester City), Kenny Cunningham (Birmingham City), Steve Finnan (Liverpool), Alan Maybury (Leicester City), Andy O'Brien (Newcastle United)

    Midfielders: Liam Miller (Manchester United), Roy Keane (Manchester United), Kevin Kilbane (Everton), Matt Holland (Charlton Athletic), Alan Quinn (Sheffield United), Graham Kavanagh (Wigan Athletic), Gary Doherty (Norwich City), Andy Reid (Tottenham Hotspur)

    Forwards: Clinton Morrison (Birmingham City), Robbie Keane (Tottenham Hotspur), Stephen Elliott (Sunderland), Damien Duff (Chelsea).

    Copyright © 2003 FIFA. All rights reserved

    By the pool it seems that so far I am the only one who thinks that Israel is going to win this.. :lol:

    3 days before the game the Irish team will land today in Israel with about 3000 supporters, tel Aviv will be a great city to be in the next 3 days, this is holiday time in Israel and it's called Purim , the tradition is that everyone is wearing a custom and I hope our national team will dress up like brazil and will give us a nice holiday .....

    odds from the main israeli bookie (winner): 2.90 2.75 1.85


      something tells me what israel would win this...I hope that Omer Golan will start in first 11. he is most skillfull striker that we have at the moment...

      GL to all ! :P


        Asher, I see you are from Israel and it's no surprise to see that you think Israel will win this. Try and think with your brain instead of your heart. :wink:

        I'm not from Ireland but I think they will at least get a draw here. We are talking about an Ireland side which, in the last year has: Beat the Netherlands at home and drawn with a full strength Brazil side.

        Out of the last 24 international games for Ireland, they have lost only 1 (to Nigeria). Whether its Friendlies or World Cup Qualifiers, Ireland plays not to lose and takes each game very seriously...the poll at the top of this thread accurately represents this. If I had to bet then the draw or X2 would be the most likely outcome.


          It's really hard to think Israel can win this match... Just for the home advantage will i lay on (0:0) AWAY...

          Ireland are without important missings, and they need this win as the last 2 matches can cause trouble esp vs France...

          If you are from Israel then DRAW should be good enough for you to bet :roll:

          Anyway no time now to write much but DUFF, ROY KEANE, ROBBIE KEANE, CUNNINGHAM, SHAY GIVEN, MATT HOLLAND, KILBANE........

          This is like a dream team... But still are they not an awayside, so hard to advice high stakes...
          My advice mid stakes on (0:0) IRELAND
          "On the 29th of October 1923, he declared the new Turkish Republic."

          Big Thanks on the 83rd Anniversary


            Ireland is a better team than Israel no doubt in that....
            But in one game everything can happen, everyone in Israel is talking about this match for a week it's like a world cup final for us, its amazing 8O after 15 years all the tickets have been sold out ….

            Israel will play with 5 - 3 -2 formation and Ireland for sure will dominate the center field with keano so our counters will be our main and probably only weapon for this game .
            Imo the weakest link in the great chain of the Ireland team is in the center defense, Kenny Cunningham and Andy O'Brien will have hard time dealing with our very quick striker's golan or balili and our main man yossi benayoun, the man that makes dream come true for our team

            I understand you guys when you say hi this guy is from Israel so it's obvious that he thinks that his team going to win but there are things that you can't feel over the sea , and I really mindedly think that Israel will win this .


              The referee of this match is Valentin Ivanov (RUS).

              If I have been informed right, he has played 17 international games, and the Home side has won in 16 of them.

              That's an important factor, for those who take referee-role in mind.

              Cheers 8)


                golan or balili if they are quick strikers or at least if they are any good
                they should have scored at least a goal Golan or Balili but neither has scored a goal in 4 games!! U r taling about games with CYprus twice at home and on the road a team which israel should have dominated and chances for a lot of goals from the Israel STRIKERS

                Golan and Balinin but neither s cored

                both games resulted in 2-1 winz and also a 2-2 draw at home to switzerland. If Israel are to win this game it will be a miracle for sure!!

                Only way they can win if the Referee is way to agressiive and gives a lot of yellow cards for cheap fouls on Rep of Ireland and then maybe some red cards later on and then Israel may take advantage with thier strikers

                but Israel do hvae some deffensive problems too!! if they conceded a goall to Cyprus twice 2 goals at home to switzerland

                Ireland might squeeze 1 or 2 and that may be the end of the game unless

                THe Israeli strikers get into the box where i am sure the referee might call
                a penalty on porpuse~!~|||

                if you guys have a prop that says Israel to score a penalty or miss one

                you can bet it !! I feel Isreal will score a penalty in this game probably at the end to tie to to win it!!!!!!!!!!

                as soon as you guys mentioned the Referee i believe only bad things wil happen to Ireland Red Cards, Penalties!! lol
                Moldoveanu Wrote:
                Thats Why I am THE BEST


                  I think UNDER is a good option.. Infact, whenever and with whomever Ireland plays, Under is a good option.. :wink:


                    Originally posted by Moldoveanu
                    golan or balili if they are quick strikers or at least if they are any good
                    they should have scored at least a goal Golan or Balili but neither has scored a goal in 4 games!! U r taling about games with CYprus twice at home and on the road a team which israel should have dominated and chances for a lot of goals from the Israel STRIKERS

                    Golan and Balinin but neither s cored
                    man even ronaldo has his bad days , against switzerland golan missed 1000% header 8O ...

                    i agree with kamei - under seems very probable .... :idea:


                      Unders is the best bet here. Although I can't see Ireland losing, I don't think I could trust them with my money by backing them. Although 1.63 (Betfair) is short for Unders, it's justified, because the Irish are very cautious away from home. A glut of goals never accompanies us anyway, never mind in a crucial World Cup qualifier.

                      My only worry against that bet would be Israeli defender Tal Ben Haim. Whenever I've seen him for Bolton he has come across as a pretty volatile character. If he picks up a sending off, Ireland could well score a few. However, even against 10 men, I couldn't imagine Brian Kerr urging his troops to pile forward in search of goals.

                      2-0 would do. :wink:


                        8/10 on away win ... ireland has a magnificent team and it's about time their luck changes ...

                        final score (IMO) israel 1:2 ireland


                          Let me tell about Tal ben haim, he is a great player and person, when he played in maccabi he didn't behaved like the other young Israelis in maccabi who used to go out for parties every night and had bad nutrition and generally not having the life that sportsman need to live by.
                          He devoted himself to football and worked hard and this shows that hard work and patience well worth it because now he is in the EPL while his friends are still in the IPL (one single letter makes such a difference: wink so you can trust this guy he's just fine ....

                          Hope our Israeli friends tell us if Haim has been sent off before in an international game

                          To our Israelei friends I hope Purim has been great for you yersterday.

                          and as far as i remeber he had never been sent off in the international team or even when he played in maccabi.

                          and yes purim is just great man and especially the girls who dress up naughty


                            This is not a betting post

                            You would not believe what is is happening in Tel Aviv.
                            3,000-4,000 Irish fans came to Israel and it's so much fun with them.
                            All of the streets in Tel Aviv are packed with Irish fan's and there always drunk and having fun.
                            As I talked to some they are saying Israel is great and they didnt really expect Israel to be like they see it now ( said our night life is great and the beach is really nice and safe ) .

                            I hope that in the qulifiers for Euro 2008 we will meet them....I bet they will bring 8,000-10,000 .

                            As Asher said , this is the first match in 15 years that all tickets ( 45,000 ) were sold 4 days before the match.

                            IMO there will be a draw in the match.


                              The Irish are always like that. Even if they lose they'll gladly share a beer with you.


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