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FIFA 2022 World Cup

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    You may say that i had luck but not so many times
    My main mistake was here that i did not write about refs and how big impact on WC they could have had and they really had.
    You may lie yourself or not want to see that but this tournament won't help overcome crisis in football. Yes Messi winnning WC is a great story, great final is another but whe the emtions subside you have to remember that
    many things that happened before this WC and during tournament will affect further
    decline of football. Yes- majority of people very very seldom have the right and huge majority of people are not able /don't have the will to see important factors that happened- yes they will see/understand them with a delay when things will detoriate. We are talking now abut 8 billions peoples-not 5,6-
    and ratio of young people not interested in football is getting unfortunetly bigger...
    I wrote about small attendence in Slovenia for example when Olimpia have really nice and new stadium, in many other european and not only european countries situation is also not promising...

    Biggest surprise- really very big surprise that we have seen so small number of goals in 90th min or later in tournament with record added time and only 1 goal from set piece outside the box!
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      I have to precise one thing-Yes in short period of time -number of fans may (likely) increase but IT WILL ONLY DELAY INEVITABLE, inevitable without big and deep reforms and changes!
      People with money can count their money and see that even in VAR and internet/cameras era miracles and big, really BIG scandals are doing very well, very well. I could write a loooong list of such a miracles and scandals but i have no time and writting here won't change anything.
      You know many of them and should understand/see more in not long future.
      Real changes are being made by ACTION.

      Pozdrowienia from Venice of the north- Wroclove!

      I give a hope,joy and faith as my Lord Jesus!
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