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EURO 2020 qualifications

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    EURO 2020 qualifications

    16:00 Kazakhstan - Scotland 4.51 3.32 1.91 12
    18:00 Cyprus - San Marino 1.03 16.67 45.60 12
    20:45 Austria - Poland 2.32 3.26 3.24 12
    20:45 Belgium - Russia 1.33 5.25 9.15 12
    20:45 Croatia - Azerbaijan 1.10 9.35 27.02 12
    20:45 Israel - Slovenia 2.26 3.20 3.40 12
    20:45 Netherlands - Belarus 1.13 8.83 21.99 12
    20:45 North Macedonia - Latvia 1.39 4.37 9.98 12
    20:45 Northern Ireland - Estonia 1.44 4.16 8.75 12
    20:45 Slovakia - Hungary 1.73 3.67 5.07 12
    18:00 Bulgaria - Montenegro 2.21 3.26 3.44 12
    20:45 Albania - Turkey 3.47 3.20 2.23 12
    20:45 Andorra - Iceland 17.02 7.38 1.17 12
    20:45 England - Czech Republic 1.28 5.25 12.63 12
    20:45 Luxembourg - Lithuania 2.42 3.17 3.09 12
    20:45 Moldova - France 26.22 9.28 1.11 12
    20:45 Portugal - Ukraine 1.42 4.40 8.66 12
    15:00 Georgia - Switzerland 6.11 3.76 1.62 12
    18:00 Gibraltar - Ireland 45.83 16.37 1.04 12
    18:00 Malta - Faroe Islands 3.27 3.11 2.39 12
    18:00 Sweden - Romania 1.77 3.55 5.06 12
    20:45 Bosnia & Herzegovina - Armenia 1.36 4.89 9.16 12
    20:45 Italy - Finland 1.31 5.09 11.79 12
    20:45 Liechtenstein - Greece 19.19 8.11 1.15 12
    20:45 Spain - Norway 1.18 7.56 15.68 12
    15:00 Kazakhstan - Russia 5.63 3.83 1.65 4
    15:00 Wales - Slovakia 2.18 3.28 3.52 4
    18:00 Hungary - Croatia 4.93 3.68 1.71 3
    18:00 Israel - Austria 3.28 3.25 2.20 4
    18:00 San Marino - Scotland 57.75 17.42 1.02 3
    20:45 Cyprus - Belgium 15.58 7.40 1.16 3
    20:45 Netherlands - Germany 2.45 3.50 2.81 6
    20:45 Northern Ireland - Belarus 1.75 3.45 5.38 2
    20:45 Poland - Latvia 1.07 12.63 30.00 4
    20:45 Slovenia - North Macedonia 1.51 4.00 7.10 2
    18:00 Turkey - Moldova 1.16 7.17 18.50 3
    20:45 Andorra - Albania 9.25 4.90 1.35 2
    20:45 France - Iceland 1.27 5.85 10.75 2
    20:45 Luxembourg - Ukraine 10.08 5.43 1.29 3
    20:45 Montenegro - England 6.18 4.02 1.53 3
    20:45 Portugal - Serbia 1.61 4.00 5.65 2
    18:00 Armenia - Finland 2.65 3.40 2.66 2
    20:45 Bosnia & Herzegovina - Greece 1.84 3.38 4.53 3
    20:45 Ireland - Georgia 1.49 4.20 6.57 3
    20:45 Norway - Sweden 2.95 3.13 2.56 2
    20:45 Romania - Faroe Islands 1.20 6.18 15.75 3
    20:45 Switzerland - Denmark 2.06 3.30 3.73 4
    Austria vs Poland= both team scores (1.90) stake 7/10

    injured: Lienhart(defender), Gregoritsch(midfielder), Burgstaller(striker), Wolf(midfielder).
    injured: Kownacki(striker).

    First match Group G qualifiers for the 2020 European Championships. Austria is twenty-second in the FIFA standings, while Poland is twentieth in the standings. The home team did not take part in the 2018 World Cup, while the visiting team was already disappointed in the world cup in the group stage and also disappointed in the Nations League. However, in my opinion, it is the two teams that will fight until the end to reach the first two places in the round as the other teams have neither the strength nor the means to counteract them. So in the end, given the offensive potential of both teams, I'm thinking of a game full of goals.

    Well... What I;m thinking is Austrian Team have more problems. And, what's more important - their strikers just don't score for their clubs.
    With Polish Fire Power in Lewandowski, Pi***261;tek, Milik, creativity from Piotr Zieli***324;ski of Napoli and two really decent central defenders - Bednarek (Southampton) and Glik (Monaco) I lean towards:

    POLAND DNB 7/10
    POLAND TO SCORE >1,5 9/10



      Latvia with no skill, zero confidence. Only some hope for the new challenges with new coach. Team has had only 2 trainings before this game. Most of players are from local league, players from European clubs are mostly reserves. Good odds on Montenegro -1 tho.


        Originally posted by broksa View Post
        Latvia with no skill, zero confidence. Only some hope for the new challenges with new coach. Team has had only 2 trainings before this game. Most of players are from local league, players from European clubs are mostly reserves. Good odds on Montenegro -1 tho.
        You mean Macedonia.

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          Originally posted by broksa View Post
          Latvia with no skill, zero confidence. Only some hope for the new challenges with new coach. Team has had only 2 trainings before this game. Most of players are from local league, players from European clubs are mostly reserves. Good odds on Montenegro -1 tho.
          Let's not forget about Latvia's top defender - Tarasovs. This guy is a joke. In Poland we have this... "Pleasure" to watch his "skills" every week
          Boy... This lad just can't play football. I wish Latvian NT all the best but with him in squad... Well... Good Luck, 'cause they will need it.


            Originally posted by Macot View Post
            You mean Macedonia.
            North Macedonia.


              Originally posted by APOLLYON View Post

              Let's not forget about Latvia's top defender - Tarasovs. This guy is a joke. In Poland we have this... "Pleasure" to watch his "skills" every week
              Boy... This lad just can't play football. I wish Latvian NT all the best but with him in squad... Well... Good Luck, 'cause they will need it.
              Have not seen him doing great in national team. He barely speaks Latvian. Only Ikaunieks, Maksimenko, Oss and Uldrikis are worth mention. All the others personally I dont like : poor passing, no tactics, no quality at all. However if Latvia will start with Laizans in midfield and Tarasovs we could expect aggressive, defensive play, that means cards and zero goals. Btw, I think Tarasovs was the one who a couple seasons ago hit journalist girl in Polish league derby.


                For me a clear winner in groups is Holland! They are showing some great improvements with the young scene starting from Ajax, PSV , Feyer...the old guard could influence this guys in many ways!

                Holland - Belarus

                5+ @ 4.00
                -3 handi @ 3.00
                Originally posted by shicne
                you'll be even happier when you grow up, and when you realize that you're not a fan of Chelsea but only supporter


                  Two bets from me with more confident on the first one tho, but still, both are good for me and i'll take them (already at my blogabet suggestion but here with the reasoning)

                  Kazakhstan vs Scotland

                  Not much to say about Kazakhstan as i'm not familiar with their football, just some general knowledge as most bettors. Most important thing to say is their pitch as it is an artificial one and the stadium will be with closed roof cause the temperature outside is minus-a lot. During the game, the temperature will be pretty good for football, around 11 degrees. Very characteristic of their pitch at Astana Stadium is that the ball is rolling fast.

                  By seeing their National Team from time to time and how they play at home, i understand that it is the same tough game as playing with their domestic teams at Europa or Champions league games. It is always a tough ground, they press a lot and they take advance of their artificial pitch. It's something visible also on their results. At their world cup qualification round, they manage to get 3 points out of a total 10 games, but all those three points came from their home games as they drew against Poland, Romania and Armenia.

                  Kazakhstan will play here however with their new coach, Michael Bilek, who has been in charge only at one friendly game so far. It was against Moldova a month ago where Kazakhstan won 1-0 at their ground thanx to an own goal from Moldova. Michael Bilek has some experience against Scotland but that was ten years ago when he was in charge at Czech Republic. A lot has change till then, Scotland has a new coach, more talented players and Bilek faced back then coach Graig Levein who has come to history as playing Scotland with a 4-6-0 formation at their away game.

                  A couple of very talented players now at the Kazakhstan team from what i read but never saw them playing. One is Baktyar Zaynutdinov, a 20 years old midfielder who is playing for Rostov and the other one is Yerkebulan Seidakhmet, a 19 years old striker who play for Levski Sofia. The last one has play six games (3 as a sub and 3 as a starter) so far with the senior National Team and has scored 2 goals already. Tranfermarkt is saying that he is being used as RW in the national team but as i said, i never saw them playing (just some videos now). Those two however are being rated a the Scottish national team site as potential thread. If anyone knows more about Kazakhstan, help is appreciated.

                  I wrote some things at their last games but some things have change since then (as had change then with earlier past, it looks like a habit lol). Compare to their last game against Israel and Albania where Scotland manage to get the points they needed and finish first at their Nation's League group, 6 players are out again for different reasons and one more is questionable.

                  Most important absent (for me) is Ranger's goalkeeper Allan McGregor who has decided to retire. He was for the national team what he is for Rangers, safe hands at the back and a leader when the team needed one. His reason for retiring is that he is not young anymore and that he wants to take care of his body and play as much more games as he can for Rangers. A bit strange decision for me cause it is an honour playing for the National Team but i can understand his reason. With Allan out, Scotland is lucking a lot in experience at the back. The three keepers who have been called up have almost no experience at all (two played one game only). From the three keepers who originally were called up a few days ago, one got injured and has been replaced by Livingston's keeper.

                  The problems don't stop there for Scotland regarding their defense as both quality left backs, Robertson (Liverpool) and Tierney (Celtic) are out which is giving a new headache to coach McLeish. As mentioned at their last games, they already had a problem at the right back and if everything was perfect at this game, most likely Robertson would had been the left back and Tierney the right back. A third problem is coming with Aberdeen's highly rated central defender Scott McKenna who is questionable. The good thing tho is that Heart's defender John Soutar is available and most like will be his replacement.

                  Looking at the general picture, Scotland will have a new keeper (Celtic's Scott Bain), a new left back (Aberdeen's Graeme Shinnie who however is playing as DMLC at his club), a right back (Kilmarnock's Stephen O'Donnell) who played at their first leg meeting with Israel and Albania (he as good against Albania but bad against Israeli's fast wing players), and a good central duo but that hasn't played together.

                  Scotland will miss also Callum Paterson and Ryan Fraser (they both had a knee injury and will be protected at this artificial pitch but they will be available for the next game against San Marino). Celtic's star Ryan Christie and experience Steven Fletcher who helped Scotland a alot at their last two games, are the last two players of the total six that will miss this game.

                  I'm basing my bet on the tough Khazakstan team, the artificial pitch, the luck of communication that Scotland will have at their back with so many new faces, the overall Scottish football style which is aggresive enough by itself and of course, on Serbian referee Srdjan Jovanovic who has an average of 4.36 cards per game as you can see here Jovanovic was in charge recently on the Greek Super League game against Atromitos vs AEK and in general he did good (not regarding cards tho).

                  My general impression is that Scotland are in a very good mood at the moment having done well at Nation's League, a lot of boost but maybe a bit more than they should have. They will go focus here but at the back of their head, they will have in mind that they can do it. I can't call them yet arrogant but you know what i mean. Maybe over-confident is the right choice.

                  Scotland team cards over 1.5 at @2.00


                    Northen Ireland vs Estonia

                    A long preview above but this one i will keep it very low, i promise.

                    Northen Ireland at their home is a team that i like a lot to bet on corners. It's a team that never stops attacking and they play a lot from the wings. Most likely we will see there Kilmarnock's and future Ranger's signing Jordan Jones on left side and Aberdeen's McGinn on the right side.

                    I remember Estonia from their games against Greece at the nations league and they were a tough opponent. But then again, Greece is mugging a lot so you can't be very sure. Estonia did however created a lot of chances actually no matter that Greece had in their defends players like Manolas and Papastathopoulos. I shall remind you that at the Greece vs Estonia game, Estonia won 0-1. It's not just the final score, it's their overall picture, they did look good.

                    Northen Ireland is not Greece however, they do take the national thing a more (a lot actually) serious. It's almost always sold out with a very loud and happy fan base, and they push the team a lot if it is needed.

                    This group is a very very hard one for both of them as Germany and Netherlands should be the two candidates for the first two spots. In best case Northern Ireland or Estonia can finish in third place but if they aim a bit higher since Germany is not showing anything special lately, they might have at the back of their head to score some goals in case if this comes down to criteria regarding qualification.

                    As i said above, it's not something strong and solid this bet, just based on my knowledge how Northern Ireland is playing at home, on that Estonia might surprise here (although i don't how much their team has change since i last saw them), and on the fact that one goal might not be enough.

                    Northern Ireland team corners over 6.5 at @2.00 (this bet is not available live and neither to be cashed out, but hopefully the NI handi corner will be available live and it might be a better option to go live at this game with the handi bet. I will decide with line ups most likely)


                      If you want my opinion on possible score or under/over i believe Scotland will win at the end with 1-2 and the other game should end under and bts no. From those two option, i would had prefer a bet on the correct score 1-2 and cash out live during the game. It is something that i'm having in mind


                        Romania is missing captain and central defender Vlad Chiriches (Napoli), regular striker and best scorer in Liga 1 George Tucudean (CFR Cluj) and his competitor Florin Andone (Brighton, PRL), plus long term best central and defensive midfield Mihai Pintilii (FC Steaua Bucharest captain). playmaker Constantin Budescu is also sidelined. Alex Maxim, Florin Tanase and Florinel Coman were not called up (last one demoted to U21 where he played).

                        also, goalkeeper Tatarusanu is not 100%, still hoping he will be a starter. otherwise Pantilimon would be a poor option, Tatarusanu and Nita are the best 2 in my opinion and very solid GKs.

                        best available attackers are Mitrita and Stanciu, Ianis Hagi will probably start on the bench but he is great player already.


                          Originally posted by fc arges View Post
                          For me a clear winner in groups is Holland! They are showing some great improvements with the young scene starting from Ajax, PSV , Feyer...the old guard could influence this guys in many ways!

                          Holland - Belarus

                          5+ @ 4.00
                          -3 handi @ 3.00
                          Holland will definitely want to start the campaign en fanfare, but they did not qualify lately for any final tournament. Belarus team must be confused with BATE? not sure, no idea.


                            a laughable preview, some 'experts' believe in Sweden winning this tough group also with Spain, Romania and Norway. and Spain to be only ranked on 3rd after Sweden and Romania

                            but they do forget Spain on home field are hard nut and humiliated Argentina

                            Originally posted by Iwantobet View Post
                            Spain vs Norway ? 23/03/2019

                            Spain will face Norway at Estadio de Mestalla, in Valencia, in UEFA Europe 2020 Qualification 1th Round. Spain against Norway is the match with big interest because of great National squads and great perspectives in Qualification. Review our thoughts on this match here below.

                            Group F

                            1. Sweden

                            2. Romania

                            3. Spain

                            4. Norway

                            5. Malta

                            6. Faroe Islands

                            FIFA Rating ? 9

                            Spain, as always, has a very strong squad called up for Euro 2020 qualification. Of course, they are the strongest team in Group F and have all the chances to participate in Euro 2020. However, as we can see they have troubles in their team since they failed to play in the World Cup qualification due to lost against Russia. This caused by changing the head coach of the team just before the championship started. The team did not expect such changes and played far from their best football. Of course, changes in tactics at the last moment had bad consequences for the teams game. Moreover, they took only second place in UEFA Nations League, by losing against Croatia on road game and lost on their own pitch to England. As a result, England was promoted to PlayOffs and Croatia (vice-champions of the World) relegated to League B.

                            Former Spanish national team player Luis Enrique was appointed as a new Head Coach of Spain to bring more victories and a confident team play. He gathered a very strong squad for qualification, it remains only to prove that they really are not worthy to stand so low in the FIFA rankings. Most of the players are the leaders in the main leagues of Europe, like LaLiga, Premier League and Bundesliga.

                            Head Coach

                            Luis Enrique



                            David de Gea; Kepa Arrizabalaga; Pau Lopez;


                            Jose Gaya; Jordi Alba; Juan Bernat; Mario Hermoso; Inigo Martinez; Sergio Ramos; Sergi Gomez; Jesus Navas; Sergi Roberto;


                            Sergio Busquets; Rodri Hernandez; Dani Ceballos; Saul Niguez; Sergio Canales; Dani Parejo;


                            Alvaro Morata; Rodrigo Moreno; Marco Asensio; Iker Muniain, Jaime Mata;

                            FIFA Rating ? 48

                            Last years Norway started to play very confidently and strongly. They took first place in League C in UEFA Nations League and was promoted to PlayOffs and League B, where opponents will be more stronger and dangerous. However, the team looked great during the year 2018. They lost only once against Bulgaria, have drawn 1 game with Slovenia and won 8 games including Friendly matches. In the last 10 matches they scored 16 goals, conceded only 5, moreover, they played 6 games with a clean sheet.

                            They have a wide choice to select the most important players. Most of them are playing in England and the Netherlands. So they have a great school of football and one of the best experience in Europe.

                            Head Coach

                            Lars Lagerb?ck



                            Rune Jarstein; Sten Grytebust; Per Kristian Br?tveit;


                            H?vard Nordtveit; Omar Elabdellaoui; Even Hovland; Martin Linnes; Haitam Aleesami; Jonas Svensson; Kristoffer Ajer; Sigurd Rosted;


                            Stefan Johansen; Markus Henriksen; Ole Seln?s; Mohamed Elyounoussi; Mats M?ller D?hli; Martin ?degaard; Iver Fossum;


                            Tarik Elyounoussi; Joshua King; Alexander S?rloth; Ola Kamara; Bj?rn Maars Johnsen;

                            Last time these teams met was in the year 2003 in Euro qualification Playoffs Final. Of course, as now Spanish team was stronger and won against Norway in both matches with 5:1 result in aggregate.


                              Well I am sure those who watched Spain under Luis enrique will laugh about the possibility of Sweden or Romania or anyone finishing in front of Spain.
                              Spain will win this group easily, they will start a new cycle in which they will really look like a top team again!
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