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2019 Copa America u20 17/01/2019 - 12/02/2019

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    2019 Copa America u20 17/01/2019 - 12/02/2019

    Interesting competition, my first pick is here, I count on our friend Litost to have a word, he is an expert for all Spanish speaking leagues, tournaments, competitions!

    General picks: Uruguay u20 vs. Ecuador u20

    Posted by Macot (2019-01-20 21:27 CET)

    It is about time we start to follow this interesting competition, Copa America for u20 teams. It is played in two groups per 5 teams and two best placed will contest the semifinals. Some game already played during previous days and this is round 2 match.

    It is actually a high profile one, played between winners and finalists of 2017 edition! Uruguay won the Copa back then and Ecuador were losing finalists.

    But as it seems right now, Ecuador have better team at the moment. They have started the competition (which BTW is played in Chile) with 3-0 win over Paraguay and that will surely give them a boost. Ecuador was always full of talented players, they are one of the strongest nations in South America and of course boosted with three points, they will be positive today.

    On the other side, Uruguay youngsters started with surprising loss against Peru, that puts a lot of pressure on them.

    What I can see here is two teams that could be satisfied with a draw, but if any team wins this I think it will be Ecuador: my call is 0-1!


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    2.23 10 / 10 A Asian Handicap General picks
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    Brasil U20 -1.25 1.82 11.5u / / (-2) 2.9 7u / over (3) 2.7 9u
    Verde amarela shall be on A frame of mind and go for win vs verdiblanco altiplanenses that despite having great improve late decade on youth system are a class below eastern neighbourgs in tecnique and phisical presence .... not to mention quantity from wich to chose from ...
    since this game is held be4 chile colombia a draw may be not enough as both could do an italian job and draw with say 2 goals each go through ..
    bolivians still got not trash and despite having ok defenders playing abroad watching parts of their games they were usually lucky not to receive more ...
    brasil not throwing crackers yet but they faced tough oposition ..
    heat at rancagua at wee hours benefits carioca gang ...

    couple changes expected having emerson cipriano and lincoln regaining post with same 11 that beaten surprise package vinotinto Phelipe, Emerson, Vitão (C), Walce, Carlos; Luan, Marcos Antonio Bahia e Igor; Cipriano, Rodrygo e Lincoln.

    cheese !
    Last edited by litost; 25-01-19, 11:16.
    ...but then again, who does?


      run out of words to describe brasil and its game lately ... its for own consumption so they keep playing this dumb one ... and when they face players even half size and playing at mickey mouse level leagues .. they got embarrashed ...

      bolivia on top most part of game .. always arriving first .. able to put more than 2 passes togueter ..
      vs idiots chasing shadows !! .. LOL ..

      i doubt this brasil goes far .. maybe even not qualify for WC .. ough at y level anything can hapen ...

      sorry about such a pick .. awfull ...
      ...but then again, who does?


        Colombia +.5 1.72 10.7u / under 1.6 9u / u 1.5 2.75 7u / 0-0 8 3u
        Verde- amarelha asusual favoured on all fronts thx to their past .. yet argies nor them are such a force as they were at any level in SA anymore ... cariocas have this handicap as well .. they have own consumption footie with their miriad leagues ... present football still did not arrive there .. still "good" old stare game is played there .. basically 10 guys stare and one with ball tries to drible his own shadow... not working thus far .. also their huge market overrates soem of their stars .. like vinicius or rodrigo when the real deal is somewhere else .. like in colombia with this angulo dude among others ...
        so all in all cafeteros showed stronger game thus far .. allreay played first round of 1st phase.. and result may very well be another stale mate .. not only couse its first round and not losing is ok but couse most games at this tourney under austral summer and close to 40 celsius at this wee hours .. 1700 ... are undersih ... at to this usual slow pitches like rancagua with not much grass and high one ..

        Ecuador +1 1.6 11u / (0) 3.5 9u / under 1.85 8u
        Now thios odds are utter carp see above as to how bookies rate arg bra .. sure they can win . still manage to nurture top players but tricolor is at ease here the most scoring side at group phase .. 3 more at least than anyone else .. and all ready beaten albiceleste couple days ago .. their morenos from guayaquil and surroundings - that play at sierra .. sp at independiente - love to run under sun .. it reminds them of good old times at beach or cerro playing with aquintances and so on ... however this may not have many goals as argies had all games under thus far and its first game .. no need to lose coolness right !!
        Last edited by litost; 28-01-19, 23:12.
        ...but then again, who does?


          Venezuela +.25 1.8 10.7u / under (2) 1.82 8u
          Another no brainer ..sure celestes are as usual very competitive yet vinotinto are such a force at y level lately i cant see why they are dogs - after some drift - here ...
          weather and pitch benefits norteners whilst their great recent h2h vs charruas does to as southerners werent able to beat llaneristos since 05´ and thats a lot of games included some action at big WC stage ... venezuels shown at gr phase to be hard t oplay ag .. wining 2 games with one less for 45+ minutes ... they miss ace striker but recover their best player sosa ... likely a low sc oen as others given first round adn all rest of above mentioned factors ..alll game splay at same venue in rancagua ...
          ...but then again, who does?



            Argentina u20 (0) 1.75 10u / under ht .75 2.1 7u / under 2.25 1.7 9.5u / 0-0 @ 7 3u /
            Albiceleste upper hand but since this is played first game w/o knowing other scores fact a point shall be enough for blue whites to reach WC and for celestes to become champions elect then unders is way to go as its a stale mate .. add to this usually between this 2 low sc affairs are order day .. and they play under sun at wee hours at rancagua - where else ! - even tough today its not so hot it does afect ....
            argies with upper hand as they ve been growing from groupp phase wehre they were lucky to beat charruas ..
            worth mention gaich and de la vega as hard to stop upfront .. all in all

            Ecuador u20 +.25 1.95 11u / over 2.25 1.95 10u / wg 5u / over (3) 3.4 7u / over (4) 6.9 3u / (-1) 6.2 3u
            cheese mate ... okydoki to bookies os they keep dising ecuador after theyve beaten everyone aside uruguay .. ok ..
            imo tricolor look actually like brasil .. same colors mind you and way better players .. rezabala or alvarado actualy remind of previous carioca or albicleste stars from decades ago ... .. and they also have a godo striker .. problem with ecuador might be "huevon" defender .. they are slow and usually tactically inept - not that at this age its uncommon trait except if ure charrua - so goals are likely .. brasil received too many lately and need a win or they are out .. recover rodrigo ... andinos with full squad ...

            Venezuela u20 (0) 2.15 11u / over 2 1.9 10u / wg 4u / over (3) 4.1 6u / over (4) 9 2u / (-1) 5.4 4u
            cheese mate ... okydoki to bookies os they keep underimating surprise package vinotinto vs worts nt at this 2nd phase that just qualified with late minute goal vs host ...
            llaneros looked like real deal thus far and allready defeated tricolor earlier .. whol looks badly managed with rather laclustre all out game ... teh game is underis but since its win or die for cafeteros .. and its late game ... at this level mistakes come so goals are likely even if its only by vinotinto ..both with best available
            ...but then again, who does?


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