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EuroU21 qualification - last round

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    EuroU21 qualification - last round

    Well, i'm no expert here but i see some good opportunity for a bet.

    All my interest is in 3 groups and for the battle of the best second teams. At first, there is a great battle at group 7 between Austria and Russia, another good battle at group 8 with Portugal and Bosnia and at last, eyes on Slovakia at group 2 and let me explain.

    Austria and Russia will battle earlier than Portugal and Slovakia so the last two will know what they have to do. As i'm writing now, FYROM is playing against Gibraltar and they are winning 2-0 so most likely Gibraltar will finish last.

    Both Austria and Russia won against Gibraltar and with the same score (3-0 and 0-5) so those results and goals won't count for the best second team standings.

    The scenarios

    - If Austria wins, then they will get the second spot and will be waiting for the later games to see what the other teams (Portugal and Slovakia) will do. At the same time, Sweden and Poland are also playing and they are in the qualification spots.

    - If Russia wins, then they will also wait to see what the other teams will do.

    - In case of a draw, then both will be hoping that Portugal and Slovakia wont win. There is also Ukraine but their case if much more difficult as they only need to win Holland away and with at least 0-4. The draw has the most risk of all as i see it

    - If Austria will win with 1-0, then they will have a goal difference 15-5 compare to Portugal who currently has 13-9. In this case, Portugal will have to win Bosnia with 6-0 with is out of question. So Austria should approach this game with having in mind mostly not to concede and to score 1 at least.

    - If Russia will win with 1-0, then they will have a goal difference of 16-10 and Portugal will have to win Bosnia in this case with 2-0 which is not out of question.

    Final conclusions

    - For Austria, a careful approach might be enough and a 1-0 win

    - For Russia, a win with 2-0 is better than a win with 1-0

    - The draw is the more risky result as both Portugal and Slovakia might win.

    After that, i think there is no reason to think that there wont be chances as both need at least one goal. If one of them will lead, then it is doom for the other team so they will press as they will have no other option if they want qualification.

    At the first game between them, Russia took the lead at the 27' min and the game ended with 3-12 corners (2-9 at half time). Analyzing all that, i took over 9 corners at 2.10 as this game has the characteristic of a ''final''. There is also the BTS & over 2.5 at 2.05 as an option for the reasons i explained earlier

    If i can't post here for some reason, find me here

    For the later games, Portugal and Slovakia, my thoughts are very simple.

    If Austria vs Russia ends in a draw, then Portugal wont have to risk and a 1-0 will be enough. So most likely i will hit the under in this case. If one of the first two teams will win, then i will skip Portugal.

    In the above draw case, Slovakia will need a win only so in that case i will go with over at their game as Northern Ireland wont be an easy opponent and they might score too (because Slovakia will have to take risk and will be under pressure).
    If i can't post here for some reason, find me here


      both bets went well and interesting situation now regarding the best second spots as Austria is winning and Sweden is losing
      If i can't post here for some reason, find me here


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