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U19 European Championship (16–29 July)

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    U19 European Championship (16–29 July)

    It starts on Monday.

    Finland is the host country.

    Norway U19 - Portugal U19: 4.85 - 3.79 - 1.62 .... 16.07.2018 14:00
    Finland U19 - Italy U19: 8.29 - 4.52 - 1.34...... 16.07.2018 19:00

    Turkey U19 - England U19: 5.67 - 3.69 - 1.56.... 17.07.2018 17:30
    France U19 - Ukraine U19: 1.43 - 4.02 - 7.00........17.07.2018 19:30
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    Finland u19 +1.75 1.8 10.6u / +1 @ 3 8u / (0) 10 6u / ht +.75 1.9 10u / G 2.15

    speculative effort wich at youth level often pays off ...

    fact is looking at finns roaster and line up there is quality no doubt .. ayax reserve .. reg at soem games .. other at everton ..lazio .. problem is their defenders a bit like waht norway just shown vs portugal .. usually very weak .. bt at least they play reg at veikkasuliga and are fit at this time of year . of course italy superior in many ways .. they beat them in a friendly easy recently ... but this could be another thing ...
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    ...but then again, who does?


      forgot mention fins play at home but thats often not a plus at youth level ..

      rather oposite sometimes if players can not handle pressure ...
      ...but then again, who does?


        after 10 minutes ..

        i advice get out of it .. or lower stakes .....

        finn defenders are not only poor ..

        they are dumb as hell .. probably did not make it to ice hockey ...
        ...but then again, who does?


          italy 1-0 ....

          azzurri won it their usual way ...
          locasl players settled after 30 mins ... and were on top most game .. but their striker felt anxiety and managed to lose 3-4 sitter in front of goal .. hed score half at his club or at practique :/ ...

          finns have 4-5 players of top level ...
          ...but then again, who does?


            I could not watch the game but I am really amazed by stats of Finland. All of these games are being played on artificial turfs so it may be an advantage for Finland players.


            England are coming without so many key players due to club commitments. Jadon Sancho, Phil Foden, Reiss Nelson, Nketiah, Willock, Mount and Reece James are not in squad. Hudson-Odoi and Brewster are not called up, too. Hudson-Odoi or Brewster did not play any game for England U19 but I try to say they are among the best U19 players in England and could be a starter easily here. I think we can call current team as England U19 B team. The odds on England have rised from 1.43's to 1.63's after squad news.


            Turkey are doing better on youth national teams recently. U19 team managed to join this tournament. U17 team have reached the semi final of U17 European Championship last year. I don't know why some of those players are not called up for this tournament. I don't think it is related with club commitments because Trabzonspor already let their youngster Abdulkadir Omur to join. Players like Berke Ozer, Kerem Kesgin could be in squad here.

            Anyway. I watched this team a few times. They have much talent on midfield. Abdulkadir Omur is one of the best players in this tournament. You will understand when you watch him. But, there is no player near to his standard in this team. Oguz Kaan and Muhayer Oktay did well in the qualifying rounds.

            Strikers look fine on paper but Turkey hardly produce quality strikers. So I am in doubt to trust them.

            Goalkeepers are from Bursaspor and Galatasaray. In fact, I cannot tell a lot about likely starter goalie Mehmet Ataberk Dadakdeniz. But, Bursaspor have one of the best academies in Turkey. Currently, they have three good goalkeepers in their senior team. Two of them (Harun Tekin and Okan Kocuk) are called up for senior national team and the other (Muhammed Sengezer) is the regular goalkeeper of U21 National team. So we might see an other good goalie from Bursaspor.

            On defence, I only know Tayyib Talha as he played lots of games in the Super League last season. There are rumours top Turkish clubs want him and his club demand 1 million Euro but it might be too early to trust this guy that much. Generally Turkey, including youth teams, are not known with having reliable defence lines.

            I am not sure what to expect from tomorrow's game. I was set to bet on England until I got the news they are without almost all important players. In current situation, Turkey have a chance to get somehing from this game, with their star Abdulkadir Omur. But, England players had physically superior against Turkish teams in youth tournaments before. So I will prefer live betting here.
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            My paid service for Turkish football


              some toughts

              Finland u 19 (0) 2.15 11u / over (3) 2.1 10u / over (4) 3.55 7u / wg 7u / -1 5u

              no brainer .. must win situation .. finns looked allright vs italy ..
              4-5 players of top level ... the north african at middle.. teh ayax guy .. the striker even ih he missed many sitters .. but in back they are not so strong with local based player ..

              similar norway .. they scored at will at qualies .. defeated germoney .. came back 4-2 to win 5-4 vs scots .. they have next juve striker ...
              but in back .. quite weak .. portie players were just teasin and not really played full troots ..
              all in all ..

              Portugal u19 (0) 1.6 11.8u / 1/1 3.7 5u / -1.25 4 8u / (-2) 7 6u / 0-0 12.3 2u / 1-1 8 2u
              porties strongest side here couse france ( def frailties) nor england ( average and flat as often with B side ) look able to boder them ...

              porties have cracking squad and players .. guys at middle look like new pogba .. they have a tank striker that is supouse to deliver and couple of usual wingers that know all tricks like trincao ... and joa felipe ..

              italy did not showed much vs finns tough they are always competitive ... dep on early game both can settle so better try (0) ...
              ...but then again, who does?


                I was on over 2.5 goals with high stake (shared in my paid Blogabet service) when Turkey played against England. I decided to take it after seeing Turkey's surprisingly offensive lineup. Turkey coach started with so many attackers. The only player that was expected to play 'defensively' on that midfield was Oguz Kagan Guctekin. Apart from him, all other guys were attackers. And Oguz Kagan is not a defensive midfielder. He is able to send through balls behind defence (and he made a great assist against England in that game). On the other side, Turkey have never been a reliable team on defence as I already said before the tournament (you can read above).

                Metehan Guclu will be suspended today. He scored the 2nd goal against England. He is a striker though he played as left winger against England. I don't think he is a huge missing. There are many good (for this level) attackers in this team.

                I shared my thoughts for Turkish goalkeeper before the tournament. I did not know him but trusted his academy. But, he was poor against England. I am not a goalkeeper expert but I think he made silly positional mistake before England's 2nd goal.

                Turkey need a good result for keeping hopes alive. France have lost against Ukraine in a surprising manner. Turkey still would be happy with 3rd place (U20 World Cup play-off) but France will not be happy with 3rd place. They have to win for two places. When they lost against Ukraine, they played the last 30 minutes with 10-man. And they were very close to score the winning goal. The ball just hit the Ukrainian player and then they sent a long ball to score the winning goal on counter-attack.

                French players' athleticism will be hard to match for Turkish players. But, Turkey are able to score against any team in this tournament and France did not look very confident on defence against Ukraine. I think we might see a high scoring game here.

                By the way, I like to bet on over for the games on artificial turfs. Of course, it also depends teams' style. I think artificial turf make the games play with higher tempo, the ball moves on the pitch faster and you don't have to worry about poor pitch etc. Maybe it is harder to defend on artificial pitches, I don't know. But I know that you need to be used to play on artificial pitches. Because it is not the same with playing on grass. The ball moves different than it does on grass. Anyway. Six games have played in this tournament so far. 5/6 ended over 2.5 goals.
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                My paid service for Turkish football


                  Ukraine +.25 2.1 11u / ht +.25 1.8 10u / 1/1 4u / (-1) 7.5 3u / 0-0 2u
                  odds not well settled imo .. england showed not that musch vs turkey .. as usual otomans defending is their achiles heel .. they are non existant w/o ball defenders just staring allowing oponents atack do what they wish at area .. so england scored two present s.. yet ukraine showed vs france they are dark horse here ... ukr scholl actually brings better and more prospects often than russian one .. here they shown solid game and very good going forward with couple of players likely get some contracts at YS of top guns soon ...
                  so i like ukraine here even more couse they both can settle for draw ... after firs round ..
                  3 lions came to this comp w/o some of their big guns ..and it shows.. quite predictable and flat game ..

                  France -1 1.88 11.5u / ht -.25 1.7 9.8u / (-2) 3.8 9.9u / over (3) 1.9 / over (4) 3.8 8u / wg 7u / (-3) 7.5 7u / over (5) 6u
                  I disagree about art turf allowing high tempo and more goals .. its usually oposite even if new generation of that surface get closer to grass u can not replicate it and way ball moves and bounces with rubber not quite same ....
                  but other factor are more important in order to see goals and here are 2 very imp ones .. firs above mentioned and agreed by rado lack of defensive skill as uusal of turkish players ... u see oposition atackers just act like therer is no one in fronyt at times .. this is common trait of all turkish sides at youth an dmany times senior level .. then factor n2 is france need to get 3 here after losing open game.. we know france youngsters can be sharp as hell on the day ... theyll likely score at least 2 probably 4 or more here .. but their defende leaves gap and turkey has tecnhical atackers able to create danger an dhit back ...
                  Last edited by litost; 20-07-18, 17:01.
                  ...but then again, who does?


                    actually i believe rubber is not main element used in new turf surfaces ......
                    ...but then again, who does?


                      draw or win looks same for france no lets hope they so not speculate too much
                      ...but then again, who does?



                        get in there boys!!
                        ...but then again, who does?


                          -1,5 2,45 crushing in. Thx litost. U r the man


                            cheers man .. i mostly talk to myself here ...

                            but its all good...

                            apart from chating with polter and macot ... not much do these days at BA ..

                            the good guys stayed

                            reg game

                            that was ease peasy even if 2nd half was one of those disgrace .. idiot coach telling his men to just pass ball .. couse they did not want to look like bad boys scoring 7 ... then turkey had chances to score at least 2 .. but made keeper look like the next oblak ..

                            i needed otomans score badly but well muprphy an dits bull ..... 0-5 was still nice .. !!

                            ref joined party letting go at least a pk and red card in favour of bleus ....

                            portugal finnland coud be similar btw
                            ...but then again, who does?


                              I saw that Suomi has some quality. But they conceded 2 in inj time vs Norway?
                              If I get 2,00 for porties at -1,5 will take it big time. Le bleus and port are way above the rest.
                              Cant find real odds atm.


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