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1/2 finals - 10.07. 20:00 France - Belgium

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    I hope Croatia or England kills that anti football, the only team that played 0-0 on this WC, it says enough.
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      I feel a little disappointed for not seeing Belgium at the final, dunno why... That´s the feeling i have now..

      Although Belgium tried to take advance of their right flank, there were some crucial points:

      - Meunier missing was a big blow after all

      - Big mistake by Cunha not to give the foul on Hazard around the 70+ minute. It was a good spot for Belgium which MAY had been converted. We will never know tho now..

      - Martinez was won here regarding matchup. While you could see France players keeping their positions, Witsel had to go from left side all the way to right side to play Griezmann man-to-man. Fellaini had no special role, just cover anything you can. Just too much running from the Belgian players and they had to be 100% focused all of the time, which is not normal tho. Tiredness will get them at some point. This was the main reason i think why France won, that's why i analyzed it earlier. I had the game as a chest game in my hand and all scenarios failed for Belgium.

      - Hazard was lost at some point at the second half, i guess he got tired because he was running at the defense also often or didn't had the help he needed. But for 20' minutes i don't remember seeing him do anything. Only after the 75' he took the game on his shoulder and tried to create chances on his own. I think he should had try to do that earlier.

      - Bad game from Fellaini, he was running like a headless chicken all over the pitch. No plan, no role

      All in all, it's a fair win for France but i would rather see Belgium at the final. I never liked Giroud, i never liked Deschamps as a coach, and as a team, i think Belgium is much better. Now my guts is saying that only Croatia can stop them and if it is England, they might be in trouble.

      P.S.: Hooray Sirac, allez les blues!!
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        Originally posted by Macot View Post
        I hope Croatia or England kills that anti football, the only team that played 0-0 on this WC, it says enough.
        I dont wish that but this is how you win football games this days. Unfortunatelly Belgium was bit off mentally, they looked soft and experience of this kind of crucial games was biggest advantage of this french side and it will be very much the case for the final, no matter who they play, especially against England because of young age. Another factor which i thought it would be in favor of waffles was their quality midfield which was nulified by Kante-Matuidi-Pogba all been great defensivelly more or less. And another important factor was luck, as belgium had enough of it against Brazil, now it went against them, as every 50-50 ball went for France, unlucky at goal, unlucky with their headers but also Llloris was imense tonight, really top form, you need a really fantastic strike to beat him, plus Mbappe just a joy to watch, outstanding all game, he is just incredible and Mariano was right, this was key match-up in favor of Les Bleus, altghough it wasnt the decisive factor. Bottom line thats why small teams rarelly win big events, they just lack the experience of handling this kind of imense pressure. Like it or not, french were on top mentally and had lady Luck on their side. But they are damn solid and talented, they could look so enjoyable but they chose this pragmatic style which seems to work.
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          martinez kindo of disporiented his players with so many picture changing ....

          dembele was quite poor through it ...

          should have stick with what u do well .. wich is atack ....

          but at the end little details prevaild... ur best aerial guy ' fellaini ' and umtiti that funnily enuf was compared tp puyol in many ways since his arrival at barsa .. does what he did vs germany 8 years ago ... oh dear ..

          imo les blues shall be champions .. cant see cro'eng bothering them too much .. with grizzie showing what simeone taught him and mbappe mocking rivals the way he does .....

          even pogba is looking like he was supoused to look when united paid 100 millions for him ...

          end of story ... cheese and enchante !!
          ...but then again, who does?


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