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1/4 finals - 06.07. 20:00 Brazil - Belgium

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  • 1/4 finals - 06.07. 20:00 Brazil - Belgium

    2.18 3.29 3.54

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    Belgium really dodged a bullet vs Nippon. No matter how you put it, underestimation or something else, it just shows signs of weakness. Of course they were the better team, had physical advantage but to complicate the game that way against a much inferior opponent it shows they are not gelled yet and it that will hurt them here. Brazil was in controll of all their games, they dominated their opponents and looked like the medal candidate everybody see them. Belgium were unproven and they still are. Great pkayers but will they become a great team? After Japan game i think we got an answer. Still not there, not for me at least and i dont give them many chances here. Brazil will controll this game and will score at some point but of course it wont be that easy, at least not as easy as it was with Mexic. Great game shoulf be but Red Devils arent there yet, elite players but no elite team. Brazil has got them all.
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      Brazil are not phenomena but do not take goals, and have players able to solve at any time.
      Belgium is here thanks to Japan, it allows a lot, too much. I would like to see the Brazile out but they are the favorites for me


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        Belgium conceded 2 goals against Tunisia, 2 goals against Japan.
        Brazil conceded 5 shots on goal in total from 4 games.
        For Belgium to advance they'll need to convert their chances. But from what I've seen in the games so far, there has to be a different Lukaku that shows up.


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          They will also have to change the system. Japs owned them tactically crowding the midfield and pressing high leaving slow Witsel totally exposed cause De Bruyne aint defensivelly present, plus Carrasco looked poor. So imo they will sacrifice a creative midfielder, prolly Mertens and put Fellaini in, that would give more balance to their midfield, and idealy put Chadli in for Carrasco. But still even if they do that, they still look exposed basically because they didnt look secure at the back, Courtois looked very shaky, Witsel too slow to cover faster brasilians in midfield, so basically there is too many issues to recover to think they will stop Brazil somehow, i dont see them doing it. I think they are more than capable of matching Brazil offensivelly as they got best creative midfielders in the world in Hazard and De Bruyne and thats wbere the game will get interesting, and the more i think about this the more i see it overish.
          My country is the world...and my religion is to do good.


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            Yes Brazil didn't let too many shots on their goal but they didn't face such opposition yet. As sirac noted Belgium are more than capable of matching Brazil offensivelly, and to me a good bet on this match is over on shots on goal. It is 8,5 evens now. I expect 9 and more, most of those by Brazil - or by the team which finds themselves behind


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              Carrasco, Witsel poor and slow. Coincidence or something to do with Chinese league?


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                Originally posted by Karl-Heinz View Post
                Carrasco, Witsel poor and slow. Coincidence or something to do with Chinese league?
                I agree, maybe the weakest link in the Belgium team, if Brazil is going to hurt Belgium it should be through those 2 players. I am not going with those smart quotes, but Nainggolan would be perfect for this match with lot of running and pressing Brazilian midfielders. Again De Bruyne is difference and a class player which even Brazilians don't have and Belgium should use this. Maybe to try with Dembele(most underrated player in their team) or Felaini, anyway we should expect a really good match .


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                  Belgium will have no other option here than to play football. They don't play against a team that is sitting back and waiting to hit a counter like Japan did, so they need to be ready in all line.

                  At their last game against Japan, Belgium had big holes behind their full backs and man, that Carrasco guy was bad in the attack and even worst at his defensive duties. If they will play like that again, Neymar will open their defense wide at some counter and Coutinho or Paulinho will score as usual.

                  I'm interesting to see the line ups here, very very interesting Although i believe the Belgian coach is more about each player having some roles on the team rather than changing formation.


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                    perhaps a 3 centre back of toby, kompany , and boyata (imo he is very much needed to compensate for kompany lack of speed , lwb verthogen , rwb menuier ,


                    toby vincent boyata

                    menuir vertohgen

                    debruyne fellaini

                    mertens hazard

                    i think a defensive setup like this can nullify brazil , if vincent is playing with boyata i think thats a big problem


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                      Sorry but Boyata very prone to mistakes


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                        Originally posted by eldie57 View Post
                        Sorry but Boyata very prone to mistakes
                        yes precisely that y a back 3 is needed to make up for his mistakes , imo his speed is necessary here


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                          I will stick to my starting bets!

                          Belgium - England for the WC final!

                          If the players of Mexico where more like a team and not EGOMANIACS who want to score against Brasil from 15-20m and get all the glory for them..then the results could have been another one! I remember how free where some players from Mexico but expecially Vela wanted to be the hero...

                          i dont care how many goals Belgium received from Japan or Brasil from i dont know who becouse it's not important...we have Mother Russia in the quarter finals and many other surprises and probally some fixed that points me in the eyes is the RED CARD that Smolnikov took against Uruguay!

                          Croatia - Russia ... 2 country's who had problems with fixing matches are in the quarter finals but W/e

                          for me Belgium to go further @2.50
                          Originally posted by shicne
                          you'll be even happier when you grow up, and when you realize that you're not a fan of Chelsea but only supporter


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                            wow !!

                            what a WC this was !!

                            this is a 0-0 hands down .... tough i tought same about france - uruguay .....

                            long gone times of 0-0´s ......

                            i think today southamericans leave WC for good...

                            devils good match up with verde amarelha and their bull .....

                            after receiving 2 vs nipons ... reds will be wary in back ... no way carrasco starts ....
                            ...but then again, who does?


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                              I've taken my usual draw in this match, but I've also taken o9.5 goals at 1.71. Even with their vaunted defense Brazil have blown past this in all their matches save one match of 9 corners, and Belgium should be able to contribute either way.
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