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1/4 finals - 06.07. 20:00 Brazil - Belgium

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    fellaini in ... very tactical game awaits ... as long as belgium finally shows solidness at back wich they have at least on paper ....
    ...but then again, who does?


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      For me, France and Belgium have looked the most convincing in this tournament - it's a shame that they will (probably) meet in the SF... I think Belgium are a bit overrated. They've played a great game for 15-20 minutes and they've put on the brakes the rest of the time... I think Martinez hasn't got the tactics right... Belgium have a lot of individual quality but as a team I rate Brazil as being superior. I think they will advance tonight. BTS is my favorite bet here at 1.8.


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        Ooops. I meant Brazil above.

        Anyway, I think the better team were eliminated tonight. Brazil were a bit unlucky with the own goal and it's tough to go down against a team that is so strong on the counter. Nonetheless, Brazil fought back and would have at least deserved a draw...

        I don't get what the point of the VAR is if the guy watching the game misses an obvious call? Brazil were clearly denied a penalty... At the same time, I've got to acknowledge that Brazil may have deserved this in a way. After all their theatrics, you can't take it seriously when they fall... But still... Belgium got lucky in more ways than one...


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          Yep Brazil unlucky tonight, many factors went against them, but how on Earth VAR didnt see that as penalty is beyond me. But dont take away the credit from Belgium. Martinez is a smart cookie, introduced Fellaini and Chadli which was exactly was needed for them to cope in midfield. Game was 50-50 and some times you need that bit of luck to get through this tight games. But the difference was Fellaini in midfield and De Bruyne plus Hazard. And if you have best two creative players in the world playing like that, it is very hard to stop this Belgium. Hazard+De Bruyne > Coutinho+ Neymar every day of the week. I think Belgium got lucky tonight and the game with France will be much harder. France will not be that exposed. This south americans can look so naive tactically.
          My country is the world...and my religion is to do good.


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            If France does an own goal in min 13 they will get exposed like Brazil. Bel 1-0 was pure luck e everyone knows that.
            What surprised me: after this owngoal brazil went all in, cashed the 2nd goal on a counter.

            A bit unlucky in 2nd half, agree.
            Still Brazil lost everything in 1st half. Coutinho worst player on pitch, after him Neymar.
            Casemiro missing and Marcelo back in 1st Team?
            Going to blame Tite for not fielding luis Felipe.


            • #21
              Brazil didn't have football gods on their side tonight, you can't win WC without a bit of luck and Belgium looks like a team of destiny right now to me. Fernandinho was awful, not cause of unlucky own goal, but he was losing all battles in midfield, while being erratic in passing many times. Coutinho wasn't at his best either, but still assisted for goal, and served another one on the platter for Renato Augusto, who managed to miss the overtime shot. As for missed penalty call on Jesus, I suppose it was reviewed by Orsato and he said to Mazic to play on cause ball was already out of bounds when contact occurred. Another situation luck was on Belgian side as Kompany's tackle was completely reckless. All said, props to Martinez who was spot on with his tactics and I assume he will continue the same way in last two games, with strengthened midfield and Hazard, KDB and Lukaku looking to counter.
              He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.


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                The penalty incident: When you can't even see Bold running 100 meters, Mazic had to take a decision in real time also about 2cm in or 3 cm out (the ball). Any decision i think he would had taken, it would had been correct. There was one first contact and then a second contact and the question is if at the first contact at which the ball was 2cm in, if it was enough to call a penalty. At the second contact at which Kompany clearly makes foul to Jesus, the ball was out already. But that's what VAR for, for cases like this. The VAR guys had all the luxuries or time (almost 1 minute to decide), replays, still frame to examine it frame by frame and they decided on the 3cm out i guess. But in my opinion, VAR has failed big time at WC because with all those luxuries, it should had been crystal clear, like goal line technology at which the ball if it is in, then it is in. So far and with this incident, it is the third time they are making the wrong call for a penalty. Wrong decision not to give replay at Mazic and let him decide.

                Courtois: Clearly the man of the match for me. He made a big game last night, saved Belgium many times with his saves.

                Luck (or some might say, bad finishing): Well yeah, luck wasn't on Brazil's side last night or it was on Belgium's side. First of all, Brazil could had taken the lead very early before the Belgian goal with couple of chances they had. Then it was the own goal. Then it was the VAR decision. And lastly, Belgium played with fire when at three occasions they made wrong passes and Brazil went for counter attack but couldn't score.

                Person of interest at the next game Belgium v France is clearly Thierry Henry . Once being on the tricolor side and now siting at the Belgian bench as assistant coach


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                  So if a ball its out of play you can still make fouls or hit players and get away with it? Its doesnt matter where the ball is, a foul is a foul and that was a clear pen, and if they have rules to justfy that mistake then we are in for a long ride, because its just idiotic.

                  For me man of the match was Hazard, the guy just owned the field last night and it was hilarious to see how brasilians couldnt cope with him.
                  My country is the world...and my religion is to do good.


                  • #24
                    for me its just VAR doing what refs have done always on big stage games ....

                    let go if there is not 1000% certainty its a pk ....

                    first kick MAY be a pk .. but it does not look strong enough ..

                    2nd kick its part of inertia and jesus jumping into company legs than anything else .....

                    VAR in such games can help but it will have to be absolutely undeniable fact behind call ....

                    what strucks its pk call like the one in england colombia match ...

                    seems refs are europe prone in this Wc
                    ...but then again, who does?


                    • #25
                      i came to believe VAr is just on early life and at some point will be in command of things hapening ...
                      just like offside will be a matter of tech and seconds... linesman are on the verge of extinction

                      right now there is some (ref) dude at the dark room too acquiescent with his fellow partner on pitch most cases not wanting to prove him wrong ....
                      ...but then again, who does?


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