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Round of 16 - 03.07. 20:00 Colombia - England

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  • Round of 16 - 03.07. 20:00 Colombia - England

    3.59 3.13 2.20

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    We are now watching the 16 best teams in the world. Anything can happen.

    England is a young team, with great harmony.


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      Odds dropping a bit for England prolly because James most likely wont play, columbian journalists rating him as unlikely to play. Like i said for me the big question mark is level of fitness of Columbia. They looked like having issues from this point of view in Japan game and Senegal game. But they got the experience and tactical knowledge to hedge pass an easy group as Poland looked like a mess, and thats where Columbia looked like a real deal, but it was prolly because of poor Poland because against Senegal again they looked wrong from physicall point of view.
      England is another overrated team by the public and i have no doubt they are no match for a side like Columbia on its best. Thing is they arent at their best, and James being out we have this odds. But i still believe value lies on cafeteros. They are more experienced and with better coach. England is more fit and has the explosiveness of young blood and few bits of talent here and there. But this is a team that hasnt been tested yet, Tunisia and Panama were poor and they had issues beating Tunisia, they didnt looked capable of breaking a bunker and if somehow they will go down they will be in trouble, because also the bench is crap like we saw vs Belgium, waffles could have had a field day if they would put their head to it but they just wanted to win. Ofc will wait for lineups but i dont think England will change much, same 5-3-2. I think there is value on Columbia even with them not at their best.
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        i personally just took a combo: england over 1.5 offsides + team corners over 5.5 @ 3.3

        makes sense to me as sterling and even the wing backs often play in line with the opposition defense when england is on the ball. some through balls from the wing to sterling end up offsides as well. so far they had 3 per game or something and its pretty common overall for them

        as far as corners are concerned.. well, when the english struggle it often ends up in a corner. lots of crosses so thats another reason. they've made set pieces and corner kicks one of their strengths so they will be looking to get some. both lines are fairly low so i think its worth a shot.

        thought about goals as usual but you cant trust this colombia team, they are pretty poor and limited. falcow can finish but he's rarely n position and is pretty slow. quadrato is pacey but dives a lot and his crosses are often poor. apart from these two there's only quintero.. hes good but 1 player cant make miracles, well, not one of his quality. james missing is a huge blow


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          England went at this tournament with luck of experience due to their young age and this qualification let it be a lesson for them. In fact, it was better that they qualified like this than with a 3-0 win. You don't let anyone take any long shot on the last minutes. You don't give corners on the last minutes. This is WC, not a game against Aston Villa ffs.

          Colombia with James might have been different but still, even like this, they did a lot of good game today considering everything. Maybe a little scared at the beginning.

          P.S.: Pickford is a super keeper, amazingly good!


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            I must say im starting to believe that this England can actually make it to the finals. They really controlled tactically the game, they looked mature even if Columbia deliberatelly played this defensive game hoping they gonna press in last 20 min. They did this way against Senegal, but this time they were punished but still managed to put some pressure in last min and again they scored with Mina header. Wasnt the greatest of the games but it was due to Columbia, they wanted it ugly and im happy positive tactics prevailed this time. Finally England wins on penalties!
            My country is the world...and my religion is to do good.


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              This is probably the best England NT in 20 years, and they finally learned how to score penalties. England is in the easier half of the bracket, and if all goes as expected, I view the Croatia-England as a 50-50 affair.


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