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Round of 16 - 01.07. 16:00 Spain - Russia

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    Originally posted by MarianoV6 View Post
    Maybe you got offended but i already said that we were idiots and we got what we deserved (which also means that Russia got what they deserved too). Never was my intention to offend your country, i was just having more expectation from mine. Hope it is more clear this time and well done for qualification!
    Oh no, no offenses, absolutely not. It doesn't matter that the WC is here in Russia, I say that I like it because I haven't enjoyed watching football this much for a long time. Absolutely doesn't matter where the tournament is. And I actually symathise with this Spain squad, so much individual quality, sorry to see them out so early.


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      Originally posted by sirac View Post
      Mate the level of football is just bad and thats it. There was definitelly better WCs but ive seen even worse than this. Few good games and brilliant individual executions wont change this. I mean there are some ridiculous games out there: first two games of Uruguay in group stages were absolute ugly, France games in groups; watch yesterday games, what's so entertainement about that and watch it like a neutral just judging the players performance and i could go on.Goals from all kind of mistakes, keepers cant save a decent shot, negative tactics but that happens every WC more or less, this time looks like more mainly because the big guns where we sat our expectations higher disappointed. And if for you Uruguay-Portugal is, a team parking the bus for 70 min and refusing to play and the other looking clueless and slow like a turtle, sorry but i see this kind of movie in every romanian league round and somehow i dont find it entertainement; explain what can you possible like there, except the Uruguay goals.
      And ofc it has to do with players, coaches underperforming, look at Guedes: a beast in Valencia shirt and an absolute mug in Russia, or B. Silva just to name a few. Refs with VAR on their side and still can give cheap penalties and miss obvious one's, clearly underperforming.
      Some people just have different expectations. Yes club football its way better, the level is just miles away but ofc its way easier at clubs, they have all the time in the world to prepaire and work with the same players day in and day out, at NT you just cant do that. WC is special for many other reasons but the football played here is just crap for me. I should definitelly lower my expectations and enjoy crap football, it looks possible looking at your post or Macot's
      Teams play ugly in early stages because they want to go a long way and not to overextend themselves early. Teams play ugly in playoffs against stronger opposition, because they don't want to be thrashed, and I understand them.
      Uruguay-Portugal: Portugal is my favorite team and this defeat was very painful (and cost lost bets too) but Uruguay did excellent job, Torreira, Laxalt, and Christian Rodrigues for example did a great job, I enjoyed them play so well, so it's not only about Suarez/Cavani pair. High quality football by Uruguay. As for Portugal, yes Guedes was a total disaster in the first game and I hoped to never see him play again at this tounament... but wait, he was excellent at club level, not good enough for the WC level, because WC level is much higher, not the other way around I think.


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        RIP gili-taka !!
        ...but then again, who does?


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