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    My favorites are France and Brazil. I've taken both to win in the outright market although it obviously would have been better to pick a team from the top half of the draw and another from the bottom half of the draw rather than 2 teams that could well meet in the SF.

    I do rate Brazil as the favorites. I like France - they certainly have the talent and depth in their squad although there remain questions as to whether they function as good as some of the other teams.

    In terms of the outsiders I like Belgium although they no longer are outsiders in terms of the odds and I thus do not see value. I'm also weary of touching a team that has never been in the finals, never mind winning the thing. I'd be surprised if we see a "newcomer" in the finals... It's difficult to gain entry to the "club" of winners here.

    Portugal don't look convincing to me. I think they will exit against Uruguay. England are too young and inexperienced for me although I would not exclude a deep run. Spain, of course, can never be excluded but I don't see them as likely winners...

    Beyond that it is difficult to see a possible contender.


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      Not that many real surprises either in this World Cup. If you look at how the groups played out, Sweden took Germanys place and Japan edged out Senegal/Poland, but other than that all the groups ended up pretty much exactly as expected.

      I'm sure I'm not the only one disappointed in the african teams performances. Not one single team making it to the knock out phase. Asia only have Japan, but that almost seem better than expected. From CONCACAF also only Mexico made it, so it's pretty much an all South American/European affair.

      One should also look at the general feel of the teams. Which one's are on the way "up" and which one's are on the way "down". Now is the time to put in second gear. Here's how I see it.

      Uruguay - up, after that big, convincing win against Russia.

      Russia - down, superb start but now Uruguay should have popped that balloon.

      Spain - neutral. Only small glimses of brilliance, but still made enough to win the group.

      Portugal - down. Ronaldo did not look the same after that missed penalty. So maybe slightly down.

      France - neutral.

      Denmark - up, I think the group stage went easier and better than they had expected, hence slightly up for them.

      Croatia - Up. All convincing and looks soooo much more solid and better than in the qualifications.

      Argentina - Up, still since they made it so late to the knock out phase.

      Brazil - Up.

      Switzerland - down. Costa Rica created tons of chances agains them and got the 2-2 in the end.

      Sweden - up. Boosted by the big win against Mexiko.

      Mexico - down. Thought they had won the group and escaped Brazil, when Germany ruined it and then crashed against Sweden.

      Belgium - neutral. Last group game nothing but a farse.

      England - neutral.

      Colombia - up. Terrible start but pulled themselves together and performed well under big pressure.

      Japan - down. Rather luckily went through despite losing.
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        La gazetta del sport (hopefully spelled right) most chances is giving Croatia than Belgium. Hopefully we will see them in final. It will be hard but they showed the most in the first part. Im Croatian and Im hoping for us to prevail. Although I have bet on Belgium+Lukaku before start of the championship.


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          Originally posted by Miccho View Post
          Overall excellent analysis, although with two remarks.

          First, u didnt mention Croatia, and I believe they can go very far. Second, I downgrade Spain. At this moment with this clueless coach and the horrible form of Ramos/Pique/DeGea, Spain seems like another Germany to me, and I believe had they played in the same group like Germany, they would have been heading home already. Fortunately for them, Russia seems impotent and poor, as well, but if Spain keeps playing like in the last two games, this 1/8 final can turn to be very balanced.
          Yes i didnt because they are not on my list. I dont think they have what it takes to win it. Surely a good solid team, with some great individuals that can go far, they can even take out Spain on a good day, but im not really sold into them, they havent really been tested,except Nigeria game which they handled it well, but that group wasnt really a hard one, and when i say tested, i mean being down or game is equal and they really go for the win in last minutes, putting all they go, thats how i see how far a team can go, so im gonna wait for Denmark game, its a very tricky one for Croatia. Indeed Spain lacks that solidity which matters the most in a long tourney, but they can surely dig in and compensate with offense. It has worked so far but ofc it wont work for long, so youre prolly right.
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            I guess you are right. We (Croatia) could go from good to bad when under pressure, when we are goal behind or something like that. Our best play is when already leading. Hopefully we can score first in each match, that would be huge advantage for us. Beginning of matches againt Argentina and Brasil (friendly) were really good, so if we handle the first part of the match well and score a goal first, we should prevail.


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              About having what it takes, we certainly have. We just have to keep it tight and build the game from there. Its quite possible to go all the way then.


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                Since we are going on the last stages now, i am very much convinced about picking England as winner and i think that final might be Brazil vs England


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                  I am not completely sure if you are serious but I agree about England in the finals. But Brasil will need to win against Belgium and France first, that will be very tough
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                    Originally posted by Cyrus View Post
                    La gazetta del sport (hopefully spelled right) most chances is giving Croatia than Belgium. Hopefully we will see them in final. It will be hard but they showed the most in the first part. Im Croatian and Im hoping for us to prevail. Although I have bet on Belgium+Lukaku before start of the championship.
                    Closing in on my thoughts about Belgium vs Croatia final. English newspapers were full of **** after our poor game against Denmark, but they can shut up after yesterdays below par performance of England. They would have lost easily if only Columbia could have played better.

                    Anyhow, we and England are on the same side of the draw, side that is much easier than the side were Brasil, France, Belgium and Urugvay are. If we play at least 70% of our best play, we are playing in final for sure.

                    Belgium will have 2 big tests. First Brasil then probably France. If they beat Brasil (I would give them some at least 35-40% chances), they can even outplay France then. It wont be easy. Hopefully, Lukaku will improve his aim soon, as I believe he owes us goals.

                    Great knockout matches so far, lets enjoy till the end.


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                      After this round, Brasil has shown the best team organization (obviously IMO), while France has best attack (Mbappè Griezmann Giroud Dembelè). Belgium continue to suffer in defense, but all players have the hungry to win, and above all they are sure of their power.
                      Uruguay without Cavani has lost the best player, and it will be very difficult to beat France.
                      Croatia has a tough match against Russia, but is necessary that they take a clear victory: in other case, the final is not sure.
                      England good, but also too young (inexperience) to win against teams on the other side: probably they'll beat Sweden, but semifinal is hard against Croatia (yes!).

                      All in all, Brasil and Belgium are my favorites.


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                        2 bad for Cavani.. Uruguay didnt lost game from France.
                        I would like to see S.A semi final Ur-Brazil
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                          all set for a new era .... newbie at finals croatia vs belgium ..... to play for the big trophy
                          ...but then again, who does?


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                            Originally posted by litost View Post
                            all set for a new era .... newbie at finals croatia vs belgium ..... to play for the big trophy
                            Brazil/France vs. England still is my call.


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                              Originally posted by litost View Post
                              all set for a new era .... newbie at finals croatia vs belgium ..... to play for the big trophy
                              Thank you litost. You are voice of the wise on this forum.


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                                cheers ...

                                thats only what my book says .... and this witch i endulge on ocasions with wich has overdeath conversations with that great dude long gone ... detritus for those wandering fishes for a while ....
                                master of the 4 SEAS ........... PAUL THE OCTOPUS (sic)!! ....
                                ...but then again, who does?


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