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Group C - Third Round 26.06. 16:00 Denmark - France

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  • Group C - Third Round 26.06. 16:00 Denmark - France

    4.86 2.70 2.15

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    Poulsen has two yellow cards so he is out

    Players who have 1 YC and might get protected at some point: Delaney, Sisto. Just in case someone decide to take a bet on them and might lose it cause they might get subbed at some point.
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      France with lot of changes for this game. No Lloris, Pavard, Umtiti, Pogba, Mbappe, Matuidi in the line-up. It seems like France could be satisfied with a draw here and you never know Eriksen might be able to score from a free kick. Also taking into consideration that Australia might be able to win against Peru it wouldn't be very smart to go all in attack for the danes and to risk their qualification. Maybe both could go for a draw.


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        Tolisso, Pogba and Matuidi for sure should be out, at least that's what logic says. They all have 1 yellow card and if they get one at this game, they will miss last 16 match.


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          France can afford to lose this game since they're qualified and it's not clear whether the 2nd placed team will have a more difficult route to the final... If Brazil win their group as seems likely and Germany end up second, the winner of the group would probably get either one of those 2 sides in the SF. In the R16, the opponent could be Argentina and then Uruguay or Portugal in the QF... In the bottom half of the bracket they could meet Spain in the QF and England or France in the SF... Anyway, it doesn't seem like an easy draw whatever way... France can afford to rest some key players and try some new things. Apart from psychology, this game isn't consequential for them. The odds here seem priced right. Even if France play with their "B" squad, they should still be favored over Denmark.


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