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Group C - Third Round 26.06. 16:00 Australia - Peru

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  • Group C - Third Round 26.06. 16:00 Australia - Peru

    3.15 3.36 2.36

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    Since Australia still has chances to qualify, here is a list with their players who already have one card (for the same reason i wrote at Denmark thread)

    Leckie, Risdon, Benich


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      Originally posted by MarianoV6 View Post
      Since Australia still has chances to qualify, here is a list with their players who already have one card (for the same reason i wrote at Denmark thread)

      Leckie, Risdon, Benich
      Yes but you'd presume that Australia will play at full strength since they need to win and preferably by a high margin while hoping that France does them a favor... I think Peru will go into this match focused and will try to exit on a high note. I could see Peru winning this 1-0 or 2-0 if they play at full strength and with a high degree of motivation.


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        I didn't presume anything, i just wrote who has one card


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          Peru can win for prestige... like yesterday Saudi Arabia won Egypt, but if Australia would like to be in 16 finals, must going to play the match of the year! I think BTTS is best option for bet... small odds 1.75


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            Knowing Peru and their mentality very well, i can guarantee that they will go for a win here. It is up to how Australia will play because they should also know that. Will they go for 1-0 win and hope that France will beat 2-0 Denmark? Going with hopes for others is a silly reason. On the other hand, Peru is very fast, they can harm them if they go all in.

            I think Australia will go somewhere in the middle, having tight marking on Peru players to cut their counter attack before it even starts, and at the same time they will try with Lecie's penetration and Rogic's long shot if he ever find space


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              peru deserve to at least score a goal in this tournament but australia are no pushovers. its an interesting game because both team can play physical football but the australians are taller. contrary to what the standing suggests i think peru will be the team aiming to control possession and australia to counter. still, the south americans only play for prestige and for their fans and i dont think, should it turn out i'm right, that their concentration in defense and defensive midfield would be high. the australians are dangerous on the break and runs can result in free kicks in dangerous areas which is their strength. but the socceroos defense isnt nearly as tight as the standings suggest as france is performing below expectations and denmark is not the most attacking minded team. peru on the other hand played good games so far.. but couldnt find the net.

              i think both should be able to score but i thought the same yesterday for russia - uruguay. i find it somewhat similar in a sense - one team wanting to win and the other playing freely, also looking to win but not at all costs. sure, the soccerroos must win but they should also be mindful of peru's attacking potential therefore i dont think we'd see a different australia today. similarly to the game mentioned, i think this could be over very quickly for peru if australia scores early. simply put, motivation is a major factor at this stage and relatively limited teams tend to take better advantage of it. i think we'll see some goals here unfortunately the odds have already dropped considerably due to the amount of goals scored so far and especially in the past 3 days


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                Goals here:
                Over 2.5 (1.93)
                Over 3.5 (3.25)

                Australia still have chances for going further.
                They will also wait other result and hope France to beat Denmark.
                They will attack for sure against Peru - team without chances.
                Victory is the only option for Australia.

                Peru lost both matches so far, they didn't score single goal, but that can be changed today. Peru is better team on paper, they have quality but they were somehow unlucky so far. They want to exit World Cup with style, with possible victory or at least to score some goals. Now pressure is gone, they can play their game and to take first WC point(s) today with some goals in the opponents net.

                Good luck
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