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Special bets, which ones you like most

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    Originally posted by WiserthantheCrowd View Post
    I wasn't quite sure about Dex's motivation here and thought that the analysis was lacking a bit of meat (substance)... My feeling was that it could just be a dislike for the "neighbors" from Serbia - so a type of cognitive bias... But I was obviously wrong on that count - Dex is just not impressed with the Serbian team. And while they have some good individual players, teamwork and cohesion are certainly concerns that could come to haunt them...
    I'm not impressed with Croatia also but they have a slightly weaker opponent Nigeria and I'm afraid that they will have relaxed as thew will count this game as won but if they learn anything from game with Senegal they will push from the start and don't stop till the final whistle but we also have bunch of stars ........


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      Having seen Saudi Arabia today I had to take another special bet, where they'll play a big factor. I'm sure they'll somehow show a better display in the next game, thought they might not necessarily show a better result.

      So, I took odds of @13.00 for the following special bet at Betfair:

      Suarez, Cavani & Lewandowski to score at least 3 goals each @ 13.00

      I'm counting a lot on another trashing of Saudi Arabia (actually might be similar to 2002 where they received 12g and scored none - maybe not so many but I expect Uruguay to score them at least 3) and here I'm counting on both Suarez & Cavani to score 1 at least. Cavani is also the main penalty taker and a very good one and checking some statistics, they together scored like 80% of Uruguay's goals in the last 2-3 y.

      Lewandowski also will play in a group where I expect high scores due to those teams' mentality and he's also the main penalty taker for Poland.

      I have good expectations for this, however, as always for me with special bets, not risking too much. 1,5/10


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        This one really looks good now after we saw how open Saudi defence is.
        I would even expect Cavani and Suarez to score a couple each against them.
        MacotBet follow me on BA


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          Originally posted by Macot View Post
          This one really looks good now after we saw how open Saudi defence is.
          I would even expect Cavani and Suarez to score a couple each against them.
          Yes, that's actually what I'm mostly hoping for (another 4/5-0 trashing with both strikers scoring 2+), but even with 1 goal each, if any of them would score tmr against Egypt, I think there's a good chance to win this one...


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            Originally posted by di canio View Post
            One bet I have in mind is Argentina to receive over 1,5 goals in group stage (1.65). Reason is simple, all three teams Croatia, Nigeria and Iceland have potential to score against the favorite of the group. Last year Nigeria scored 4 against them and this month Spain scored 6(!!!). And considering their great players upfront, I don't think it will be a problem if they receive 1/2 goals per match as long as they score more.

            Another interesting bet is Denmark to have over 3,5 points (1.75) and over 5,5 points (3.65) in group stage. The question is if they can win with Peru or at least get a draw. From what I saw recently, Denmark is a solid team with experienced players in every compartment. Imo Eriksen will make the difference in this match with Peru. As for South Americans, they are a good team, looking at their matches, the last defeat was in 2016 (!!) with Brasil. But remember that they qualified for the WC after beating NZ, so not such a big deal.
            Denmark also has the advantage of playing France in last match when things may be clear about the winner of the group.
            Bets won on Arg to receive over 1,5 goals (1.65) and Den over 3,5 points (1.75).


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