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The referees

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    Who will be in charge for the quarters,does anybody know?As one user mentioned all cards will be erased after the quarters so lines of 3.5 should be affordable and profitable.For over 3.5 cards Bet365 offers 1.61 As tension grow higher some cards should flow in as we saw in some of the recent games.
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      Referees will be announced two day before the game, so today afternoon we will know. But so far, let's give and update

      Aguilar, Irmatov, Turpin, Marciniak and Brych to leave before quarterfinals. Further info to follow


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        It hasn't been announced yet but those are confirmed about leaving


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          Thank you Im happy to see that mug Brych leaving the tournament


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            Kuipers, Mažic, Ricci and Pitana to officiate quarterfinals with Pitana (Argentinian) at Uruguay v France. Pitana is good, no need to speculate anything as far as i know since FRance kicked Argentina out.

            Will confirm this and post final referees when they will announce them.

            Then we might have Cakir and Faghani semis, Mažic and Kuipers finals. Or Mazic at one of the semis and Faghani at third place final, we'll see


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              Nizhny Novgorod, 6 July 2018 16:00 CET
              Uruguay - France
              Referee: Néstor Pitana (ARG)

              Kazan, 6 July 2018 20:00 CET
              Brazil - Belgium
              Referee: Milorad Mažic (SRB)

              Samara, 7 July 2018 16:00 CET
              Sweden - England
              Referee: Björn Kuipers (NED)

              Sochi, 7 July 2018 20:00 CET
              Russia - Croatia
              Referee: Sandro Ricci (BRA)


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                17 referees, 37 assistant referees and 10 Video Assistant Referees appointed for next phase of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Given the number of matches left and the teams that have qualified for the next round, the number of referees has been reduced.

                Appointed for the next phase are:

                AFC: FAGHANI Alireza (IRN); SHUKRALLA Nawaf Abdulla (BHR)

                CAF: DIEDHIOU Malang (SEN); SIKAZWE Janny (ZAM)

                CONCACAF: GEIGER Mark (USA); MARRUFO Jair (USA); RAMOS PALAZUELOS Cesar Arturo (MEX)

                CONMEBOL: CUNHA Andres (URU); PITANA Nestor (ARG); RICCI Sandro (BRA)

                OFC: CONGER Matthew (NZL)

                UEFA: CAKIR Cuneyt (TUR); KUIPERS Bjorn (NED); MATEU LAHOZ Antonio (ESP); MAZIC Milorad (SRB); ROCCHI Gianluca (ITA); SKOMINA Damir (SVN)


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                  I wrote about Brych yesterday, so why was he sent home after all? The answer to that is something that you should have in mind for your bettings.

                  Overall, it is either Collina's way or the highway And Collina's way is VAR to be used. There are several reasons why a referee is being sent home at the last stages and beside the obvious one, his performance at the previous games, one other reason is that referees MUST include VAR in their game. I have been saying that many times here. Brych didn't do that at the game Serbia v Switzerland and despite he is a "big name", he was sent home. It was about the penalty for Serbia around the 70' i think.

                  Those names that have been appointed for the last stages, either had a good performance or/and had a good cooperation with VAR. The act of sending Brych home was also a message to the rest of the referees. So from now on, if there is a push/pull inside the box and VAR has an opinion on it, don't expect the referee to take the decision solo. There WILL be VAR.

                  The same message is also going through the teams and at their defenders and that they will have to be careful from now on inside the box. The chances for a penalty are being increased because the defender with his blood boiling at a crucial moment, is not gonna think of that. Only if he is experience enough (Godin for example). Or when his team is behind on score and they must do everything to turn things around, the defender will do everything he can and not think again of this VAR thing.

                  May this help for our betting and GL to all


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                    Thanks God that that pompous idiot went home, he should think if he is really more accurate than technology. Dumb...
                    I agree with such approach, if there is VAR it has to be used... otherwise it is stupid.
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                      And thanks God Turpin is also out, after giving a fake penalty to Costa Rica in the last minute against Switzerland. But bookies will thank him.


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                        With Cakir at the semi final and with Kuipers as his fourth at that match (Croatia v England), 99,9% they wont be the referees for the final.

                        I still believe Faghani will be the one but we will see. Other possible referees are Ricci, Pitana, Mazic but again, my bet is on Faghani. One last option tho which came in my mind is Geiger ( Macot?? ) which will be a surprise but there is always a chance for that to promote WC in USA/Mexico/Canada


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                          btw, it came out earlier that at first, Cakir was to whistle at France v Belgium and Cunha at Croatia v England but they changed that because of the "history" England has with Cunha's assistant Espinosa


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