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The Scottish PL round 4 on 24-25 of August 2002

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  • The Scottish PL round 4 on 24-25 of August 2002

    Begining with this round I will make each week a topic regarding the SPL matches!

    You will find here anything you want from odds to the latest info and picks, links, you name it 8) !

    Every week the topic will contain a poll regarding the most interesting match, in my opinion, so we could all see what the public opinion is ... maybe you do not want to write, but at least you can vote - just a click is needed!

    Since I am tipster for this league I will try to make my job as good as I can and I hope that anyone interested in this league will help me and the other punters to have a high level for our posts and win money eventually from the bookies :idea: !

    Wish you all the best and I hope we shall have a good colaboration!
    Micutu' :wink:

  • #2
    Here are the games and the first odds from
    (the odds are presented in that order)

    08-24 13:30 Partick Thistle - Celtic
    8,00 4,20 1,30
    10.00 4.50 1.25
    10.00 4.50 1.25

    08-24 16:00 Dundee FC - Hibernian
    2,10 3,00 3,10
    2.15 3.30 2.90
    2.20 3.20 2.80

    08-24 16:00 Hearts - Dunfermline
    1,80 3,10 3,80
    1.63 3.40 4.80
    1.72 3.20 4.33

    08-25 16:00 Dundee United - Motherwell
    2,10 3,00 3,10
    1.90 3.30 3.50
    2.00 3.20 3.20

    08-25 16:00 Livingston - Kilmarnock
    1,90 3,10 3,50
    1.75 3.30 4.20
    1.80 3.30 3.75

    08-25 16:00 Glasgow Rangers - Aberdeen
    1,20 5,00 10,00
    1.20 5.50 10.00
    1.22 5.00 9.50

    The fact that I published the odds only for this bookie must not surprise you: I will publish also from other bookies, I will publish also specials but those bookies will be the referring point for me when analysing the odds and the games! This will become a rule around here so get used with it!

    Micutu' :wink:


    • #3
      I am not expert for scottish football, but....

      my picks are: Celtic, Rangers

      also with medium confidence: Dundee


      • #4
        no experts for spl here?

        i need some info and prediction about these matches:

        Hearts of M. - Dunfermline A.
        FC Livingston - FC Kilmarnock

        thx a lot
        Originally posted by sirac
        romanian defenders are pussies,they will be (..) begging for a signed poster with Messi and Aguero.(..) 50.000 mugs prolly in the stands to salute the argentinian quality


        • #5
          I am not an expert either for the SPL but I will try to please both of you and teh rest of the punters also!

          And I will not mantain my picks in the "Celtic & Rangers" area.
          I will try to cover the other games as well and I hope to become "the expert" for this league!

          I wil ask you not to relly to much on me since I am at the begining with this league!
          I will place small and average stakes and for the Celtic and Rangers games I will try some specials from time to time and some "big" underdogs (I hope that the "dogs" selected by me will bite as hard as they can the Old Firm's ass).

          Micutu' :wink: (the enemy of the bookies)


          • #6
            Hi Micutu what do you think on these odds?


            they are being offered at bet365 to win by 2 or more goals!

            Rangers have beaten Aberdeen in their last 10 home games and only twice have they failed to beat Aberdeen by 2 goals!


            • #7
              Hello mat176!
              Well, I think that a bet against Celtic in those conditions is a value bet!
              I think that Partick will fight and might win, draw or lose by one goal since Celtic must fight also for the CL Groups qualification away at Basel!
              About Rangers I must take a good look and my answer will be posted on Saturday morning.
              Micutu' :wink:


              • #8
                Rangers -Aberdeen

                News from Rangers:
                Nothing special at the club – just some talks about transfers of Tore Andre Flo and Michael Mols to Sunderalnd.
                Status for Rangers:
                No big troubles for them and no worries for next week.
                So far they won two games (3-0 home vs. Dundee FC and 4-2 away at Hibernian) after a draw in the opening round away at Kilmarnock.

                News from Aberdeen:
                "It's not an ideal situation with two big games coming up but that's football."; in the last match against hearts Aberdeen lost 4 players, all of them are injured: Eric Deloumeaux, Darren Young, Philip McGuire and Darren Mackie.
                Status for Aberdeen:
                Aberdeen failed to secure a qualification for the first UEFA Cup round after wining just 1-0 at home with Nistru Otaci from Moldavia. They have 2 “heavy” games ahead of them and looking at their players situation I would say that for them the most important one is the second leg on Thursday, next week.
                So far they won one away (2-1 at Hibernian ), draw one (last round at home vs. Hearts 1-1) and lost one, also at home (0-4 against Celtic).

                Rangers have an edge over their opponents anyway and their current status, compared with Aberdeen’s status, indicates us a very possible, high score, home win.

                Any comment from you, the punters, is welcomed on this one!

                My proposals for this game are:
                Home win 10/10
                Correct scores 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 for Rangers (maybe more?)
                Half/Full time 1/1
                Handicap bets Rangers v Aberdeen 0:2 2.70 – 2.90 – 2.00 at

                Here are the direct matches played in the last 3 years:
                Jul 28, 2001 Aberdeen - Rangers 0 - 3
                Nov 4, 2001 Rangers - Aberdeen 2 - 0
                Jan 19, 2002 Aberdeen - Rangers 0 - 1
                Apr 27, 2002 Rangers - Aberdeen 2 - 0
                Nov 12, 2000 Aberdeen - Rangers 1 - 2
                Dec 13, 2000 Rangers - Aberdeen 3 - 1
                Jan 31, 2001 Rangers - Aberdeen 1 - 0
                Sep 11, 1999 Rangers - Aberdeen 3 - 0
                Oct 30, 1999 Aberdeen - Rangers 1 - 5
                Jan 22, 2000 Rangers - Aberdeen 5 - 0
                Apr 1, 2000 Aberdeen - Rangers 1 - 1

                My bet would be a handicap bet 0-2 at 2.70 with 10 units staked if Celtic will fail against Partick Thistle tomorrow!!! If not, the stake would be just 7!
                Good luck!
                Micutu' :wink:


                • #9
                  On behalf of Micutu' I anounce you that he has an problem with its conection and can't post anything this morning!


                  • #10
                    I am so pissed of because of my conection!
                    Look min 65 and Partick-Cdeltic still 0-0 !
                    I am so upset!


                    • #11
                      The situation so far in SPL is this:

                      :arrow: Celtic is first with 4 wins and +11 goals difference with Rangers behind them, and most likely Aberdeen will be their next victim today.
                      :arrow: No more no less then 4 teams, on third of the league clubs, are in the same situation: lost one, draw one and won one: Aberdeen, Motherwell, Livingston and Kilmarnock.
                      :arrow: As usual the two teams from Dundee are near the bottom with Partick Thistle between them, with 3 draws and a narrow defeat, 0-1 versus mighty Celtic Glasgow.
                      :arrow: Somehow surprisingly Hibernians are the last squad with 4 losses and –8 goals difference.

                      Last week Scotland lost at home against Denmark after an poor game and with a german coach ready to explode :P !

                      In Europe Rangers are in UEFA Cup first round while Celtic still has to fight for a place in CL groups away at Basel after 3-1 in Glasgow. Livingston draw only 1-1 away in Liechtenstein with FC Vaduz (shame on them) and Aberdeen also will have a fight away in Moldova against Nistru Otaci after only 1-0 for the Scottish side in the first leg.

                      This is the general situation of this round (not a good one I would say) and now let’s focus more on the 3 games that we still have to bet on today:

                      :arrow: Rangers – Aberdeen (already covered – and go to in order for you to see my first pick of this round)
                      :arrow: Livingston – Kilmarnock ( and due to their task in Europe I will avoid Livi on this Sunday)
                      And finally,
                      :arrow: Dundee United vs. Motherwell, which will be more analyzed in the next post (also this will represent my second pick for this 4th round).


                      • #12
                        News from Dundee United:
                        Steven Thompson – forward, will play but still is injured and (maybe?) a bit tired after playing against Denmark last mid-week.
                        Icelandic striker Gunnlaugsson will play his first match this season.
                        Gallacher – goalkeeper will play even if injured.
                        Cummings – defender, left back from Chelsea, will play for the first time.

                        Status for Dundee:
                        Partick_Thistle - Dundee.U 0 - 0
                        Dundee.U - Kilmarnock 1 - 2
                        Celtic - Dundee.U 5 - 0
                        11. Dundee.U 3 0 1 2 1 - 7 1

                        News from Motherwell:
                        Leitch, the Motherwell captain just recovered from a back problem and will play.
                        Hammell, defender, will play after he skipped the mid-week play for the youth team of Scotland vs. Denmark.

                        Status for Motherwell:
                        Livingston - Motherwell 3 - 2
                        Motherwell - Partick_Thistle 1 - 1
                        Kilmarnock - Motherwell 0 -
                        5. Motherwell 3 1 1 1 6 - 4 4

                        Both teams played Partick Thistle and draw with the newly promoted club. Dundee U. lost already at home this season 1-2 to Kilmarnock while Motherwell lost 2-3 away to Livingston. Last round the actual visitors won 3-0 away to Kilmarnock but their oponents had 3 players sent-off!!! While Celtic crashed Dundee U. 5-0 in a no-hope-match for them.

                        PRELIMINARY CONCLUSIONS:
                        None of the games played so far reflect something like an edge for any team and we are in the first 5 critical rounds of the season – so no big stakes here!!!


                        • #13
                          Both sides start the season quite annoying for a punter: nothing good and stable from none of them. Also from the last seasons tables nothing conclusive would come out. BUT … last season Motherwell performed very bad away, and they are seen as relegation favorites this year, so this is a little advantage for the home side.

                          In the last years when meting Motherwell created some troubles for Dundee U. and in the last 3 years when meeting for the first time they draw: 0-0, 1-1, 2-2.
                          In the last 2 years those teams scored less then 2.5 goals each time they played together … will they do the same this year?

                          So far nothing good for us, let’s see how the match reports look like:
                          Dundee United uses 2 attackers at home and only one away – this is not in their favor as they do not maintain the same system and do not have unity between the players! Also they tend to concede goals with some easiness.
                          In the last years almost all the times before an encounter with their city rivals Dundee FC they “manage” to lose! And almost each time they got a hammering away they lose or draw at home in the next round.

                          Motherwell showed some good play away so far, scoring 5 (but three were done when in superior numbers on the pitch) and conceded 3. This will be their third match away in the first 4 rounds! Also showed some potential away – scored most all the time when losing, so they really can put some problems to their opponents. Also, after winning at more then 2 goals difference the next match they would double that good results, in general.

                          My pick would be Motherwell not to lose this one , but small stakes are recomended!
                          At handicap 0-1 is offering 1.79 for Motherwell !
                          I will take it with 2 units!

                          Good luck with your bets!


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