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Really improving Polish Ekstraklasa 26-28.08.22+ Lower and other leagues

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    I tell you my short and very interesting story. Over 15 years ago i should be dead.Really dead -absolutely no exaggeration! I had a blood curdling accident that i very long could not believe that i was still living. In best scenario i should be in a vegetative state/heavily paralyzed. And nothing serious happened to me.
    Yes i had some very small 2-3 weeks malfunction but i felt no pain and after this short period everything was fine, i could do during those 2-3 weeks everything but serious sport activity.

    To me it must have been a miracle! And you know what?
    I have witnness MUCH more such a miracles in last circa 15 years.I know very well a person that should have been dead for OVER 20 YEARS(words of head physican of big hospital in Wroclaw). Later the head physican brought to hospital bad his students and said:
    " This is a miracle that this person is living"

    And this person now only has been living for over 20 years but helped a lot of people, worked very hard in next many years, visited a lot of countries in 3 continents, and has done a lot of positive things.
    This person was deeply religious, i was an ordinary Catholic but not free from sins and certainly i had not a deep faith and i did not pray even well (and many people still do not pray well: 1 Worship 2 Thank for things you receive even those considered as bad 3 Apologize and finally 4 Ask what you want)

    Now i am in 99 procent certain that it was hand of God that saved me and many more people i have met and could speak with. Some people did not even belived in God!

    End or part 3
    (I will still share with you some of our thoughts/ideas how to make polish and not only polish football better)
    After some break
    Do it know. Today (after a time for relax, prayers, family/friends, thanksgiving)- it's the best time to act.
    You May Delay but Time Will Not and Lost Time Is Never Found Again' B. Franklin

    You can contact me from now but i need a break and time for some thoughts/ for myself.
    I will add later my email.
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      And once again knowledge/advices/lessons of rebounds paid off:
      - Cracovia- Warta ht x (and again no 0:0, very few in polish Ekstraklasa)
      - Slask- Rakow no surprise and Rakow started strongly and watching first ten minutes was enough to back them with even not small stakes, they already scored a goal in 3th min (offside), had much bigger intensity and could score in the game 6-7 goals, they run almost 10 km more than Slask.10 km (and Rakow mainly attacked). they showed almost western intensity, that's good sign for the league
      and here i wrote that ht x was not likely (5 last results in first half was: 0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 0:0)
      -Amica Poznan- Piast 1:0, not an easy and good game for hosts, even if you have tried ht x and missed 1:0 CS ht as additional bet, Amica scored in 6th min and you had nice odds (circa 2.45) to play 1:0/no more goals ht. But you had to take 1:0 cs ht to ht x. Defending champions were still w/o victory, played at home and had very good h2h with Piast.

      Missing powerful quote:''The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing'' E.Burke (related also to sport and low level of footballI In Poland despite many really good indvidual players in the past like: Lato (best scorer during WC 1974), Szarmach, Lubanski, Tomaszewski (first gk that stop 2 penalties at one WC!), Deyna, Gadocha, W.Smolarek, Mlynarczyk Boniek, Wilmowski, Cieslik, Blaszczykowski, Piszczek and 20+ more
      or now Zalewski, Krychowiak, Szczesny, Milik, Fabianski, Cash, Bielik etc and of course R. Lewandowski
      We are talking about Poland, rich country (20th-21th more rich in the world!) with at least 55 mln poeple with polish roots, about country that fininished 2 times 3rd at WC, lost medal at Euro16 after penalties, won Olympics and reached one more final at Olympics
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      • Reply to NHL 2022/23
        by WKSkofu
        and also Edmonton to win in Chicago another 1,6/10 and Live Edmonton to win first period 0,55/10 and 1:1 CS 0,1/10
        30-11-22, 23:55
      • Reply to NHL 2022/23
        by WKSkofu
        one more game Chicago-Edmonton 2(1:0), 3,65/10 and very small bet Chicago 1(0:1) 0,6/10 5,3
        Chicago have bad results and leaking defence, Edmonton...
        30-11-22, 23:42
      • Reply to NHL 2022/23
        by WKSkofu
        Quite nice day yesterday, would be great if Nashville won, they led long until 51th min but only 1:1 (2:1FT win), gosh 41 shots of hosts with OT and only...
        30-11-22, 23:30
      • Reply to NHL 2022/23
        by WKSkofu
        Toronto -SJS 1 1,56 1,6/10 and if odds live 1.67 or higher another 1,1/10 (if Toronto are down 0,6/10 on 1dnb)
        30-11-22, 23:28
      • Reply to FIFA 2022 World Cup
        by WKSkofu
        Again it's worth to wait until 74th min in 16:00 CET games (live now) and longer, chances that winner/equalizer will be scored in 90 th min or in stoppga...
        30-11-22, 17:21
      • Reply to NHL 2022/23
        by WKSkofu
        Tonight P.Flyers- NYI 2 (1:0) 3,75/10 2.33 and Philly 1(0:1) 0,9/10 4.8 and if Philly are down play another very small bet on Philly -1.5 to have the...
        30-11-22, 00:41

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