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Polish Ekstraklasa 33th round 26-28.06.2020

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    Gornik WIsla Krakow 0:0 ht live, For those who did not observe 1st half: Gornik much better and Wisla lost Blaszczykowski (best man), this Blasczykowski
    I will take small 0:0 CS 0,25/10 to secure part of capital in case of 0:0 draw
    Good night


      Summary of yest. games Legia drew thanks to goal in 87th min(they played 11 vs 10 men), you should take draw/1x in last minutes, bet on 0 profit(main dnb void, some smaller lost but 1:1CS won)
      Union i wrote and hinted that it would be next goals (in was 1:0 after 45 min) and Union won 3:0 i.e 2 more goals were scored incl. last one in 87th min

      MU surprisingly drew 1:1(0:0) bet lost, Atletico won, and odds before a goal were at least 1.6
      Gornik- WIsla 0:1, bet lost but only 3,3 stakes put in, Gornik had great record and(710) at home, lost to this game only 1 game in whole season and scored 2 or more goals in any of last 8 games, big surprise as Wisla won w/o Blasczykowski

      15.00 Jagiellonia- Legia, only live betting
      GK Kuciak from Lechia have great ratio of cleen sheets in champ. games (circa 62procent, almost 20 in slightly over 30 games), but imp. defender Maloca won't play and Tobers is avarage player (he will substitute hime)
      Jagiellonia's defence will be probably w/o 2 regular players and will be experimental
      Jagiellonia improved and matures with new coach Petew, i have to see this game live

      I will play Slask- Amica and 2-3 more games
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        13:10 Polkowice- Widzew, 2 imp. info, Widzew w/o Kordas(reg. def) and Robak (captain, 21 goals, the best man). Polkowice won last 2 away games scored 7 goals and 1 striker scored all 4 goals (he has 24 goals), i wanted to play Widzew dnb but very hot*28 degree, covid and temp. changed my decision, Polkowice have still chaces for playoffs, they won only 1 from 7 h2h games


          Lechia scored on 1;1 but Jagiellonia were sign. better team and should not loose it, i.e. Jagiellonia dnb option 1.9/10 is my LIve call(47th min), odds 1.43

          More bets to come


            Shocking results again, HSV are 0:2 (odds 1.33 before a game), Widzew were loosing 1:4 and lost 3:4, Heidenheim are loosing 0:3
            Jagiellonia are better team and are loosing 1:2(1/2!), Magdeburg had many shots and lost 0:1 at home (and visitors had 2 shots on goal)

            Small stakes only
            17:30 Slask- Amica(Lech)

            CS 1:1 1,6/10 + 1:0 CS 0,5/10
            I believe that hosts won't loose it


              But only small stakes, visitors have slightly better form and stronger roster what may be crucial (in last minutes), only 3 substitutes in Ekstraklasa are allowed
              Slask lost only once at home and if Zivulic will start on the bench (he is -7 in goals when he plays) odds on draw are ok to me

              Basel should score in 2nd half 1.7/10 or Take 1+ small bet 1:1

              I am thinking about 2 games from foreign leagues as well
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                Basel over 20 shots and finally broke (late) a deadlock, 2:0 win with nice odds

                19:30 Udine- Atalanta 2 1,9/10+ another 1,5/10 with odds at least 1.7, ATalanta great come back in 2nd half with Lazio (almost as many points as JUve) and should build on that

                Maybe 1 more game to play today from Iberia and i should try Cracovia- Pogon tommorrow


                  Slask- Amica 2:2 , i was close and took live in 2nd half also 2:2 CS, as i wrote i believed in double chance 1x , not x2
                  Atalanta leads 3:1 in 70th min

                  Last 2 bet
                  Espanyol -Real odds circa 1.5 2 2,4/10+ another 0,9/10 with odds 1.7 or above
                  Espanyol have to play for 3 points but Real are hot and have sometimes small help from referees like in Sociedad

                  I also like Boavista -Santa Clara 2AH(Santa Clara) 1,8/10 odds are very nice+ small add. bet x/1 0,2/10


                    18:00 Cracovia- Pogon 1 2.10 or abover 0,8/10, Cracovia dnb/0AH,2,6/10 + another Cracovia to FT win 0,7/10 with odds at leaast 2.55
                    CS 1:1 CS 0,25/10


                      Probierz said that despite bad situation he will fight to the and but also that he will rotate (he has ok bench).
                      Cracovia is 118 in last 10 games, their transfers did not work so far and Gol's case damage a morale (lowering money for Covid-19 break)
                      Cracovia's players, many of them are far from high form but Pogon lost many key players like 2 very good winger Kozulj and Spiridinovic, they sold one of the best Ekstraklasa's player Buksa, Drygas are after long-term injury

                      Summing up yesterday's late bets
                      Jagiellonia lost 1:2(1/2!), Jaga were sign. better in first half but Lechia started playing well in 2nd and won, it could be a draw but Tobers from Lechia erased a goal in 90th min from goal line
                      Atalanta won easily and odds 1.7 (even 2.15-2.2 were available in 2nd half), 3.4 stakes used succesfully(1.5 and 1.7 odds, i took also with circa 2)
                      Boavista(destroyed by Porto 0:4 last week) won 1:0 with revelation of last weeks Santa Clara, -1.7, Santa Clara won 4:3 in Lisbon with Benfica week ago after 2 late goals...
                      Espanyol- Real 2 and Real scored in 45th min so odds rised, 3,3 stakes put (odds 1.5 and 1.7)
                      Last edited by WKSkofu; 29-06-20, 17:39.


                        Cracovia won 2:1(1:0), bet won, but it was undeserved win, Pogon played really well and even after a very late goal(90-91min) on 1:2 created 2 good chances to equalize!

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