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CL Bayern- OL semi-final

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    CL Bayern- OL semi-final

    Couple months ago (i don't have time to search it) i wrote something like
    "My pick is: watch less Premier League that is overrated" and i praised
    J.Klopp that he should have a statue for things he done for english football.
    I have to say honestly that i did not expect that Premier League turned out to be more overrated than i thought!If you listen to be and obey you would have saved some time and be more healthy now (alco kills your gray matter) as me when i decided that watching full games of my Slask Wroclaw or polish league is a simply waste of my precious time and my health
    Tottenham 2:7 with Bayern at home, M.City finished again in 1/4 despite huge money invested, Pep Guardiola and very good and exp. players, They lost with OL that had played 1 time (ONE TIME) in 1/2 of CL in their history and OL played 2 serious game after a Covid-19 break before game with M.City while M.City played circa 9 games more!And we are talking about the team that will miss european cups next season in 97 procent!EVEN EL!
    I remember that i wrote it after another disappointing game of MU and MU were eleminated by Sevilla, full of players unwanted in other clubs!
    MU are now 027 vs spanish club in last 9 games...
    Chelsea were thrashed by Bayern 1:7 in two games (2nd game . neutral venue!) and Lewandowski took part in all 7 games vs Chelsea (either goals or assists)

    English clubs except FCL must spend more money, definitely more money Good job lads!

    I will wrote my predictions later, Western- Melbourne both teams scored and before a goal it was 3.1-3.2 for btts.
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    You forgot about pandemia. It changed a lot in football, generally speaking. This season is completely different than anything before.
    The best or not Premier League is still the most entertaining one to watch and I don't think this will change in the next couple of years.


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