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Champions League Semi-Finals 24/04/18 - 25/04.18

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    Okay, after watching this game, I change my mind. Liverpool has at most 10% chance against Real with such defense. It is almost a bunker Real win.


      Look at what benitez say for Liverpool


        Originally posted by devilx View Post
        Look at what benitez say for Liverpool
        No big deal - he's tooting his horn. I'd take that with a grain of salt. So Benitez is saying that he won the Champions League with a team that was worse than that of Klopp today. With other words, he (Benitez) is still the greatest Liverpool trainer regardless of whether Klopp wins the CL (or not)...

        Having said that - with all due respect, the Liverpool of Benitez did manage an amazing comeback and he did a great job!

        The other question is whether Real Madrid today is a more formidable opponent than AC Milan was back in 2005 and if they mesh I would argue that Real Madrid indeed are... The one similarity is that Liverpool then did not dominate their league and played a team that didn't dominate either. Liverpool came 5th and AC Milan came 2nd. This year, Liverpool ended up 4th whereas Real Madrid came 3rd... At that time Spanish teams were not as dominant as they are today and Italian, English, German and Spanish teams would alternate in winning the CL.

        Last year, Atletico Madrid beat Liverpool in the finals of the EL and this year it seems that it's Real Madrid's turn... We'd then see a Supercup Final between Real and Atletico Madrid...

        Of course, Klopp may spring a surprise. Real Madrid are not invincible. Just as in the Liverpool side of 2005, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole and Klopp has done a great job. On balance, he looks a more impressive coach than Zidane.

        Overall, I still see Real Madrid as the better team though - man for man. Mentally, Real Madrid may the edge - they have proven that they can come back and recover from an adverse scoreline...

        Liverpool doesn't have a great defense and the full-backs are limited. While they're very fast, they lack creativity in midfield... Liverpool are great at attacking but when they play a tough side that is difficult to break down and can withstand and counter, they may end up on the backfoot. That is why the odds here seem right to me...

        I expect Real Madrid to beat them but it's by no means a foregone conclusion.
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