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Betting on Betting Shops (Terminals)

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    Betting on Betting Shops (Terminals)

    Hello everyone ,
    I would like to offert to the members of the forum a new service provided by me betting on Betting shops .
    I have around here 4 different Betting shops companies with different software .
    The advantages of the betting shops are :
    1) Avoid problems with locked accounts and any investigations - Direct Cash out the winnings

    2)No limitation problems anymore - We dont need to open a new account after gaining a win .

    3) It is absolutely not connected with the Bet365 for example , if the screen is black and the event is blocked on Bet365 is possible to bet on the Betting Terminals .

    About money circulation i would like to discuss that private with the interested members . This is very individual and depends on amounts which the customers would like to place .

    I charge 20% of the winnings amount . For example if you bet 100 and you win 200 i charge 20 and you get clean 180 .

    For contact and more information please do not hesitate to contact me :

    Email : [email protected]

    Telegram : @quanshenxun1
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