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PAID: Radobet - Turkish football tips - BA Approved

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  • PAID: Radobet - Turkish football tips - BA Approved

    PAID: Radobet - Turkish football tips

    Hi. I started to run a tip service in Blogabet in 2014 December. It is the only place that I am giving my tips. I got offers from companies and some people (this summer) but I rejected them because my clients (in Blogabet) could get lower odds if I would work for other compaines/people. I talked about it just to show the importance of this project for me. I was also selling my previews last season and I had a thread on BA forum about it. I will not do it this season but Betting Advice moderators showed me understanding and they will put BA Approved tag to my thread as I achieved it in my preview service.

    I am covering Turkish Super League, Turkish First League, Turkish Cup, Turkish teams in European Cups, Turkish National Football Team and some friendly games. Turkish Cup is my favorite competition because the bookies set the odds by teams' league places but Turkish Cup is an other story than the league. I usually catch value bets / wrong odds in Turkish Cup.

    I am giving early, today and live bets. I don't give any early bet until the limits in Asia don't reach 1000 Euros. Even if the limit is more than 1000 Euros, I am trying not to give many early bets because the odds drop harder when I give it early. I prefer early bets in special situations where I believe the odds would drop so much until the matchday. Sometimes I need to wait for the confirmed lineups so I may give some picks 10, 20 minutes before the kick-off. I usually get the confirmed lineups nearly one hour before the kick-off but sometimes there are some delays with them. I always make announcement (via email) before taking the picks. If I take a live bet, I make the announcement and take the bet. If I take a pre-game or early bet, I usually say I will take the bet 5 minutes later (to let you have time to get ready for placing your bets).

    I usually use Asian bookies of Sbobet and IBCBET, rarely prefer other bookies or Pinnacle. Don't get confused by my bookie stats. Those Euro bookies were used in early weeks of my service. I stopped using them. I am giving early bets for the Super League only when the limits in Asia are more than 1000 Euros. Limits are 1000+ Euros for early bets of Super League. Limits are nearly 1700 Euros one day before the Super League games. Limits are more than 2800 Euros on matchdays and they are between 2800 and 5000 Euros in live betting. I give PTT 1. Lig bets only on matchday because the limits are more than 1000 Euros only on matchdays. I give today and live bets for PTT 1. Lig.

    I make an announcement before taking a pick. I send an email and then take the bet. The odds usually drop between 0.01 and 0.10 after I take it.

    1-2: Low stakes, usually try to catch very big odds.
    3-4: Low-medium stakes, usually for big odds.
    5-6: Medium stakes, medium confidence.
    7: Medium-high stakes.
    8: Low-high stakes.
    9: High stakes
    10: Top stakes.

    You can adjust your balance to my stakes in your style. Some tipsters are obsessed with 10/10 stakes. All Sellers may have different styles just like all Buyers. 10/10 stake does not mean it is a 100% bet or it is a fixed match. It just shows my top confidence on the bet. I was taking more 10/10 stake bets before I joined Blogabet market and I must say I was doing better job with 10/10 stake bets in those times but I started to give them less after joining the market because some people consider them as certain bets. Wrong lines also effect my stakes. I increase my stake when I see a wrong line.

    I don't like setting exact numbers for picks or stakes but you can expect 30 to 50 picks every month.

    I always give info for the bets I take. I almost never take a bet without writing anything. Personally, I don't like tipsters who give tips without saying anything about it. If you give a bet for Barcelona-Real Madrid, it is OK, you don't need to talk a lot but you should tell something when you tip for Akhisar-Erciyesspor. I write longer previews when I take an early bet. When I take a live bet, I usually add the info later because we need to react fast to take the bet in live betting.

    (Copy-paste from Blogabet)

    Money-back guarantee is available for all Buyers (you) purchases of monthly subscriptions when Seller (me) fails to achieve positive result for the month and/or fails to meet the minimum volume requirement of 10 betting picks per one calendar month.. If a Buyer requests a money-back and receives a refund, he will be automatically unsubscribed from this Seller and will not be able to subscribe again to the same Seller for the next 6 months. Refunds are made within 10 working days from Buyer request if the request is in accord of the rules of this Agreement. Refunds are made to the same payment account that the Buyer used for purchasing the subscription. Refunds are made for the exact amount the Buyer paid. All payment processing and refund administration taxed are incurred by Sellers.

    If you don't want to get your money back despite of negative results, you get a free month extension by Blogabet (automatically). It continues until I achieve positive result at the end of your subscription.

    This is something that I did not see in any other Blogabet accounts. Blogabet offers you to take your money back or get a free month extension when your subscription ends in negative results (minus yield for e.g. -1%, -5%). I also offer free subscription for the yields of 0%, +1% and 2+%. You can read more here about it:

    One month subscription price is 70 Euros

    The price of the service may change. I make an announcement before changing it of course. It is currently 70 Euros for one month and I don't offer three month subscriptions at the moment.

    Paypal, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller and Comodo Secure as you can see on my blog. I don't accept any offer of sending the money directly to my bank account or any other private agreements outside of Blogabet.

    You have to open an account in Blogabet to subscribe for any Blogabet tipster. It is free and easy. So many people open Blogabet accounts just to subscribe for the tipsters. You don't need to write anything on your blog.

    I like to get feedbacks from my members. I am always open to your thoughts, I am always trying to improve the quality of my service. Feel free to tell me anything about my service.

    My paid service for Turkish football

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    My stats as of 4 August 2015.

    Picks: 281
    Protif: +210
    Yield: +12%

    Win: 139
    Loss: 113
    Void: 29
    Win rate: 55%
    Stake avg: 7.0
    Odd avg: 2.11
    Staked: 1755
    Returned: 1965

    July 2015 +31
    June 2015 +12
    May 2015 +42
    April 2015 -11
    March 2015 +32
    February 2015 +12
    January 2015 +4
    December 2014 +87
    My paid service for Turkish football


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      Turkish leagues start today. I already started to take the bets.
      My paid service for Turkish football


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        The league started good after an easy home win of Fenerbahce against Eskisehirspor. I already took two early bets for the upcoming games in the league. I am also covering PTT 1. Lig games though I did not take any bet for this league yet. Join the action.
        My paid service for Turkish football


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          After two bad months, got back on the winning ways this month. My special tournament Turkish Cup did not start yet! (previous rounds were not offered in Asians). Lets keep winning.

          My paid service for Turkish football


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            New round starts today. I already took a bet for Eskisehirspor-Kayserispor where I see the bookies made a mistake about the odds. Lets keep up winning.

            My paid service for Turkish football


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              Derby day in the Turkish Super League! Moreover, there will be so many midweek games in the league because of elections next weekend. Join the action.

              My paid service for Turkish football


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                I am having the worst period of my life since August. I took a break until next month. There will be so many Turkish Cup games from the start of next month. It is my strongest weapon against the bookies. Asians don't offer all games so I started to take bets from some Euro bookies like Bet365 for these cup games (for the games Asians don't offer). I made big profit in this period last year, hope to do the same.
                My paid service for Turkish football


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                  Hi all. My favourite tournament Turkish Cup starts today. There will be a lot of games in the following 3 days. I will be giving my tips in my paid service in Blogabet. I will also share a few free bets but after giving them to my clients, of course.

                  My paid service for Turkish football


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                    First day was profitable. Asians did not come up with odds but Pinnacle offered some games. I gave my tips mostly from Bet365 but I also use the Turkish version of SportingBet and did not have any problem with limits. The odds are poor but I guess the biggest concern of the people is being limited instead of getting a bit poor odds when you compare them with Pinnacle or Asians. It is still better to place your bets instead of missing them. Today is the most important day of this midweek round because I have some good bets, one really trusted bet. Still may wait for to see confirmed lineups. There will be an early kick-off at 11:30 in Turkish local time, other early games start at 13:00 in local time. After this round, group stage will start and 96 games will be played in the group stage in a short period. I did not share any free bet yesterday but as I said I will share at least one free bet this round. I will surely share it after giving it to my clients. Hope to keep winning in this cup. Good luck all.

                    My paid service for Turkish football


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                      Thanks God, we have Turkish Cup to bet. It was a great day, I made +30 units on Wednesday after making +12 units on Tuesday. My free bet also cashed in ( There will be 6 games today. Group stage will be played after this round and we will have 96 matches in a short period. Hope to keep making profit.

                      My paid service for Turkish football


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                        Hi all. I am back to business in my paid service of Blogabet. Here is my new season post:

                        I already started to take bets. You can subscribe for my service here:
                        My paid service for Turkish football


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                          Copy-paste from:

                          FC Zimbru Chisinau - Osmanlispor
                          FT(OT excl.) Away -0.75 (AH) @ 1.760
                          8/10 188bet

                          Football / Europa League / Kick off: 14 Jul 2016, 20:00
                          I was set to skip pre-game bet for this match because low odds but the odds rised a bit and pre-game bets are always preferred for members so I decided to take it now. Osmanlispor is my favourite team this season. The team is financed by Ankara mayor Melih Gokcek, he is a very rich man. Osmanlispor is a financially strong team. It is not surprising to see them finishing 5th in their debut season. I think they can do even better this season. They lost Ugur Demirok (center-back) and Torje (winger) but they signed Aykut Demir (center-back) and Engin Bekdemir (winger) to replace him. And they also signed Karcemarskas (goalkeeper) and Diabate (striker). Osmanlispor are playing 4-2-3-1 (sometimes look like 4-3-3) formation. I will write my thoughts for all positions. Goaalkeepers: Last season, Osmanlispor signed Artur from Benfica but he ruled out for the season due to injury. They signed Hakan Arikan in January but he also could not play a lot due to some situations so Osmanlispor had to play with 38 years old Ahmet Sahin. He was not bad but Osmanlispor needed a better goalkeeper and they signed Karcemarskas from Gaziantepspor. One of the best goalkeepers in Turkey. He was linked with Galatasaray and Fenerbahce this summer. Experienced, reliable, talented goalkeeper. Artur is still recovering from injury, he is not in UEFA list, Hakan Arikan will be the back-up. Osmanlispor have two good goalkeepers. Defenders: Osmanlispor's second weakest position was center of defence. I say 'weakest' but I don't mean they are weak on defence. I say it when I compare it to other positions like midfield, forward. Osmanlispor played with Ugur Demirok and Numan for most of the season. Ugur was loaned from Trabzonspor. He did not come in a good shape but he had a really good season. They replaced him with an other on-loan player from Trabzonspor, Aykut Demir. Aykut did not come in a good shape but it was the same situation with Ugur last season and he returned as a player in national team pool. Aykut is familar with city of Ankara. He had his best seasons with an other Ankara club Genclerbirligi. He showed his potential there so I think he can replace Ugur. Numan, who played for most of last season, is not a player on this level. He did not look bad last season because of coach Mustafa Resit Akcay's defensive-minded game-plan. Central midfielders helped them a lot. In fact, Osmanlispor signed two good center-backs last season: Prochazka and Szukala. Both did not play a lot due to some situations (injury, out-of-form, adjusting problems etc). Szukala is just back from injury, not in UEFA list. We will see Prochazka or Numan alongwith Aykut on defence. As full-backs, they have Tiago Pinto (left) and Vrsajevic (right). It is a balanced defence because Vrsajevic likes to join attacks a lot while Tiago Pinto is better on defence. Tiago had an injury, did not play in friendlies. Back-up left-back Muhammed Bayir is a poor player, he struggled a lot against Panathinaikos but I asked (yesterday) general manager of Osmanlispor if they have any missings, I told him the situation of Tiago Pinto. He said they don't have any missings at the moment. I already that Tiago started to train with the team a few days ago so he might start today. Midfield: Musa Cagiran and Mehmet Guven played for most of last season as '2' of 4-2-3-1 formation. Musa is a beast, I don't know why top teams are not after him. Maybe because he had a failed experience with Galatasaray but it was years ago and he is still only 23 years old. He improved a lot. He was one of the best holding midfielders in the league last season, in my view. He had 3 goals, 5 assists. Josef de Souza is playing in a similar position for Fenerbahce and he contributed only 1 goal and 1 assist last season. Musa also had better stats on 'Shots, dribbles, tackles and aerial battle winnings' than Josef de Souza. Badou Ndiaye was playing in front of them. He started last season incredibly great because he was signed from Bodo and Norwegian league was going on so Badou Ndiaye physically was much stronger than everyone in the league. He lost the advantage after November and then he started to feel fatigue because he could not have any time to rest for a very long time (as Norway league started much before than Turkish league). Osmanlispor signed talented midfielder Lawal for this position. Lawal is an indisciplined, wonderfully talented player. He was also linked with Galatasaray and Besiktas recently. He started to play in place of Badou and contributed a lot. Sometimes, coach played Lawal as '2' of 4-2-3-1 formation and Badou played in front of him. They have squad depth here. They lost Torje on the wing but he was started to be back up last season though I rate him highly. They signed winger Delarge in January and he made many assists in 2nd half of last season. It is the typical player Osmanlispor want to play with. Fast winger who can shoot or assist. And they also have one of the most dangerous winger in the league, Aminu Umar. Incredibly fast, great on dribbles, easily pass the opponents. He does not need tricks to do it, he passes them by speed and physical strength. They had experienced strikers like Webo and Rusescu in front. Both are very quality players, could be back up for all top teams in Turkey. They even strengthened the position and signed Diabate from Bordeaux. He was a proven goalscorer in France. Though, I did not see him against Panathinaikos in the last friendly. Maybe he was not ready to play, yet. But he will be much useful whole season for Osmanlispor. Osmanlispor played three friendlies. Drew against CSMS Iasi and Panathinaikos, defeated Charleroi. CSMS Iasi and Panathinaikos will play in Europa League this season and Charleroi lost the Europa League in play-off final last season, not easy opponents. I think Osmanlispor had a good pre-season camp. I watched Zimbru against Chikhura in the previous round. Chikhura won the first leg in away by 1-0 but it could be 3-0, 4-0 easily. In return leg, I don't know how Chikhura blew away the leading two times and lost the tie by a stoppage-time goal. Even though Zimbru have a good home record in European Cups, I rate poorly the team that I watched against Chikhura. The only problem is Osmanlispor coach Mustafa Resit Akcay is a defensive minded man. I predict he will take this game like playing against top teams in Turkey. They will sit back and wait for counters. They are one of the best teams on counters in Turkey but if this game end in a draw, Mustafa Resit Akcay will say he is happy with the result, this is the problem that I pointed out. Otherwise, Osmanlispor are so much stronger and so motivated to reach success in European Cups. You may think "Everyone is motivated in European Cups". You are right but some are more motivated. I can easily say Osmanlispor will be more motivated than Konyaspor and Basaksehir in European Cups this season. Osmanlispor want to make his name known in Europe, it is a long political story. Osmanlispor make debut in Europa League but they have many experienced players like Karcemarskas, Vrsajevic, Webo, Rusescu etc so I don't think it is a big trouble. We have risk of a draw here as I explained why (coach mentality) above but I cannot miss Osmanlispor -0.75 @ 1.70+ against a team that I rate as weak. Osmanlispor become much more dangerous when they find spaces at the back so if Osmanli take the lead we can expect more goals from them. Still, I would prefer live betting here to see how Zimbru play against Osmanlispor but live bets are not easy to take for all so I am taking this as pre-game bet. You can take this bet until it drops to 1.70. If it drops even lower than, take -1 AH with 6 stakes.
                          My paid service for Turkish football


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                            Free preview

                            Game will start one hour later. Copy-paste from my paid service Blogabet account.

                            Manchester United (n) - Galatasaray
                            Full Event Over 3 (O/U) @ 1.943
                            9/10 PINNACLE
                            Football / Friendly / Kick off: 30 Jul 2016, 20:30

                            Manchester United play Galatasaray in Sweden. Manchester United did not have healthy time to train. They had to visit South East. Mourinho did not like it but they had to do due to merchandising agreements. They lost 4-1 against Dortmund in first friendly and their 2nd friendly was cancelled due to bad weather and they are back to Europe. The weather, the stadiums, the training complex were not good enough to train them properly, as Mourinho said. So Mourinho made them train hard since they are back to Europe. Sometimes they made double trainings every day. As Mourinho said, they may be a bit tired today. Galatasaray are playing with high concentration and motivation in this kind of games. Bruma is in a wonderful form. Sneijder and Sinan Gumus are playing with great ambitious and quality but I dont trust their defence. It was their biggest problem last season and they still could not sign a solid defensive midfielder so the problem goes on since Felipe Melo left the team in 2015. Manchester United start with Ibrahimovic, Rooney and Martial. Mkhitaryan start behind them. I expect a high scoring game here.
                            My paid service for Turkish football


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                              Free preview

                              Game will start four hours later. Copy-paste from my paid service Blogabet account.

                              Caykur Rizespor (n) - Hull City
                              Full Event Away -0.50 (AH) @ 1.819
                              9/10 PINNACLE
                              Football / Friendly / Kick off: 03 Aug 2016, 19:30

                              Friendly in Austria. Rizespor had relegation fears last season. It was because of injury to their best player Kweuke. He is still not recovered. I saw his name in team sheets of friendlies but never saw him playing. Rizespor dont have financial problems but their chairman is really stingy. Coach Hikmet Karaman badly wanted two quality players in January, they did not sign anyone. In summer, he again said they need quality signings, he wanted Scarione so much but they did not sign him because of financial reasons. They signed many players but almost all of them are from Mid-East, Arab countries, not known players. They could not renew contracts of Deniz Kadah, Eren Albayrak and Koray Alt***305;nay due to financial reasons, they said these guys wanted much more money. Replacements are not that good. Rizespor's best players are striker Kweuke and goalkeeper Itandje (captain). Kweuke has injury as I said and Itandje wanted to leave the team. He joined the camp late with no permisson from the club. Therefore, the club suspended him from the camp and sent him to the city of Rize. Itandje did not play in any friendlies. Itandje's backups are 21 years old Gokhan and 18 years old Mert, not reliable yet. They parted ways with regular center back, regular left back regular defensive midfielder, regular central midfielder and more players. Add the absence of Kweuke and Itandje into this situation. And there is still more! They signed Iran league topscorer Taremi and his team-mate that I forgot the name. It is rumoured Taremi and his family was threatened for life to return to Persepolis. Therefore, Taremi suddenly decided to leave the camp and returned to Iran. His team-mate also left the team after Taremi. Problems don't end here! Regular player Dhurgham Ismael joined Iraq team for Rio Olympics. They signed two more Iraqi players Ali Faez and Ali Husny, both also joined Iraq national team for Olympics. It means they are also without three players due to national duty. Kweuke is still training apart from the team, not fit. Itandje is in Rize. Board members, chairman is not in Austria (where the team camped). For example, Karabukspar are doing pre-season camp in Holland and some their board members + chairman are in Holland. It is usually like this in other teams but it looks like Rizespor chairman dont care a lot this pre-season camp. They played SIX friendlies and lost all of SIX friendlies. I did not see such a thing for a long time in Turkey. At least, you would have won one of them or get a draw but they lost all. The teams they lost are Bielefeld, Lekhwiya, Genoa, F├╝rth, Freiburg and Al Hilal. I watched Al Hilal against Besiktas. They drew 1-1 but if Besiktas could continue playing with strong lineup they could win 3-1 easily. Rizespor lost 6-2 to that Al Hilal a few days ago! 6-2! you can watch the goals on Youtube, Rizespor defence are nowhere. They looked like an amateur team. Today, they play against a Premier League side, Hull City. I know Hull City look like a weak team for the standard of Premier League. Still without a head coach, need signings etc but Rizespor lost much weaker teams than Hull City. They have many missings. I was surprised when I saw the odds because I was expecting something like 1.30 for Hull City victory but we have 1.80 for their win here. Great offer in my view

                              * The game is expected to be streamed live on Dailymotion. Here:
                              My paid service for Turkish football


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