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    Gryztu after Lithuanian defeat, which left a lot of money.
    As always made ***8203;***8203;it clear that he did not write what usually passes as the VA and now a couple of minutes expired when Dolgopolov won the match 2: 0 with 3.25kof which he took with him was, however, forecasts posted here, but I gave those good fellow who believe in me; D Well now on a bet why go with Gasquet so that I think French and displayed in tennis right now is the vast rise. Yes, Andy won the Past tournament when the finals won against Djokovic, but I'm here only French. I saw him game with Cilic it made ***8203;***8203;a strong impression, perfectly are playing when the opponent filed by the balls, their filing also undefeated it time guaranteed. All here pluses for me only in French, is clearly to take out his GEIMA advantage, but for me in tennis Foros do not like, not basketball, and not football here may but 7: 6, then 6: 0 and baaam advantage does not come I already had such Baer some wins but the advantage nesueina language clearly about plush. So I think today is the day when the fall Andy Murray, it is clear to have maybe here and minus for this but I bet it looks very good and I am giving 7! Good luck who will go along!

    pick: Gasguet @3,25 7/10


    • WEST BROM - CHELSEA KARIS4 Football England Premier

      In fact, this Chelsea is not very strong ball control, but the opponent with the ball at all neuzsib***363;nantis. Last year, the season Chelsea won both times surely, there is a clear and minus, red card, etc. In this season has played with a common opponent, the City of Chelsea 51-49 away from West Brom at home 31-69 and Chelsea disaster, because there is such strong control but I think 55-57 is expected to reach

      pick: OVER (Chelsea ball possesion over 53.5) @1,86 6/10



        Meeting between the first and second place in the Eastern konferencijoi. Augur beautiful basketball match between a very good form of teams. Both teams are different in style but for Overy this is because the benefits of New York likes to dominate after Kase throws and not many three-pointer and Indiana Fever is much faster paced and more megstanti three-pointers. Indiana are playing at home with a big strong push from starting at the low point, the last 5 varzybos ended with 159,163,156,153,183 Total, the first of the season between varzybos Indianoi ended 84-72 home victory. I think for tenacious basketball game between the Indiana which is to dominate three pointers and New York which is to dominate after class.

        pick: OVER (147.5) @1,9 8/10



          Coric catches the rhythm on hard, flat surface to warm up in the fight of their young colleague and rival Zvereva, just nenuskalpavo Wawio now waiting merdintis Giraldo. Anyway, Giraldo has powerful forehands, but more has nothing exceptional. Croatian rallies are distinctly superior to kolumbiet***303;, who recently apsiloĊĦia only divers SMYCZEK, Dutra and Ilhan. Borna me here all the game components beyond the opponent, naturally one should go to the cash register, I hope easy and secured the victory Coric.

          pick: Coric (-2,5) @1,91 10/10



            Because snatch from me and Gonzalez Cervantes' forecasts, and avoid redundancy. But still I think it is worth investing the bet is Kazakh kukushkina set before 1st racket African Kevin Anderson. Have leaned again simple aspects like yesterday that Anderson arrived here only prasilakstyt think and strength neeikvos against GS. We know that the server really big sis rarely uzlosia less ATP tournaments, perhaps a lack of motivation. Last year reached 3roundas, 2nd 2-1 broken Mandarin, and today the opponent like that, only more offensive, which is unfavorable for Anderson. Kazakh while the option of choosing a speck feet here to warm up (defeated Mahut), so it will be easier. Really serious contender against megstantis fight and bite: bad kautasi with Murejum anglijoja, previously Delpy take off and Mayer, the last year were putting up sera from Nole, so for us, ready to fight always. Good luck!

            pick: Mikhail Kukushkin (Handicap setais +1.5) @1,72 7/10



            • A.RUBLEV - G.SOEDA ATEITIS Tennis ATP Tennis

              How much is written off in Russian.
              Rublev is to this day one of the best young players in the world, children and young people were not equal level. Recently passed to men tennis, but there's video does not hurt, it seems well aware that this is only his climbing Olympus.
              Filing an excellent same selfless play and not spare forces is get a lot of demands and often play with dideliusportiniu anger.
              Soeda this neprasta agile Japanese who every time isauna with a bang but in general middle-class player and does not signal anything ipatingo apart as I said rare exceptions.
              Im a Russian +2.5 court advantage because the war and the battle will be fierce, in general I think Rublevo victory isvysim Stay Awhile but let him be cautious. Good luck

              pick: A.Rublev (+2,5) @1,78 10/10



              • BELENENSES - ALTACH ARISTOTELIS Football UEFA Europa League

                Europa League qualification. Second Match between Belenenses and Altach teams. My guess would be that there will be a tie, and offer you this event. Belenenses won the first match 1: 0 away so there is not what they rave. Altach attack comes as no surprise, but Belenenses not attack like eyes burned. In the last 5 Matches up to 3 Belenenses club play a draw, and the last 5 Matches played at home, even 3 draws. Altach as I said very meager offensive arsenal, so it will not be hard to resist, I think the team Belenenses. Realistic, that will end in a draw at zero, but if us first guests somehow, it should compare the Portuguese club and it is possible that competition will end 1: 1. In any case must, acc here looks tempting and I think it is worth a try. If you do not agree with what's safe to write, I wonder discuss and find out the opinions of others . Peace and good luck .

                pick: X @3,35 5/10



                • LITHUANIA - NETHERLANDS MARUSE Basketball Friendly

                  Welcome, basketball meets Lithuania - Netherlands. Choosing Valan***269;i***363;nas 13.5 point more. Dutch national team will not be for his detention. Receives more pasture than others because less was a common practice and should easily hold this over, and John has a good ability to pick up the balls and repeat boyfriend did not apply throws, all tending towards over two matches already played and both times gave up after 14 today be waiting close to 20 points as was very handy, good luck.

                  pick: OVER (Valanciuna over 13.5) @1,75 8/10



                  • NEWCASTLE - ARSENAL KARIS4 Football England Premier

                    The coefficient is not very attractive, but 5 yellow me here too. Does not have neither one nor the other cards in abundance, seen in the previous season averages of it here, we have generally only averages 3.5 yellow cards during the two meetings between 4gk suirnktos. During the first three rounds, Arsenal has collected 3, 6 Newcastle yellow, well, by all here 3-4 cards should be.

                    pick: UNDER (Yellow cards under 4.5) @1,7 6/10



                    • SWANSEA CITY - MU NEW DAY Football England Premier

                      Swansea are greeted MU team at home, I think MU enters and develops good form, sutripo isvikoi 4: 0 Club Brugge, lygiom play with Newcastle before this same Brugge 3: 1 and the victory against Aston Villa 1: 0 and Tottenham 1: 0 although against Tottenham seemed tragic and will score even at MU team, Swansea are playing too Ganan bad for the Factor so good with Chelsiea tie with Sunderland also draws, wins against Newcastle at home, and paskutynes ***8203;***8203;game you get to play with York 3: 0 CAP tournament start is actually quite good, but the walls go to the MU team composition has a really good Rooney raging paskutynese matches I expect from the wall in the same game, and without him the MU team is what beat possible option that Januzajus Neza but without MU Footballer should be able to, go to the MU team success

                      pick: MU (-1.5 handicap) @4,5 7/10



                      • NADAL - CORIC ARISTOTELIS Tennis US Open

                        Spaniard Nadal against the young Croatian talent Coric. This young man quickly climbed into the ATP 100 and form a very good exhibit. Nadal is Myfun player, but lately he struggling to collect victories .. Not knowing that the Hardo he was never worth a try beast sets Overy. Moreover, while Nadal partied in New York, Coric was a pretty good tournament in Winston-Salem, where these landed during the tournament champion Anderson. Another fact that Coric was already defeated Nadal on hard. I'm not saying that today's happiness, but at least I will take a set. And if you somehow win, I do not think that Nadal will get dry. Word of Ratio I look good for an event .

                        pick: OVER (3.5 seto) @1,85 8/10



                        • DUNDALK - SHAMROCK ROVERS NEFORMALAS Football Ireland Premier

                          Well, I hope sitas months will be much more profitable than the last end. The words start with the really quite good aboard the Stafka, a sole league victory at home against the leader in third place in the Shamrock Rovers. Dundalk this season shows superb permanence of what they pay off 5 points lead the top of the League of Ireland (+ 1 Event, play is less than the second place in Cork City). Shamrock Rovers after a tragic past season, was able to recover and the like that next season again take part in the league selection. Dundalk home record this season is an impressive 13 wins from 17 match. The only meeting for these clubs ended in a draw 2-2 Shamrock Rovers at home. I go with a home win this season as their record talkative than himself.

                          pick: Dundalk @1,9 8/10



                          • CANADA - CUBA RAMIAKASS Basketball American champ

                            Canada as a whole should eat Cubans into a single pancreas. Canada young team running a lot, most of the players from the NBA, this style is that it not deleted before throwing confidently and attacked the earliest opportunity pasitaikius.Kanadieciai yesterday shed the Argentinians, but gave up plenty tasku.Snd opponent's weak, should properly pasismagint Canadians and perhaps thrown even 100 or more.

                            pick: OVER (Canada total 93.5) @1,85 9/10



                            • J. SOCK - R. BEMALMANS _ATP_WTA_ Tennis US Open

                              Another couple this evening, which my discretion should all be like from a textbook. Bemelmans made a surprise Muller defeated, but this is not a surprise what would today I picked him at Seta. Muller wooden Bemelmans and the kind of bad is dealing, and that a much lower level players, but to have a good day and it was enough for him. thus overestimated. Belgian is the lower-tier player, rubbing challenger level, and there from time to time flashes and all its capacity and potential and at the end, juicy, terribly tasty also limited to the extent abarotu turning. So here's his chance of seeing a little more serious fight. American good levels, although there is no Special shape which is a very serious contender for every top 50 level, however, this evening should not create more problems, the tournament hallmark encourages toes each, conditional home tournament, so is his hope tinkamesniopoziurio than I have seen precisely these contestants duel quite recently. The result of the duel is likely to deceive, but the image clearly in the ventilation do not see major Sansu Belges here cling to the set, not to mention the victory. Does not have some sort of Belgian weapons which may be invoked against an American, I look at this duel did not find anything for delko suabejociau The outcome, so here pameginsim and invest.

                              pick: J. Sock (-2,5 set) @1,95 5/10



                              • GEORGIA-NETHERLANDS - TOTAL 141.5+ RAMUNIUS Basketball Eurobasket 2015

                                Well what begins long-awaited championship. It got caught in my opinion quite small given totaly Georgian-Dutch couple. Comparing the composition of Georgians superior on paper, especially the front line with Pachulia and Shengelia forefront .. Dutch players do not really know, but as far as I have seen little ones left a good impression .. In sum, I hope Dutch fast-paced, because while playing positional krepsini have nothing to offer a good front line with Georgians. And I see the only hook Dutch cling to victory in this fast-paced game .. I hope this will happen .. good luck.

                                pick: OVER (Total 141.5+) @1,85 6/10



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