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  • PANATHINAIKOS - UNICAJA SUPERINIS1944 Basketball Euroleague

    After the news that Kuze Neza Unicaja ranks as here I see no other choice. Mindaugas is this season's leader Unicaja my eyes unambiguously, the man who tightens the team, when it is difficult and so the words of the team should be quite deep crisis. On the other hand PAO has a good lineup, and although not always this season the composition of screws up, like maybe but could, but now top16 stage in the first round descend Away Fenerbahce, victory must be today, a great gate 13 of the side leads to the fact that the RSO today to celebrate quite mild The victory over nukraujavusius guests.

    pick: Panathinaikos (Panathinaikos -7.5) @1,9 8/10



      My head here should be above 200 pixels, a team both like to attack and I can only see over here. Meneses played against unto bucks and then left just 197

      pick: OVER (197) @1,89 8/10


      • VEF - LOKO ZALATORIUS Basketball VTB

        Victor Zalatorius began the new year at three winner, later prasileido 6 red peaks in a row. It is clear you are between 6 lost'u only option 1 was lower than 3 koeficientasu and taking a moderately nematytumem streak right now, but most of the decisions were good and that they have no regrets.
        Here I will take one more compelling varianteli. Dangerous, but not bad. Latvians adopt locomotive. The Russians are very victorious Euroleague This year, accompanied by success, and success was last mace. But Loco is not the elite team, and natural that VTB them doing that well. VTB has 8W and 5L. Several defeat was quite unexpected and today their defeat would not be a very big surprise. VEF'as were always dangerous at home, if you are falling trajakelis can flow away and stronger. The last pair of victories in the Euroleague locomotive was sounding Delaney miraculous appearance. And visumoj Loko is not anything magical. Sukovot Latvians should be here. Good luck

        pick: VEF (+8,5) @2,09 7/10


        • This total with this factor really should try. Returned Gentile replaced with every race he trying to return to its normal rhythm and role- it is all the initiative to take on yourself. Really I do not understand why the points are moved to the top of Simon Total and something else and shoot down 11.5 Overa koeficientasa, but now without talking value go under only. Yes, Croat spends a lot of time on the court, but such totala Euroleague when playing Gentile, Simon overino only 2 times in 6 games. Italian league, scrutinized so carefully, but with Gentile Square, Simon such totala also overindavo less than half of the game. Plus now in good shape McLean, Macvanas also, so far, it seems the waves and if someone handles behind Simon Overy due to the fact that the injured Hummelsas, it is rather funny. Good luck!

          pick: UNDER (11.5 points) @2 7/10



            Tonight I go to the Knicks and against whom they played except in Brooklyn. No one expected that the Knicks caught the wave and the wave of fracture already seems to be very, very close, but I do not think that today. Brooklyn wretched and hungry Knicks. It is necessary to take such a victory, especially when you are on the Play-off line and the whole team is motivated, a great atmosphere. Carmelo Probably Nelo, but without it perfectly Knicks went on in the second half vs. the Celtics. Why not today in a match ... -C

            pick: New York Knicks (-5.0) @2 7/10




              Oly still nepralaim***279;jusi top 16 team, losing at home is very rarely the last time in Ephesus. Favorites of this competition really reliable firm office, great game two against two. Come Brose, who are also excellent playing two against two, with an excellent coach. While there clearly everyone knows that oly chores, and it is likely that they will win but these two teams play both in attack and the top guard is similar. I think Brose definitely will not lose more than 10tašk***371;.

              pick: Brose baskets +10 @1,77 8/10



              • GULBIS E. - CHARDY J. +PLIUSAS+ Tennis Australian Open

                Well today ends for snapping a bomb on the tennis world that properly rotate and betting here. No wonder, when most of the Apple Mac ends really suspicious way. I travel maybe not for the best option, but are attracted to me, Truly this bet. Latvian pays Lost FIG seizes the level tenisininkam, but pay and driokstelt when reikiant. I do not expect that here so easily, well let down. French is really a corpse, cruel to me the game, and LPG. Latvian and can really cling to victory with ease. Maybe you how much rather be in the sample swan victory, but still I'm trying to take the safer option. Do not expect that everything here runs through 3SET., So as believing that the Latvian pakovos take of his plush.

                pick: Gulbis E. (+5) @1,98 8/10



                • NAPOLI - INTER LILLARDAS Football Other Futbolas

                  Well, that Napoli won victory at home I am sure 99%, so I try and -1, because not surprised at all and 3-0 or 4-1 as knowing what zverys year is Napoli and especially at home where in the first 20 minutes are often determined by the match-fixing. Offensive machine treated as working at full capacity and is not visible to the closure of even the slightest hint. At between Inter started the season very well and played good, quality, Italian viscosity defensive football, almost missed and hit her own after 1 or 2 goals. But now maybe 4 or 5-offs are never stopped, started prasileisti, which themselves have put them always had a problem more than 1 goal so strewn defeats and a draw against not the strongest teams. Trying to defend here and they spend as little as possible and stretch of Naples in their stadium, where they can play 1-0 or 0-0, but I doubt very much whether Naples will sign in this scenario. I think here Complete Affairs and nesiterlios retaliation, why needlessly afflict anyone on further, if it can brush off your square that has lost its form Inter finished crooked stick. Acc. It fell from 2.1 to 1.67, so that the whole world is making themselves known masofke and Italy is already iskart sounds ominous, and I do not want to throw money here, but if you are not picking up Naples will declare to these circumstances, and they will play as well as I will make them and hope. So my guess would be at least 2-0, but the most realistic option in my eyes it would be 3-1.

                  pick: Napoli (-1) @2,22 8/10



                  • TRABZONSPOR - GRISSIN REGGIO EMILIA ALON Basketball Eurocup

                    Lenders still one EuroCup match, and went back to the guests. In fact as far as me and surprising fact is that the Turks Kolka Eurocup won 5 of 6 matches played at home. But personally I think there is a team that is somewhat and overperformina "(at least in the first stage), and certainly can try running catching the lead, the more so as their main weapon is attack. So after the first stage of the team left the two leaders Kinsey and Johnson -Odom gone to the Euroleague teams, and they were replaced by Ryan Thompson, who Crvena zvezdoi anchor was more than useful player and another amerikonas (both together elected after 12tšk). So the reason why I go to the house is that the current team's success is highly dependent on the 3 players (Hardy, Kulig, Stipanovic). Trabzonspar and just a very unpredictable attack. One day 80tšk can easily exceeded the limit, and watch the other has only 70 tesumeta. Looking at the current composition here practically collected only decent starting five ~ with more attacking type of legionnaires Hardy Kulig, Stipanovic, Thompson and Velickovic (of which more the rest of the name than the game with a gruesome hit percentage while and injury to persecute continuous), while on the bench sits practically secondary role of the younger Turks. Here are some statistics you when leaving Kinsey and Johnson-Odom, to approximately form an opinion about the following command: -paskutin***279;se domestic league match against one of the weakest teams in points scored 6 players, three of them and only four less. -EuroCup Last32 stage 3 Players collect an average of ~ 52 team points out of 80. So reziujuomant, depending on the given lines, and opponent, I think it is worth to try EIT Italians, the more so since a tour match lost quite a considerable margin, and the second from sequence similar matches can be fatal to fight for positions TOP2 group.

                    pick: Grissin Reggio Emilia (Reggio Emilia +4) @1,9 8/10



                    • DARUSSAFAKA - ULKER GAMBIT21 Basketball Euroleague

                      I feel very good Ulker minus embodiment as Ulker demonstrating excellent form currently winning against all but lost to Darussafaka least 5 times iseiles. Ulker with all healthy and able to play a full pajegumu.sios two teams have already played for two times in this season, both times won Ulker 5TS 3ts.taciau and it was the season's start when Ulker still buksavimi and did not exhibit such games as currently so I should easily walk

                      pick: OVER (Ulker -6.5ts) @1,9 8/10



                      • TSONGA - NISHIKORI RONALDO7 Tennis Australian Open Published 2016/01/23 19:27 | 0 thanks | 90 views 01/24 02:00 Violation Thank
                        Blatné did not show anything before garcia lopez nisikoris. The lavoniskai lose managed Seta nusigriebt. Neither gave the good belekiek unforcedu dare and still bruised hand. Apsibintaves was definitely healed within a couple of days maybe, but over the long haul will feel the pain, but only apsibintavus unforcedu more began to bear. I say surprising, what I have seen. Tsonga perhaps unimpressive apart servo, but can move, plus not often surprised, but her fight win, and here unimpressive opponent. Another serious contender did not have to warm up courts and DBR hope so victories.

                        pick: Tsonga (Tsonga wim) @2,15 7/10



                        • RAONIC - WAWRINKA LILLARDAS Tennis Australian Open

                          Well, I do not like neither one player, so here it does not play any sympathy - antipathy to this Act. Just seeing that coefficient. the composition of the ranking, although it should not be this way because of my personal uprights to Raonic This year are playing better thanks Wawrinka. Both players nepralaimejo more than one meeting this year, but Raonic game looks much more confidently, and dominant and the opponent was much stronger, even for Federer is no hope for victory is not given. Wawrinka also are playing well, but he or slowly improves their shape and do not show all the option or not play as a dominant as last year or the year before. In reality, many players maz equal to this day, fans will say that Wawrinka Wawrinka better Raonic fans will say that it is better, but the reality is that equal-equal. And since the equal-equal to that mode higher coefficient, which is not even similar to the equals-equals. laim***279;tioja most likely Spree several small detail makes the 2.5 coefficient. for me. My guess would be 3: 1 Raonic.

                          pick: Raonic @2,52 8/10



                          • FERRER - ISNER TUTIS1 Tennis Australian Open

                            And again, I try to share the AO, because personally everything goes quite well in this tournament. Today Lithuanian time in the morning between two very Skirnas players, the Spaniard is small and very tenacious player actually does not feed, Isner is quite different floor and has a great innings, but rallies are certainly much weaker than the Spanish. Ferrer before Isner relationship is very good. I do not know what to talk here is not actually feeding prior to admission, and still a very big plus for the Spaniard is stable in the parking rallies, where he will be able to simply uzvaikyti American.

                            pick: Ferrer (-2) @1,85 7/10



                            • FENERBAHCE - CEDEVITA SAMSUNG13 Basketball Euroleague

                              Very you will agree that Cedevita is a powerful home, but ... they skystoki outings. Fenerbache have good form, it brings all the images. That there will be guided 15-20tšk even I hesitated, but Fenerbache not always able to maintain a psychological build-up to the end of the match. 4k***279;linyje like to take a break and so senarijus almost ended very sadly match against Darussafaka. As a result, I choose a lower handicap stones, and the coefficient pasiderinsiu in combination. TOP16 stage long, even for 10 matches, but so far Ulker won the previous 4. Lean back still early, but these victories together and develop points of difference - the same. -C

                              pick: Fenerbahce (-9.0) @1,5 10/10



                              • CRVENA ZVEZDA - LOKOMOTIV CUBA CIA Basketball Euroleague

                                Well, do not expect that the Serbs here will be a massive bet, so I try to go with them. The coefficients are arranged more or less correctly, maybe slightly the favorites and Belgrade should be a star, but this season Loko phenomenon is still surprising bookmakers and blurred favorite status gives namely a Russian team. However, one must admit that the Serbs their phenomenality robe also discovered. Especially when playing at home. Early in the season, perhaps the most nukraujavusi-season team, in my opinion, was considered practically the weakest and least promising a team. However, during the course of the season Serbs rise like a phoenix from the ashes, and their playing time curve until now there is still upward. Euroleague home crossed giants Real, Khimky, Unicaja and many others. Look Beyond the defeat Ulker, as the season progress has already shown that the Turks simply is very inconvenient for the Serbs and with the team all the matches on a flat double-digit margins. Single Adriatic league defeat only reaffirms what it is haunting the coach and the player's thoughts, mood and motivation. Where the Zvezda Wina be able to get 2.2 or more, is it ever a good choice, now maybe even as far as missing until more parking, but the charge today still overperforminius Loko and expect another one of their three pointers fiesta Belgrade hell, I do not seem reasonable. I would say seimininku Sansai laim***279;tii 60/40, so weigh everything I travel with Serbs. Good luck!

                                pick: Crvena zvezda (-3) @2,6 6/10



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