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BA Approved sites

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    BA Approved sites

    List of BA Approved Sites:

    [FONT=Courier New][SIZE=4]
    MilosNS Mailing list

    Footy Analysis

    AB Team (

    Pecheli - lost BA Approved tag since 20/02/2012
    365tips - lost BA Approved tag since 23/02/2012
    Betplace BA Approved tag since 08/01/2013 LOST HIS BA Approved tag since 26/12/2012 for rules, pm, emails ignoring. LOST his BA Tag and topic locked because sent emails after kick off or sometime during the game, after the game...
    Priceform - lost BA Approved tag since 05/08/2011 as stopped everything with us
    PreMatches Premium - lost BA Approved tag since 24/09/2012 as stopped everything with us and nothing to verify as all stats are free
    Betting-RSS - lost BA Approved tag since 09/11/2012 for stealing picks to other services and then unfair move...
    German quality tips/Wett-king - lost BA Approved tag since 28/07/2011 As stopped to proof, website down etc - lost BA Approved tag since 27/03/2012 As stopped to proof
    Trubetting - lost BA Approved tag since 19/02/2012 As stopped to proof
    SB-Sports (Spencer Blake) - lost BA Approved tag since 07/10/2012 As stopped to proof
    Betscorer - lost BA Approved tag since 28/07/2011 As stopped to proof, website down etc - lost BA Approved tag since 07/04/2012 As stopped to proof, website down etc - lost BA Approved tag since 31/03/2012 As stopped to proof
    Your Finnish Agent - lost BA Approved tag since 30/10/2012 As stopped his Business - lost BA Approved tag since 15/12/2012 As stopped to proof, website down etc - lost BA Approved tag since 2012 As stopped to proof, website down etc
    Pdpbet - lost BA Approved for deleting past records from their website[/U]

    Tennis Desire lost his BA Tag as not proofing anymore since ages... lost his tag as failed to prove accurately

    The CashCow disappeared and failed to prove aswell
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    "Better to live hundred years as a millionaire, than one week in poverty!"

    Now before anyone starts shooting at me, just a few remarks:
    -If some service is forgotten by accident, please PM me or some other moderator responsible for tips websites section.
    -Some sites lost their status today as they stopped proofing some times ago even though their sites and threads are still active. Some sites lost their status as they were inactive (or dead) for some time.
    -BA approved tag doesn't by any chance mean that we follow each approved site day by day, and that we monitor them all the time and guarantee 100% accuracy of their records. We will not provide datasheet for any of service, neither will make such information even on request. Services are being checked from time to time and in case you see some misconduct or dishonesty from some site, you are welcome to PM one of assigned moderator. Such sites can easily get their thread locked and will lose BA approved tag.
    -Sites already monitored by verifybet don't need to proof to BA so they will not get BA approved tag.

    In the meantime, I want to ask all services proofing more than 4 months to write a note in this thread (in case they don't already have BA approved tag). We will try to finish checking up of each such service very fast, so this list will be constantly updated.
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    "Better to live hundred years as a millionaire, than one week in poverty!"


      I have today closed the email forwarding of the BA Surveillance service.
      THis was originally a service were BA forum moderators and volenteers checked and verified the services of paid tips sites, to see that their stats were correct, and that they were not cheating their customers.

      Lately, there has been allegations made against some of the BA moderators, in a specific case (the S.O.S scam).
      BA can not, and will not, have such suspicions hanging over us, and espescially not when this was a free service, originally designed just to be a way of tips sites promoting themselves in the jungle of paid tips.
      The moderators in question have been suspended while I am trying to get to the bottom of what has been going on (or not).
      As a result, I have decided that such a service can not continue, as it is too insecure, and to prone to eventual mishaps and misuse.

      Every site in the Tips website section which has a BA Approved tag will lose it from this day.
      We urge forum users to use caution, and personally I have never paid for picks, and never will. I do understand there is a market for this out there, but BA will not encourage such a market through verifying their services.
      The tips websites are allowed to promote their services in the forum though, as long as they follow the rules outlined in the Tips Websites subforum. See further below.

      The websites using this service is being notified in automatic email responses.
      The automail to the websites sending in mail is as follows:


      BA Surveillance has been a free service for tips proofing since 2010. We have now decided to discontinue this service due to allegations of misuse and misconduct of this service, and this will ofcourse not be tolerated.

      All emails sendt to [email protected] will from now on not be read, and not checked/verified any more.

      You are ofcourse free to promote your services in the Bettingadvice forum Tips Websites forum, as long as you comply to the rules there.
      Tips website forum:

      Extensive rules:

      Thank you for your time and understanding.

      Terje Grefstad
      "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
      - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


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