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    Macot January Single #34.
    17:00 Malaga v Getafe.
    Spain Primera.
    It is going to be the third game between these two teams in two weeks and we should take advantage of it.
    First two games ended with one win per each team, but Getafe was more succesful, they managed to qualify to Cup quarterfinals with great 5-1 home win.
    Still, this game is going to be played under different motivation and Getafe cant be considered favourites. EVen more, their away form is surely not good enough to threat Malaga.
    For those who dont follow Primera very closely, Malaga are only 18th on the table, but they are one of the teams with longest unbeaten streaks: 8 games since they were last beaten!
    The vast majority of those were draws, but it gives us asvantage with our level balls bet.
    Getafe away from home are not so strong, they are currently in the top half of the standings, but it was the same a couple of years ago. Without special motivation, Getafe played worse second part of the season. I expect Malaga to have upper hand here, another 2-1 win would be my call!
    Verdict: Malaga (0:0) AH @1,86 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,80.< 1-0 WON

    Macot January Single #35.
    17:00 Elche v Gimnastic.
    Spain Segunda.
    And finally, my last Sunday bet. As the others, it is from spain, this time I have chosen my over of the day from Segunda.
    For those who follow this league, several results were really weird. Especially those where Las Palmas was involved. I never liked all the talks about game fixing, but after all those findings in the last year, I cant stay blind. In one of those games, Elche was involved.
    They are a nice, attacking team that had high hopes for this season, but they couldnt fulfill high expectations. And then they played some surprising games, and for those who are deep into theories about fixing, an interesting triangle occured last two weeks: Elche v Las Palmas 2-5, Murcia v Elche 0-2 and finally yesterday Las Palmas v Murcia 0-3!!
    Anyway, one thing we can be sure about: when elche plays, there are goals galore. Their average is way over 3 and this is going to be a chance Nastic score a couple too.
    And, hell yes Do we have another triangle in forming? Nastic v Celta 0-2, Elche v Nastic ?
    Verdict: Over 2,25 @2,04 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,98.< 2-2 WON
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      Other leans for tomorrow are:
      Schalke v Nuernberg (+1,25) AH 1 @1,95 1-0 LOST 1/ 2
      Augsburg v Cottbus Over 2,75 @2,15 3-1 WON
      Santander v Valladolid 1 @2,00 (Canales!) 1-1 LOST

      Macot specials #6, #7 and #8.
      Almeria (-2) EH 1 @8,50 WillHill 2 units 1-1 LOST
      Xerez 2 @7,07 Pinny 2 units 0-0 LOST
      Elche Over 4.5 goals @9 WillHill 2 units 2-2 LOST

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        January statistics.
        Singles Number of bets: 32; 16w/16l; Stake: 320.00; Profit: 319.15 (-0.85); Yield: 0%. (3 void bet not counted!)
        Combos Number of bets: 3;Stake: 15; Profit: 8.52 (-6.48).
        Specials Number of bets: 8; Stake: 20; Profit: 0 (-20.00).
        Overall units stake: 355.00; won: 327.67 (-27.33); Yield: -8%.

        Singles Number of bets: 10; 3w/7l; Stake: 100.00; Profit: 55.60 (-44.40); Yield: -45%. (0 void bets not counted!)
        Combos Number of bets: 1;Stake: 5; Profit: 0.00 (-5.00).
        Specials Number of bets: 0; Stake: 0; Profit: 0 (0).
        Overall units stake: 105.00; won: 55.60 (-49.40); Yield: -55%.

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          Macot January Singles #36 and #37.
          20:45 Newcastle United v WBA.
          English Championship.
          What a great game for Monday evening. There will be no action in Premiership and from other leagues only boring Bundesliga 2 game between two ex mights... so this must be the game of the day.
          And yes, there is a great value in it, bettingwise.
          First of all, there is no doubt in my eyes who is the best team of this league. Newcastle are leaders, they are in form and they are unbeatable at home: 8-3-0 is hell of a statistics.
          On the other side, if Newcastle are the best team of the league, West Brom must be considered as second best. They are currently third, but have two games in hand towards Nottingham Forest who are in front of them. Still, there are pointers which show they are going to lose tonight.
          First of all, WBA are not in great form and they are coming off home loss against another great team, Forest. But more importantly, West Brom are chocking against big teams. They have lost against Nottingham at home (1-3), previous to that they managed to draw against QPR at home (2-2), and prior to that they lost against another might of this league, at home against Cardiff (0-2). Even more, loss before that was against another strong team, at home to Swansea! So, we could call them chokers!
          Now to my other bet: of course we expect such teams to score goals. Newcastle are clinical at home, their normal result is 2-0, but against strong, attacking team they will surely both score and recieve. That is a game that could end with my favourite result, 4-1, but I wont bet on it as I see it a bit tighter, perhaps 3-1!
          Than their is history too. Newcastle are 7-1-0 in last 8 home games against West Brom and havent lost to them in last 42 years! And finally, both teams have almost whole teams available, Newcastle mii Lovenkrands and Barton and WBA miss noone worth mentioning!
          Verdicts: Over 2,5 @2,21 SBOBet. Take from 2,11.< 2-2 WON
          Newcastle @2,11 Pinnaclesports. Take from 2,05.< 2-2 LOST

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            Next weeks there will be Handball action and Olympics, so Sina is going to be involved. After a poor start he is eager to turn the trend!
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              Sina January Single #11.
              20:15 Iceland v Serbia.
              Handball EC.
              So, it starts today! Two picks on the first day will hopefully give us a good start. It is always tough to bet on the first day of such event, but on the other side, bookies are also having doubts about teams and we can get some value.
              The first game I am taking is between strong, athletic Iceland and talented Serbia. Bookies made Iceland favourites, rightly so. They are a team with great history, some ups and downs but it looks like Iceland is becoming a might again. Their players are used of strong, manly game, which they perform in Bundesliga and besides, they are traditionally a bogey team for Serbia. We still remember big losses up to 10 points difference. I dont say this will happen today, but Iceland are surely at least 70% favourites and odds are OK.
              Verdict: Home win @1,72 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,70<. 29-29 LOST (they were leading 59:34 minutes!)

              Sina January Single #12.
              20:30 Sweden v Slovenia.
              Handball EC.
              History must be forgotten when betting and we dont need to be afraid to bet against "names".
              And Sweden are a name, they are the most succesfull Scandinavian team of all times, but on the other side, they are the weakest of them all at the moment. Sweden dont have so much talent as they had in the past and they dont play sophisically as they used to. Results in near past show, they are well beatable.
              Now, Slovenia. A team that is almost always present on this championship but only once managed to get a real result: on their own turf, when Slovenia won silver. At the moment we have a team that is capable to play well against some better teams in Europe, but we lack confidence and expirience right now. Still, in the preparations, we managed some very good games which surely gives us hope. We played against Danish and were on par for the majority of the match. And Danish are stronger than Sweden right now. Our team knows: if we dont win this one, we will probably go out. Germany and Poland are much, much tougher oponents. So motivation today is going to be 100% and this is a typical 50-50 game. Great value!
              Verdict: Away win @3,30 Pinnaclesports. Take from 3,00<. 25-27 WON

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                Macot January Single #38.
                20:00 Arles v Strasbourg.
                French Ligue 2.
                Well, we will continue to go with Strasbourg here. They are now showing that they are ready for a serious climb towards promotion places, which in fact are only 10 points away and with a half of season still to be played, Alzatian team is not out of it yet. And they know it!
                4-1 win over high flying Laval was a real tester after they were eliminated from the cup (against Lyon). And this away game at the toughest of all places is going to show wihtout a doubt what they are up to.
                Good news is, Strasbourg are going to be able to use their best players bar one.
                On the other side, as said Arles are the best home team, but they are now in a little decline, what is not surprising for a team that just got promoted from Ligue National.
                So, I will bet on trend, form and quality here, yes I believe Strasbourg have more in it, they are still a promotion candidates.
                Verdict: Strasbourg (0:0) AH @2,40 Unibet. Take from 2,30.< 1-1 VOID

                Macot January Single #39.
                20:45 Notts County v Forest Green.
                FA Cup.
                For sure over of the day for me, this is going to be as close to a banker as possible.
                Even if they are only League 2 team, Notts county are now a team with great aspirations, they have a good stadium, they are a strong home team and they will play a Conference oposition.
                Saying that, I have to add, Forest Green are one of the poorest teams in their league and they are a team with one of the poorest defences. Still, they are in a kind of a good run now, scoring regularly so what I expect here is goals on both sides, of course clear home win and my results 4-1 and 5-1 pop into my mind here!
                Verdict: Over 2,75 @1,91 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,87.< 2-1 WON 1/2

                Macot January Single #40.
                20:00 Chateauroux v Angers.
                Ligue 2.
                I am proposing another over today, from French Ligue 2 where we still get great odds for such bets- sometimes they have great value.
                When Chateauroux are playing I am always keen to take goals, because they are such and erratic team, a team capable of getting big wins and big losses, although lately it was more poor results and less wins.
                On the other side, Angers were always a capable team, a quality one, I cant mark them as an over team, but surely they have capacity to score in any game.
                Now, this one must be covered by 1-1 scoreline which is highly likely here, still good value with over.
                Verdict: Over 2,25 @2,11 Pinnaclesports. Take from 2,05.< 2-0 LOST 1/2

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                  Macot specials #9.
                  Tevez to score anytime @2,60 BWin 4 units scored 2 goals until 80th minute! WON
                  There is going to be a lot of motivation in Tevez today, and he is also in fantastic form. To score against ex team, it will surely be his aim today.
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                    Macot January Single #41.
                    22:00 Deportivo La Coruna v Sevilla.
                    Copa del Rey.
                    We have watched Sevilla a lot recently and of course, they dont have the best of results recently. Yes, they managed to eliminate Barca but there were several factors that helped: in the first game, Barca didnt play their real game in the second Deportivo were totally outplayed but managed to qualify on away goals rule.
                    On the other side, Deportivo also had a good result, they eliminated Valencia, also with away win and home draw.
                    But, the problem Sevilla are having right now, are many missings, they are depleted and are playing every week twice. That has to show sooner or later.
                    Deportivo are grinders, they will play a game on 0, try to keep the net empty, I dont see a lot of danger on our side, they shouldnt lose and with a draw we get our stakes back. But my prediction is 1-0 or about!
                    Verdict: Deportivo (0:0) AH @2,02 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,96.< 0-3 LOST

                    Macot January Single #42.
                    17:00 Nacional de Madeira v Pacos de Ferreira.
                    Portuguese Cup.
                    A lot of value with over in this game, surely.
                    Portuguese league is considered as low scoring one, but some teams are excempions and one of these are Nacional. Besides, this is Cup game, not league and there we see more goals.
                    First of all, Nacional are a might at home and they are the better of two teams. I do believe they will win this match.Their home average of goals is 3 per game at home, while Pacos show 2.2 goals per game away scoring and recieving the same. So it means, we need a cover with 1-1.
                    Anyway, Nacional will try to win it surely, it looks like both to score, too. I would take it -0,75 home win, but as it is Cup and there will be changes, I am afraid. Could end 2-2 and ruin it!
                    Verdict: Over 2,25 @2,09 Pinnaclesports. Take from 2,05.< 1-2 WON

                    Macot January Single #43.
                    20:45 Oldham v Tranmere.
                    League 1.
                    I will continue backing Tranmere Rovers here. They are now showing vast improvment over what they played in the beginning of the season under Barnes. With two games in hand, they will surely leave relegation zone soon, the first oportunity to make ground is today when they play direct rivals Oldham Athletic.
                    Oldham on the other hand are still struggling and I see no improvements there. They managed only one win in last 10 games, against lowly Exeter and are struggling even against teams like Wycombe.
                    It is going to be a scrappy game, although I dont rule out Over here, but the better choice is X2 on Tranmere. After all, they have lost only two out of last 5 away games. Also, they played well in FA Cup against Wolves, they have potential!
                    Verdict: Tranmere (+0,5) AH @1,85 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,80.< 0-0 WON

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                      Sina January Single #13.
                      18:30 Slovenia v Germany.
                      Handball EC.
                      Once again, we will back Slovenia, they showed a lot more than Germany in the first game and there are other factors that speak on small countries team.
                      First advantage they have is surely their coach. If anyone, than he knows German players. He was an extremely succesfull coach in Kiel and he is familiar with the way Germans play as a team and even more he knows what to expect from their oponents, one by one. Slovenia showed a great mental strenght in the first game, came back from 12-18 in the second half and won with 15-7 streak!
                      On the other side, Germans were no match for Polish and result is flattering them. In reality, they should lose 5 points difference at least, but Polish as it normally is, stopped playing some 5 minutes too early.
                      This is going to be a tight match at least, there are factors as referees, big nation etc, but qualitywise, Slovenia should win this! I propose straight win @2,97 too!
                      Verdict: Slovenia (+1,5) AH @1,95 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,90<. 34-34 WON

                      Sina January Combo #2.
                      Poland v Sweden 1 @1,45 +3
                      Hungary v Spain 2 @1,25 +7
                      Combo @1,81 10 units! WON
                      BWin (I am sure you can get better odds)
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                        Sina January Single #14.
                        20:15 Serbia v Denmark.
                        Handball EC.
                        Only short reasoning this time. Serbians are a team that Denmark finds tough to beat. They have a strong defence which doesnt suit Denmark way of playing. Also, we need to take into account good results of Balcan teams against Scandinavians lately. This game is going to be very close an I will take this handicap!
                        Verdict: Serbia (+2,5) AH @1,91 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,87<. 23-28 LOST

                        Sina January Single #15.
                        20:10 Norway v Russia.
                        Handball EC.
                        These odds are clear underestimation of Russians. I have watched Norway and I must say I wasnt impressed, against Croatia they were very onesided. On the other side, Russians were also very physical, too. This is going to be a game between two similar teams, I think it will be decided in the finish. Odds on Russia are value!
                        Verdict: Russia (+1,5) AH @2,05 Pinnaclesports. Take from 2,00<. 24-28 LOST

                        Sina January Single #16.
                        19:30 Hamburg v Hannover.
                        Hockey Bundesliga.
                        Hot local derby here, and I see Hannover as much more eager team to take important points in their fight for playoffs. I know Hamburg will never give anything to their rivals, but in such games, home support can decide. A great tame to watch, home team will get points they need so desperately!
                        Verdict: Hannover (0:0) AH @1,96 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,90<. 2-0 LOST

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                          Macot January Single #44.
                          17:00 Cameroun v Tunisia.
                          African Cup of Nations.
                          Only one bet on Thursday, the weekend is approaching with some great action, we need some rest! Not many games on offer anyway.
                          But this one seems to me like a very valuable one.
                          In fact, both teams dissapointed with their displays so far, so making one of them as favourites is not a good decision. 50-50 game with great value.
                          On one side, we have a team with great name and history, but Cameroun doesnt play well. Loss against Gabon is surely not a good recomendation before the game against one of the mights in Africa. But, on the other side, Cameroun can live with a draw, which means they wont push for a win.
                          On the other side, Tunisia will try to win their first game which would allow them to qualify. They are more organized team of the two, as the north african teams normally are, and now when they need to win they will show all their skills.
                          An open game in my opinion, with goals. I go for 2-1 away win!
                          Verdict: Tunisia (+0,5) AH @2,01 SBOBet. Take from 1,95.< 2-2 WON
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                            A terrible day for Sina and he was mad on me because I made a mistake on Hannover pick, which in fact was Hamburg. You probably noticed from preview he was betting on home team, but I thought Hannover are home team and made a terrible mistake.
                            Sorry for that to you and him...
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                              Macot January Single #45.
                              20:45 Olympique Saumur v Rennes.
                              French Cup.
                              Well, this looks onesided as it can...
                              Rennes of course are one of the top teams in France in last 4-5 seasons. They always end in top7 of Ligue 1 and are very consistant. They surely will make some changes today, but are a team with good, wide team and shouldnt have problems. Such bets are about class and quality difference.
                              So, who are Olympique Saumur?
                              They are a CFA2 team from 30.000 town near Tours and Angers, in Loire region. They are an average team in their class and have no successes or giant killings from the past of which I would be aware.
                              So, where is CFA2?
                              In France Ligue 1 is the top rank. Below is Ligue 2, second grade professional league and National is the lowest fully pro league.
                              Then there are 4 classes of CFA1 (4th grade) and below that CFA2 (8 classes). In one of the classes we find Saumur, midtable unspectacular team.
                              So, no surprise today, I expect 0-3 or about!
                              Verdict: Rennes (-1,5) AH @2,10 Bet365. Take from 2,02.< 0-4 WON

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                                Macot January Single #46.
                                18:00 FSV Frankfurt v Fuerth.
                                German Bundesliga 2.
                                I dont think a huge preview is needed here. Our guarantee for goals are Greuter Fuerth and when they are in form, goals are 100% certainty.
                                In the first game after the break, Fuerth showed what they are up to. They demolished leaders Kaiserslautern. After very dissapointing first part of the season they will try to near the top teams once again and finish among 5-6 as they always do. Their average of goals is almost 3,5 per game, which means they are extremely attacking. Away from home average is 3!
                                On the other side, FSV are not considered an attacking team, but they will need to score today if they wish to take anything from this game. Simply, Fuerth are surely to score a couple and FSV have to add at least one! Away win and over are my calls.
                                Verdict: Over 2,5 @2,10 SBOBet. Take from 2,04.< 0-5 WON

                                Macot January Single #47.
                                18:00 1860 Muenchen v Hansa.
                                German Bundesliga 2.
                                I had some doubts about this one but it is easy. I just need to remember how poorly Hansa played against Arminia and that makes me confident they cant take anything from Munich.
                                Formwise. 1860 are better. They are unbeaten in last 6 and managed to win a point in their first game after the break. 2-2 at Koblenz is a solid result for a start, but if they wish to do more, they will have to continue winning at home. It worked well against Augsburg in their last home match before the break and it should be enough against Hansa, who besides all the problems dont travel well.
                                Home win, 2-1 is my call!
                                Verdict: 1860 (-0,25) AH @1,80 SBOBet. Take from 1,75.< 3-0 WON

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