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  • Macot January Single #12.
    15:00 Parma v Juventus.
    Italy Serie A.
    Finally, we will bet on the last Juve game under Ferrara. He was a great player and Juve legend, but om the bench it didnt work for him and I am sure we wont see better Juve tomorrow. It is too late for any kind of reaction from the players, Juve only won one game in last 7 and are missing several important first teamers.
    On the other side, Parma are finally becoming a team they were end 80ties and 90ties: you are very lucky to get anything in Parma, they only conceded five goals there and are currently 5th, two points behind Juve. They have formed a tough team, which scores easily and rarely concedes. All of their last 9 games had at least 2 goals in it, so Over is also a good shout here. But as for result, I expect home win here. AS simple as that!
    Verdict: Parma (+0,25) AH @1,86 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,80<. 1-2 LOST

    Macot January Special #1.
    AC Milan v FC Genoa.
    Correct scores 4-1 @26 and 5-1 @67 Bet365, 1 unit each! 5-2 LOST

    GL all!
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    • Originally posted by Macot View Post
      [I]So, as I see it, Milan are going to score, Genoa will try to and I think they are well able to score, too. At the end, GialloRossi should win this easily, 4-1 and 5-1 are my specials, which I post separately!
      AS Roma are Giallorossi.

      AC Milan are Rossoneri


      • Originally posted by skatej View Post
        AS Roma are Giallorossi.

        AC Milan are Rossoneri
        Ajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja.... and I work for Italian company for two years now and there are Milan fans and every child knows that... I just wanted to check if you read my previews to see if it is worth writing it
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        • Originally posted by Macot View Post
          Ajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja.... and I work for Italian company for two years now and there are Milan fans and every child knows that... I just wanted to check if you read my previews to see if it is worth writing it
          I don't read it, just the 'giallorossi' caught my eye

          btw. enter the pick for Juve's game, I see you copy-pasted the over there from Wimbledon-Wrexham match.


          • Sina January Single #3.
            01:05 Miami v Boston.
            So, another tough prospect for Boston and dont get decieved. Even if Rondo, Pearce or Garnett would play tonight, that would be a toughie. Even more so knowing Miamis recent improvement. So, after a poor streak from Boston, even after their recent win, I must take value on home team.
            Miami home score 12-4. Boston away 13-4. Both 6-4 in last 10 games. But I liked the way Miami outplayed Atlanta last time out. As said, Celtics lost three on the trot away from home and even win over Toronto wont change a thing, another struggle and another loss!
            Verdict: Home win @2,13 Pinnaclesports. Take from 2,07<. 106-112 LOST after ET (bet was 0.6 sec away from being the winning one in regulation)

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            • Sina January Single #4.
              01:05 Buffalo v Tampa Bay.
              My first NHL pick, hope it is succesfull. Buffalo are one of the toughest home teams, in good form. They are complete in this game and will try to continue a good streak of results. On the other side, Tampa are known as poor travellers, they miss 4 regulars and are losing mementum. It is first team from Northeast against second team from Southeast. I give advantage to Buffalo, another good choice is over 5,5 goals here!
              Verdict: Home win @1,96 SBOBet. Take from 1,90<. 5-3 WON

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              • Not a lot of value tomorrow, but one bet is a cracker.

                Macot January Single #13.
                20:00 Rayo Vallecano v Mallorca.
                Spain Copa del Rey.
                This is a kind of bets I like the most. A strong Segunda team against a solid primera team, who is not very good away though.
                And there is more to it.
                Of course, we dont know if both coaches will give the chance to some fringe players, but Mallorca are a team that has missing players for this gmae and are likely going to field a couple of reserves.
                Also, in such games, especially two legged ones like this one, away team will try to get a draw or a small loss, as they know they are unbeatable in Palma.
                Also, normally motivation should be stronger on the lower team and that is also good for our bet.
                And finally, take into account Mallorca have a match of the year on Sunday, against Real Madrid, so for sure their thoughts are going to be away from this match.
                I dont expect many goals, but it could be a nice 1-0 home win at the end!
                Verdict: Rayo (0:0) AH @1,99 SBOBet. Take from 1,95<. 2-1 WON

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                • Sina January Single #5.
                  18:00 Khimki v Milan.
                  Basketball Euroleague
                  The reasons for this pick are easy and I dont think these odds are set correctly.
                  First of all, even if we go comparing these two teams, we wont see a lot of quality difference. But the fact is, Khimki are already qualified for the next round while Milano still need one win to be sure about it. And this is surely the better of possibilities for a win as they play Real in the last round and that could go edgy.
                  I also count on Russian mentality, they never give 100% if it is not needed, even if it is needed sometimes they dont...
                  Verdict: AH +8,5 Away win @1,95 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,85<. 79-63 LOST
                  (I propose handicap down to +6,5)
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                  • Sina January Single #6.
                    04:30 LA Kings v Detroit.
                    LA Kings are finally a playoffs contender, after years of averagness. And it is a team which we Slovenians love the most: Anze Kopitar is one of the stars there.
                    For this match, Detroit are going to play with up to 6 missings again. All the troubles they have are really starting to show on their results and I think, Detroit are overrated on bookies.
                    On the other side, nice form and good home statistics for Kings, this should be home win.
                    Verdict: AH (0:0) Home win @1,96 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,90<. 1-2 LOST

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                    • Macot January Single #14.
                      15:00 Cittadella v Torino
                      Italy Serie B.
                      So, we are in front of a weekend which is under strong influence of the weather. It is questionable that any of the games will survive in England, but we might be of better luck in Italy, at least tomorrow, they say that next week there is going to be a snow storm, too. So, lets use the chance and see what is to offer.
                      We all know about Torino woes, they are in terrible state. It looks like they will find themselves under FA investigation due to corruption. Their form is appauling, their coach will leave, players dont train but have meetings and all in all, the motivation at the moment is 0!
                      On the other side, Cittadella only lost one home game of 8 played, they are tough nut to crack and will surely try to get better of Torinos troubles.
                      So, I surely cant see away team winning here. It is not the right moment for that. Even more, this could get ugly if Cittadella will get interested in crashing! Home win is my call!
                      Verdict: Cittadella (0:0) AH @1,96 SBOBet. Take from 1,91<. 2-0 WON

                      Macot January Single #15 and #16.
                      18:00 Gimnastic v Celta.
                      Spain Segunda.
                      I dont quite understand this, really. Celta are a team tha tdissapointed us last week and they are almost 50-50 here, away from home against a solid Nastic. Bookies are probably taking into account statistics, Nastic are 3-3-3 at home and Celta are 2-4-3 away. But we know football is more than only about pure numbers. Home losses came against tough teams like Numancia, Real Sociedad and Albacete. Last two home games Nastic won at home.
                      On the other side, Celta are having tough schedule, they played Spain Cup on Wednesday, tough one against Villareal and this time they will struggle.
                      I see a nice level balls home win here, 2-1 again?
                      Verdict: Nastic (0:0) AH @1,73 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,70<. 0-2 LOST
                      Over 2,25 @2,06 Pinnaclesports. Take from 2,00<. 0-2 LOST 1/2
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                      • Macot January Special #2.
                        Cittadella v Torino Correct scores 3-0 @26, 4-0 @101 and 5-0 @301 Bet365. 2-0 LOST

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                        • I recieved these late, on the site we will take care that you all recieve picks in time, will also provide SMS service for those that will like that.

                          Sina January Single #7.
                          18:00 Krim v Metz.
                          Handball (W) CL
                          Short writeup due to late delivery.
                          This is all about motivation and quality. Krim already guaranteed the first place but of course we all know, Metz are not a team that would be any worse, we know their results from previous season. Krim will surely take this a bit easier, all secured, Metz might give a fight and that could prevail. Certainly great value!
                          Verdict: Away win @4,18 Pinnaclesports. Take from 4,00<. 35-31 LOST

                          Sina January Single #8.
                          04:35 San Jose v Detroit.
                          NHL Hockey.
                          We do need to go against Detroit again, there was no bettering of the situation, 5-6 players still missing. Game against LA was extremely lucky for Detroit, they were shot out from home team (52-24 in favour of LA Kings) but managed to score twice and won 2-1. This time, I cant see them so lucky again, odds are good, San Jose one of the strongest team in the west and always strong to beat at home!
                          Verdict: Home win @1,98 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,93<. 1-4 LOST

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                          • January System #3.
                            Italian simphony:
                            Genoa v Catania X2 @2,18 2-0 LOST
                            Palermo v Atalanta 1 @1,65 1-0 WON
                            Napoli v Sampdoria 1 @1,80 1-0 WON
                            Udinese v Lazio 1 @2,20 1-1 LOST
                            Juventus v AC Milan Over 2,5 @2,00 0-3 WON
                            System 4/5 1 unit per combination= 5 units. LOST
                            Possible winnings: 73,36 units.

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                            • Macot January Single #17.
                              15:00 Udinese v Lazio.
                              Italy Serie A.
                              Well, things are changing in Udine and I think we will see change in fortunes for home team. At last!
                              I was never in doubt Udinese have a solid team, but obviously poor coaching and problems with injuries (and especially missing of Di Natale) resulted in poor results. Still, even with all problems, Udinese still have one of the best home statistics (5-1-2) and they will build on that.
                              On the other side, LAzio are rather poor this season, they have problems scoring and 14th place is not what they aimed for. They managed to lose last 4 away games without scoring a single goal! Oponents were tough, still one would expect them to do better.
                              For me this is a clear home win. If you cant score, you lose! 3:1
                              Verdict: Home win @2,35 Expekt. Take from 2,25<. 1-1 LOST

                              Macot January Single #18.
                              20:30 Juventus v AC Milan.
                              Serie A.
                              Rossoneri are one of the most in form teams at the moment and they really play well. It looks like they managed to win wake up old stars Ronaldinho and Beckham, who played very well in his first game after return. I was really impressed with their last match and I am sure, they will go for a win here.
                              On the other side, Juventus are poor. Piss poor, lucky against Parma, before that a streak of disastrous results and this is going to be a moment of truth. Ferrara wont save his job, I am waiting for another slip up which comes tomorrow! My call is 1-3 away win! and this is my 10/10 Over of the day. No, of the week!
                              Verdict: Over 2,5 @2,11 SBOBet. Take from 2,05<. 0-3 WON

                              Macot January Single #19.
                              17:00 Cordoba v Rayo Vallecano.
                              Spain Segunda.
                              And here is the last game of the day. Rayo at once became favourites to win away games, well I dont think so!
                              They are coming off an impressive Cup win over Primera high flyers Mallorca, but this win could turn against them tomorrow. First of all, Cordoba will play with much higher intensity, this is going to be a typical league match and at Cordoba it is almost impossible to win.
                              The chances not to lose this bet are of course big: Cordoba only lost one game out of 9 played at home so far. On the other side, Rayo have won 3 out of 9 played away.
                              So, I count on fatigue at Rayo and good home statistics of Cordoba. A tight game, could end 1-0!
                              Verdict: Cordoba (0:0) AH @2,00 Pinnaclesports. Take from 1,95<. VOID

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                              • These are my leans for tomorrow:
                                Palermo v Atalanta (+0,75) AH 1 @2,08< 5/10 1-0 WON 1/2
                                Napoli v Sampdoria 1 @1,90< 7/10 1-0 WON
                                Genoa v Catania (+0,75) AH 2 @1,95< 5/10 2-0 LOST
                                Hercules v Cartagena Over 2,25 @2,00< 5/10 2-0 LOST 1/2
                                Espanyol v Zaragoza 1 @2,08< 7/10 2-1 WON

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