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    No lies here, what we claimed with our unverified results before our online launch is what we are producing with our verified results.

    434 days +$261,610... daily average +$602.79

    38 days +$24,070... daily avarage +$633.42

    Here are a couple things everyone should know, please read carefully and understand how we do business. Our conditions aren't flexible, either you accept them or you don't, please don't waste our time because we guarantee we won't waste yours.

    Price to join our service is $1,000 for 4 weeks, no whining and crying that we are expensive. We aren't expensive, if you consider us expensive just admit you are underfunded, $1,000 fee in exchange for a +$20,000 profit in no way can ever be considered expensive. If you are underfunded it's not our fault, so don't hate us because of your life issues, instead work towards being properly funded and then contact us at

    Our week runs from Saturday to Friday, you can't join in the middle of a week, therefore payment can be made any day of the week however your membership will only start on a Saturday. Payment can be made by PayPal, Neteller or Skrill to Membership is limited to 100 online members available on a first come, first serve basis.

    Hate messages will just be ignored completely both on the forum or by email. If you wish to contact us you may do so by emailing us at

    Plain and simple, if you are serious about making +$200,000 yearly we are the service for you.

    4/16/19 3:00PM Ajax (UCL) vs Juventus (UCL)
    OVER 2.5 1.88 for $1,130 to win $1,000
    INSTAGRAM @bbvipclub

    This message is in regards to our recent bad run, many haven't said anything, but many have sent us emails, so we decided to address everyone at once in regards to this matter.

    Many have been asking us for an explanation, however, we never have an explanation (excuses) for losers, a loss is a loss and we don't make excuses why it lost.

    Does this run suck? Of course it does! We need to go back to 2017 to find a similar run (actually the 2017 run was a little worse), but will it stop us from reaching our yearly goal of 200k? Hell no!

    Anyone that can't handle a bump on a long road shouldn't be driving on that road, meaning, in an industry where 98% lose money long term if a bump is what is going to stop you from being successful long term then maybe you shouldn't be involved in this industry because knowing how to handle bad runs is the key to long term success.

    Just some food for thought, either we are together long term in this partnership or we aren't, there is no middle.

    Those that stick around will enjoy the benefits long term, those that leave we are sure you will join us again after missing out on winning weeks week after week.

    - - - - - - - - - -


    Asked about our worst run we want to make sure everyone is informed.

    Our worst run was in 2017 and went as follows...

    Week 34... -$6,350
    Week 35... +1,250
    Week 36... +2,010
    Week 37... -$8,330

    Overall it was still a very profitable year as we finished 2017 with a profit of +$200,630

    With this being said good money management is always key to long term success.


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    All-time favourite bookie of due to their great betting offers in many sports, very good live betting and in-game cashouts, and general ease-of-use. Take me to Bet365!

    Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net. Well known among sports punters for their ability and will to offer a fair product. Pinnacle will not hide. If you are good, you win. OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!