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How to reveal a SCAM site

This is a sticky topic.
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    OK, so I hadn't seen the archives 2012/2013 on

    I had only seen "Previous Picks" at

    But the fact is that those archives on still only show GSV's statistics, which is why the monthly yields and number of picks do not match those on Betrush (

    Why have all the other tips from all the other nicknames been removed? Was it because those tipsters proved not to be any good? How do we know those guys (if they were different guys and not just different aliases) hadn't just been unlucky whilst GSV had been lucky?

    If it's simply a matter of heads I win and tails it doesn't count it's easy to see how tipsters can do well.


      I didn't want that this should be a discussion about me and my site, but I see that I screwed up...

      To avoid further spammed here, let's go to my thread:


        A part of discussion moved here:
        bside777 at Blogabet


          Scam verification service:

          Here's another scam verification service:

          I was going to wait for the owner to reply but decided I couldn't be bothered. Why should I?

          It has 4 monitored tipsters.

          Tips For Betting
          Soccer Adviser
          USA Picks

          Do a domain check and you will see that the all have the same IP address, which is the same IP address as Provebet.

          Sports-Tipsters was proofing Tips-For-Betting since 2007. Yesterday I decided to stop verifying tipsters. 14 years is long enough.

          Within hours, the owner of these sites appears to have mailed all the remaining services I was proofing to ask if they would like to be verified by Provebet.

          I've now taken a good look at Provebet and it's clear it has simply been copying some of Sports-Tipsters approach. For example it uses the same text to identify where a tipster is advising a lot of tips with Pinnacle ("This service uses Pinnacle Sports for a significant number of tips.") And it also says when it started proofing the tipster, as I used to do. For example, for Tips-For-Betting it says "Proofed to Provebet since September 2006." That's pretty impressive given that Provebet didn't even exist then (it was registered in 2012). But where the tipster and the monitor are the same person (Marek or Jan, I'm not sure which) I suppose it's understandable.

          As for the tips, I can't vouch for the other 3 services. Regards Tips-For-Betting, I verified since 2007. 1566 tips, yield = 4.81%, chance that I could do better guessing = 5%. Most of its profit came in the first 2 years, and for the last 4 years it's basically stood still. Could possible be skilled, but more likely just a lucky tipster that's slowly been regressing to the mean as it's got harder to beat the tennis market.

          But independent his monitor is not, which is what it is claiming to be. It's clearly just an excuse to promote his own tipping services, and now I've stopped doing it he thought he would see if he could get some more to monitor. That's fine. but just be honest about what tipsters are yours.

          Still, it's not surprising really, is it. I mean, even forum mods thought it was OK to pass off a verification service as independent why in fact it was just for the benefit of promoting their own tipping service. Yes, you know who you are.


            Originally posted by JoeB View Post
            Sports-Tipsters was proofing Tips-For-Betting since 2007. Yesterday I decided to stop verifying tipsters. 14 years is long enough.
            I'm sorry to hear that. So basically from now there isn't any good monitoring service in the net ;/

            Thank u for ur huge work during last years.


              Depends on your point of view.

              Personally I don't think there is anyone verifying who looks at the business of verification the same way that I do, though of course my critics would say that I would say that, wouldn't I.

              But to be honest, Wlodi, there's almost nothing that's worth verifying. I've looked at millions and millions of tips (my verified tipsters, Pyckio, Oddsportal community etc) and all of it looks exactly the same as would happen by chance. I know there will be people telling me I'm wrong because they have made a lot of money out of tipsters. But none of them can tell me that any of that happened because of the things the tipsters did, and that's because none of them can tell me how many other people lost money trying to do the same things. If you don't count the monkeys you can't begin to determine the answer. But people who don't count the monkeys don't care about that answer. To them profit = skill and that's all there is to it (until one day they lose all their money and start scratching their head wondering how it all went wrong).

              All in all I just got tired of collecting data about coin tossing. You only need so much data to demonstrate a hypothesis.

              I'll still write some reviews about tipsters and anyone is welcome to ask me to have a look at a record and assess it for quality and transparency.


                A really useful video from Steve of Dailyprofit showing how scammers produce fake bet slips to entice customers.


                Always wondered how it was done. Now I know.

                No-one can have an excuse for falling for this rubbish again, not that you should have had any excuses in the first place.

                Quite revealing to remember that bside, customer and admirer of savingonsports tipping service (and perhaps more than that) had a spat with Steve on his forum about its honesty.

                Where are you now, bside, still posting basketball and soccer tips for Clubgowi? I wouldn't trust this stuff for a second. But then I never did trust you, even when a moderator. You weren't the slightest bit concerned that the owner of Tipsterplace had put himself on record as someone who would recommend using fake tipsters to make a tipster platform look better. Remember? I showed you and you did nothing, they are still posting here (I imagine because they're your mates).


         - SCAM
                  After paying the money, I did not get the tIPS and when I asked for a refund I also did not receive it and no response to my emails.


                    I see you registered here in 2012 and you should know a bit of basics of sports and betting for all these years.... So I can't believe how you or anyone can pay for "double fixed matches" with odds 500.00 and 99% hit rate.... What is wrong with you people????


                      Last joined service



                        I was following betrush tipster for few years already and since I am also decent at sports betting I decide to try to be a tipster too, so I create a tipster account at betrush verified ( link:
                        - now he change the link like a scammer will)and I pay 30 euro to be verified, I even get to submit my first tip with them ( see all pictures links I attach) , but after few hours I notice that I can not login to my betrush account: elderbet , and to my Skrill account was 20 euro refunded from Nikolay Ivanov ( guy that seems to run betrush) , so I contact their support (
                        [email protected]
                        ) telling him that if I am not fully refunded on my account re-activated I will post this on bettingadvice forum that I read for few years already.
                        Bottom line , he stil own me 10 euro (probably he is in much need ) , my account is not re-activated, and if you want to check for yourself you can try to create an account at betrush verified.
                        Betrush Verified seems very similar with what was once verified tipsters, many tipsters that nobody heard about them on other websites, that has only e-mail address ( without website ) and records too good to be true, and beside that it seems that they don't accept new tipsters, even if you pay for verification.





                            I buy from this guys, they are 100% legit. And also help expose scam fixed math websites. Buy good tips from them if you can or use their free tips.



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