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How to reveal a SCAM site

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    How to reveal a SCAM site

    In case your are thinking about paying for predictions (which we at BA think is unwise), check for the following at the sites you want to deal with:

    1. The website is very simple and straightforward, does not provide any other content service. solely paid tips.

    2. The site does not provide sufficient contact details. such as a valid phone number, address ..

    3. Most of the time, i have seen and heard, a scam site only provide email support, nothing else.

    4. When you do a whois lookup on their domain , their contact details are HIDDEN. protected privacy etc. Again, why are they afraid to reveal their identity if they are doing a legitimate business?

    5.1 They do not have a business or company bank account.

    Get them to provide you their:
    - Bank Name
    - Beneficary Name
    - Bank Account Type
    - Bank Account Number

    5.2 From the Beneficary Name and Bank Account Type, you will be able to tell if it is a personal savings account or a true company bank account.

    If one or several of points above are true for the site in question, it is most likely a SCAM site.
    "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
    - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"

    Updated with point 5.1 and 5.2.

    Thanks to Andy
    "A furore normannorum libera nos, domine"
    - "Oh, Lord, from the fury of the Norsemen, deliver us"


      As I see how many views has this thread (average 7 per day), no wonder that people fall in the trap of scammers with a smile.

      I'm surprised that many important points are missing here:

      1. The mother of all rules - if a site is NOT independently monitored, then it is 99.99% SCAM. Simple as that - if someone can really proof his "incredible" record, he would be buried in gold. So why not doing it?

      2. When doing a whois lookup, besides the contact details check the domain creation date. In many cases you will find the site launched years after the start of their tips "history".

      3. If a site requires big money for its service then it is 99.99% SCAM. Simply because frauds rely on single shots unable to build any durable group of customers.

      4. If a site is using words like "fixed", "secret", "insider", "underground", "sure" etc. then it is 99.99% SCAM.

      5. If a site is using free subdomain (like it is 94.99% SCAM. It is waste of time to weigh a person who can't afford (respectively win from betting) even 10 USD for a normal domain.

      Another thing - I disagree with most of your points as they are the least decisive if some service is a scam or not - the company issue, lack of phone support etc. You can't blame someone for not pushing to register a company and pay taxes that anyway will be spent on bombs, social parasites etc. As I see none of the BA approved services is a registered company, having phone support or providing street address, so that proves my point.


        I disagree that a site is consider scam if it is not independently monitored. They have their freedom and rights to choose to do that, they are under no obligations.

        It's like opening a cafe, you do not need any agency to certify that you are selling good cafe. If your cafe is not delicious, customers do not return. Full stop.

        For whois lookup, if the domain is newly setup, less than 6 months old, then it is very dubious. Stay away. Many scam sites close and open new one easily. So be cautious all the time.

        If a site claim to have 100% winning match, then it is too good to be true!

        For soccer websites who want to be established in long term, it is always positive to have good contact details of phone n even address. That adds to the credibility of its services. It is very basic, just like when you make a friend and you should have his contact number.

        I never trust any sites without proper contact details.


          regarding point initial number 4.

          90% of the sites now choose to protect the identity of the owner, mainly because the amount of spam/junk mail it produces to have your address public.

          But another very worth addition to point 4. it would be to add that usually scam sites have a short life, so for sure, the domain will more than probably be just few months old (less than 1 year in almost 995 of the scamming websites cases)


            me and my friends we did a list with the scamming websites with are fraud and which scammed me and my friends in the last 3 months

            all of these have FAKE RECORDS, they lie about "refundable deposits"
            and are simply organized ripoffs scams :

            Scam RipOff Tips Websites List:

   007 Soccer Spy

   Banker's Bet

   Dirty Tips

   EPL Experts

   Gol 88

   Net Win Tips

   Soccer Capper

   Secret Pick

   Soccer King

            All of them show no proof of any kind that they indeed gave those picks before the start of the games, their records are 100% fake,
            and their claims are all lies.

            We lost more than 1500 euros trying different such scamming websites



              Hi Lyon,

              Perhaps you might want to try the service offered by my site.

              All the prediction are self proven by betting slip.


                Another scam site:

                Me & my friends have been scammed by this Singaporean Wong!!!


                  I lost over 3,000 USD on this site

                  The best PREMIUM Soccer Picks & 007 Predictions on the internet! We're using TOP SECRET info's from the best insiders in EU! is the only betting website that gives VIP Betting Tips for FREE!

                  This is a paid site, look carefully!

                  Run by Vietnamese scammers!


                    Originally posted by soccerana
                    Hi Lyon,

                    Perhaps you might want to try the service offered by my site.

                    All the prediction are self proven by betting slip.
                    Yeah, with a $10 SGD bet slip!

                    Only a fool would place bets with 1.05 odds!


                    Your site is even hosted on a FREE SERVICE!!!


                      Admin, please remove our site from this list.

                      This poster is making false and slanderous claims.

                      SoccerCapper has been operating for years as a reputable and honest tipster. Our records are fully proofed and verified by an independent third-party site, Sports-Tipsters:

                      We understand the frustration of punters who have been scammed by fraudulent tipsters in the past. But including our site on that list completely erodes the credibility of this poster and the usefulness of that list.

                      Please remove our site from the list. We will not stand idly by while someone unjustifiably tries to damage our good reputation.



                        Originally posted by Lyon
               Soccer Capper

                        that would be good enough proof for me to join this service so unless you can provide other information about why you think they are scammers, I think an apology is in order.


                          Originally posted by CG
                          Originally posted by Lyon
                 Soccer Capper

                          that would be good enough proof for me to join this service so unless you can provide other information about why you think they are scammers, I think an apology is in order.
                          CG, dont think you will get it. It is free slavia and this are usually ppl who ask for trial and never pay and from there they slander.

                          Look t one of BA's strategic partner, they were there like their own forum and site and with that they run it down and is deserted.

                          Was told even the only urviving Mod have to create Nicks to make it look like there are active members and thank god, finally, the owner decide to close it down.

                          The best is just ban them immediately as they feel you can not do anything with random IP addresses.


                            hehehe dont trust this asian continent websites, after all what do they know about european soccer?

                            anyway here are my few tips how to see which site is scam:
                            1. you could check PR(google page rank) if its high then that means website is active for longer time and is indexed by google.
                            2. alexa ranking if its under 500 000 then that means that people are actually reading website.

                            You choose on your own to pay for picks, something that you pay dosent mean is better than free things.
                            My website is offering free picks and if you follow me with some mart managment system you will earn good cash, im not dealing with fixed matches or weird things, im tipping just for you, hehe


                              @ dada-as

                              We reached PR 3 in 4 months that we're online, is it enough to be trusted?


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