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    The winning team will make an important move to stay in the Super League. Expect a tough match where it will be judged in detail. They will give weight to their defensive function and strike back. I think we won't have many goals
    VOLOS NPS vs LAMIA @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.57

    Great showdown, with strong scoring interest. Both teams need the win and they will give it their all for the win. Their defenses are vulnerable and end very easily. I expect an open game, with goals and phases, where they can score from one goal
    OFI KRETA vs AE LARISSA FC @@ Both team to score, odds 2.05

    So in a derby like this, where we expect to go to power, we face the two best defenses in the Spanish league. I expect fierce battles and a winner will emerge, he will come out marginally. The first few goals
    REAL MADRID vs ATLETICO MADRID @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.70

    Everything is open to the show and there is no clear favorite on the legal betting pages. I expect a very open game with goals and phases from both teams. The two teams often score big goals and can repeat that today.
    LEICESTER CITY vs CHELSEA FC @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.67


      A very important duel, a key match, with a strong scoring interest. All eyes will be on the OAKA. Their uniforms are opposed and Panathinaikos is not lost, and he will have many fans in the stands and should satisfy them. The two teams have defensive gaps, while scoring comfortably. It will stay away from the end result and I bet both teams will score
      PANATHINAIKOS vs PAOK THESSALONIKI @@ Both team to score, odds 2.05

      Both teams want the win, which means they will play openly. Both defensive lines have no confidence, but Tottenham have Kane's absence to manage
      TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs MANCHESTER CITY @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.55

      Atromitos is not good at all and if he does not improve significantly he will have a problem both today and in the end. AEK, being serious, refuses to lose to Carrera on her bench and will play for the three-pointer alone. I will be in danger with AEK, the home team has a lot of defensive gaps and will not be able to resist AEK

      The two teams are in the middle of the table, with Burnley coming from a 1-2 defeat at home to Norwich. The home team is scoring and scoring goals with great ease this year. In particular, it has allowed its last seven home visits to score six, whatever the outcome. Arsenal have lost six straight games and have won 2-1 at home to Bournemouth in their last game. He's not convinced he can do anything more this year, and that is because of his slow and prone to defensive line. I think the doubleton has good chances
      BURNLEY FC vs ARSENAL FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.78

      Panionios does not inspire confidence from the start, while Mars in recent games, Indie's absence, is evident. I expect a patience game without the two teams taking risks, so I will stay away from the end result and bet on a few goals
      ARIS THESSALONIKI vs PANIONIOS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.83


        Both gladiators want the distinction and the qualification will be judged in detail. I expect Valencia to play well and not leave places in dangerous Granada. Few goals have a significant chance
        GRANADA CF vs CF VALENCIA @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.60

        The two teams are in the middle of the table and have a completely different image in their last matches. Monaco are deeply troubled and have made four defeats in their last five games. Her defense was also tragic in the last game, where she lost 3-1 to Nimes. He even has three consecutive defeats in Paris, Strasbourg and St Etienne and is looking for immediate reaction. Ange made a stellar appearance in the match against Reims, and 1-4 came to normal. Outside, she has been unbeaten in the last four, where she has counted three wins and looks to fit her best away from home.
        AS MONACO vs ANGERS SCO @@ Both team to score, odds 1.67

        The two teams will not line up in a basic composition and will be spoiled for form. I don't expect the game to be rhythmic and so we will have a few goals and phases in front of both. I'll bet on a few goals
        LAMIA 1964 vs OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.70


          Qualifying for Tottenham is Tottenham, who showed in the first game that they wanted it the most. But the Saints are not a negligible amount and have the easy goal. I expect both teams to fight hard, but they will score at least one goal today
          TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs SOUTHAMPTON FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.70

          Keeping in mind, Sunday's game requires us to bet on Panathinaikos, who offers us excellent betting performance. However, PAOK is a wounded beast and with the quality it can return to good results. There will be a battle for qualification and I'll bet again that both teams will score, PAOK will score with the power of Tuba, while the Greens, with the psychology of the final results
          PAOK THESSALONIKI vs PANATHINAIKOS @@ Both team to score, odds 2.00

          I think the couple has a strong favorite and this is AEK. I don't think Panetolikos has any aspirations for the cup, especially if the showdown is over, it won't have the mind to turn around. AEK can take a qualifying step from today on with its quality
          PANAITOLIKOS vs AEK ATHENS @@ AEK ATHENS, odds 1.55
          goal goal


            Kortrijk took a big victory over Standard Liege in the championship with a 3-1 run and ended the ugly run that ran the last four official games. Comes to today's rematch (1-1 in the first match) with the best possible psychology. Antwerp have been marginally defeated by Club Bruges 1-0, but are focusing on today's game, as the Cup is a key target this season. He did not win in the first match, where he was better than his opponent and I expect today to be the one to qualify to seal an excellent season for himself.


              Bologna scored 18 of 22 goals
              Roma scored 14 of 22 goals
              Roma are a jersey and home favorite, but it will not be an easy task, as Bologna is in better shape. I will go for goals, both teams score big, score and easily score, expect to find at least one goal to confirm the match.
              AS ROMA vs BOLOGNA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.55


                I expect Christian Ronaldo to score in this fight. The 35-year-old superstar has 22 goals in 28 games this season and is in excellent shape right now. Ronaldo has found the back of the net in each of the last nine Serie A games. He could break Battista's record from the 1994/95 season, when the Argentine striker scored in 11 consecutive Serie A. matches. try to score against Verona, Brescia and Spal to break the record of 12 matches. One way or another Juventus will find a way out of Verona with three points of victory
                HELLAS VERONA vs JUVENTUS TURIN @@ JUVENTUS TURIN, odds 1.60

                The last chance for Panionios is to always fight for his salvation. Xanthi loses much of its momentum away, so I will go without form, in the victory of Panionios, which burns for three. I expect a few goals in the games and will be judged in the details
                PANIONIOS vs AO XANTHI FC @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.60

                a fabulous showdown that can deliver a vivid spectacle and score. Both teams have high goals and need to give them everything for their points of victory. If they leave their recent defeats behind, to see their true potential. Dortmund, in only two of its games, did not exceed 2.5. Both teams can help in scoring and see an open match
                BAYER 04 LEVERKUSEN vs BORUSSIA DORTMUND @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.45

                There will be plenty of tactics between the two teams with the same goals and about the same potential. I expect one to destroy the other's game and if there is a winner, that will be marginal
                CF GETAFE vs CF VALENCIA @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.60

                Everton have recently been relegated, running an undefeated run in four games. Watford's 3-2 away defeat last season and today returns to its strong home base, where it has accumulated the most points to date. Opposite Crystal Palace, which ignores the joy of victory for 7 consecutive games and has begun free fall in the standings. Palace have four draws in their five most recent outings, a testament to how hard a team they are. Everton are not used to giving a high tempo to their games
                EVERTON FC vs CRYSTAL PALACE @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.75


                  Barca does not inspire confidence to trust her in double, as she does not press well last time, and has to manage the moans inside. Betis is more aggressive at home, scoring and scoring goals with ease. I expect both teams score to confirm
                  REAL BETIS BALOMPIE vs FC BARCELONA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.50

                  It will be a tough fight, with the two clubs giving it all up for victory. There is no value in the ace being too small on the betting pages. I will bet on the open and offensive game, expect goals in both of them
                  PARIS SAINT GERMAIN vs OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS @@ +3.50 Over, odds 1.72

                  This is definitely one of Milan's best derby in recent years. Inter are claiming Scudetto in Italy, while Milan are still hoping for a place in the Champions League. It is not impossible with the current inconsistency of Roma and Atalanta. Even more, Rossoneri seems to be much better off than Zlatan's arrival. I expect an open and effective derby with goals from both teams
                  INTER MILANO vs AC MILAN @@ Both team to score, odds 1.75

                  Great derby, without strong interest in scoring and in cup matches. I expect both teams are skeptical and will not take a risk. AEK is very tight defensively and we can see a very close game, with few goals and fewer phases
                  AEK ATHENS vs PANATHINAIKOS @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.60

                  OFI has many key nods to his key players and does not seem to hope he can get a positive result in Tuba. PAOK, he was great with Panathinaikos, having a lot of energy, if he repeats the look he has for an easy afternoon with goals
                  PAOK THESSALONIKI vs OFI KRETA @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.60


                    Valencia Cup knockout and 3-0 defeat by Getafe in last match. Bad for the bats who want to be rebuilt so they can get a place in the first six, which will give them the European ticket. Many of the absence of key players, as well as the tiredness of consecutive games since the beginning of the year, have negatively affected the image of the team. Atletico Madrid are unconvinced, but took a 1-0 win over Granada in the last match and stopped their negative run. The hospital is reminiscent of Atletico, which in any case shows malfunction in the attack, which lately scores with the dropper. Neither of them wants to lose and I expect a balanced match that will be judged marginally
                    CF VALENCIA vs ATLETICO MADRID @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.55

                    I expect both teams to score at Moulinex. In addition to the leaders of Liverpool, Wolves have scored goals in each of their last 24 Premier League games. Meanwhile, Leicester have scored six goals in their last two Premier League matches. In addition, they have Wardy, the top scorer with 17 goals. It should be an effective fight, with goals on either side
                    WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS vs LEICESTER CITY @@ Both team to score, odds 1.75


                      An important battle, with a strong scoring interest, for both teams. The two clubs must give it their all for the points. Score and easily concede the goal and I expect an open game with goals on both sides
                      ATALANTA BERGAMASCA CALCIO vs AS ROMA @@ Both team to score, odds 1.45

                      At the bottom of the standings is De Haag, who has struggled in his last home game. In particular he has run unbeaten in seven games with two wins and five draws. In the last match she suffered a severe defeat 4-2 except in the derby ... Sparta Rotterdam's tail and today her mission will be extremely difficult. Eindhoven returned to victory last season with a 3-0 win over Willem and it remains to be seen whether the bad side has left behind or will really start to perform to their true potential.
                      ADO DEN HAAG vs PSV EINDHOVEN @@ PSV EINDHOVEN, odds 1.60

                      I think both teams will score in Carrot Road. Liverpool are the best team in the Premier League and are having a great season. The Reds have scored goals in each of the 25 games so far. So the question is for Norwich, is it able to score? I think it is. The Canaries have scored one goal in each of the six home games and I expect to continue that way. Pucci, the club's top scorer with 11 goals, managed to score at Anfield, so why not in her stadium, against the same opponents
                      NORWICH CITY vs LIVERPOOL FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.80

                      Larissa is in a mediocre situation and will have to overcome to get a result. PAOK is up and showed in the games with Panathinaikos that he can beat any opponent in Greece. I expect, one way or another, to score and get away with the points of victory
                      AE LARISSA FC vs PAOK THESSALONIKI @@ PAOK THESSALONIKI, odds 1.45


                        Very important duel, with no clear favorites on legal betting pages. Lazio is the home team favorite. I'll stay away from the end result and bet on many goals. Both teams have excellent offensive lines and I expect an open goal and spectacle game
                        SS LAZIO ROMA vs INTER MILANO @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.75

                        If AEK is patient and shows the same defensive commitment it will work in Thessaloniki. Mars, tired in Peristeri in the second half and the quality of AEK, can be seen in the attack. I'll risk and bet
                        ARIS THESSALONIKI vs AEK ATHENS @@ AEK ATHENS, odds 2.60

                        The two most formidable teams in the league are facing today. Lucerne have had three wins in a row in the league since relaunching the league, but have been significantly out of reach, but are unlikely to claim more. This year's championship surgeon, St. Gallen, shares the top of the standings with Jung Boyce and has himself won three consecutive championships. Both have aggressive talent and can confirm Over 2.5. After all, they have done it in most of their confrontations.
                        FC LUZERN vs FC ST GALLEN 1879 @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.65

                        Tottenham are closer to winning this match. The Spurs have two Premier League wins, plus one in the FA Cup. The confidence of the players is higher and this fact should not be underestimated. The Villa is only one degree from the drop zone and the players are under a lot of pressure. I don't think they will escape defeat
                        ASTON VILLA vs TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR @@ TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, odds 1.90

                        Both teams are missing key players. Panathinaikos at home I expect to find a way back to victories, Panatolikos has plenty of weaknesses and I do not think he will be able to get anything positive at OAKA. The ace is small and I would risk combining it with both teams scoring
                        PANATHINAIKOS vs PANAITOLIKOS @@ Both team to score, odds 2.55


                          Atletico has not been doing well lately and its mission to Liverpool will be extremely difficult. Jurgen Klopp's "reds" are having a great season and are heading to the easiest league in their history. They can concentrate on the European clashes, as the team's goal is to win and win the trophy. Defensively Atletico can stand up and close lanes, while Liverpool have a balance on both sides of the court. I expect an overall low score in Madrid
                          ATLETICO MADRID vs LIVERPOOL FC @@ +2.50 Under, odds 1.60

                          Two of Europe's most productive attacks will take place today in one of the hottest stadiums. Borussia knows that if it wants to have good hopes of qualification it will have to work at home. I expect to have many goals in the match
                          BORUSSIA DORTMUND vs PARIS SAINT GERMAIN @@ +2.50 Over, odds 1.43


                            The two teams are equivalent and the qualification will be judged in detail. The seat plays a very important role in this kind of confrontation and the***8230; qualifier meter Jos? Mourinho wants to prove that he has not***8230; finished off the European standings. I expect an open game, where both teams will score
                            TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR vs RB LEIPZIG @@ Both team to score, odds 1.55

                            Historical and at the same time interesting duel for both clubs. Atalanta will give everything for the qualification, especially at home. Her attack throws fires, while Valencia's defense is incomplete and experimental, expecting the home side to take full advantage of their stadium and win, taking the first step to the Champions League quarter-finals.


                              A very important show, which can give us strong emotions. The two clubs have been found in previous years and we had great results. I expect everything to come and we will have an open match with goals, final goal attempts and extra spectacle. I will stay away from the end result and bet on both teams to score
                              OLYMPIACOS PIRAEUS vs ARSENAL FC @@ Both team to score, odds 1.60

                              If we compare the two teams to a roster we will see that the grand favorite is Wolves. The English have made a serious investment this year to keep the team at a high level both in the championship and in Europe. So far he is doing well and today he has a first-rate opportunity to score a point against Espanyol who is deeply concerned. The Spaniards have their minds on the battle for stay, as they share La Liga's last leg with the Legends. Europa is now in second place


                                Neither team is doing well in the last games. Betis has counted two defeats and two draws in the last four, but has moved far from the relegation zone. At home he is much more efficient and in the last seven he has counted four wins and three defeats from Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla. Mallorca is at the bottom of the standings and its off-field image is disappointing. She has had five defeats in her last five outings and has managed just 1 point in 11 games away from home.
                                REAL BETIS BALOMPIE vs RCD MALLORCA @@ REAL BETIS BALOMPIE, odds 1.55

                                The two teams are not at their best, but Lyon has more quality and can go away with victory points. Mets has limited opportunities and if he is left behind he will not be able to reverse the situation. I expect Lyon to come in strong from the start to keep up with Juventus.
                                FC METZ vs OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS @@ OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS, odds 1.95


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