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SCAMMER - I'm searching for good tipsters * very good payment ! *

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    We got the tipsters we want .

    All others are on a waiting position, if someone shows us bad results, we take annother one.

    The guys which are taken , will not post here, because we dont want to get "Interna" outside.

    @ MNC , the bonus would increase if you shows good results, its just the beginning

    I wish you all merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


      hahahahaaa this guy are really funny with : "We got the tipsters we want ." ))

      besides those who have posted here ,I can tell you that I sent him 15 bets in last mounth with yeld over 20% ...
      this (censored) are a big cheater !!! stay away from him , i strong believe this (censored) is a poor person who want to stole work of us .... unbelievable what a bastard ...
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        succhiacazzi,cazzone, bastardo


          Originally posted by cris28 View Post
          hahahahaaa this guy are really funny with : "We got the tipsters we want ." ))

          besides those who have posted here ,I can tell you that I sent him 15 bets in last mounth with yeld over 20% ...
          this f*** gay are a big cheater !!! stay away from him , i strong believe this gay is a poor person who want to stole work of us .... unbelievable what a bastard ...
          Chill, Wettmeister was working for Member Service of paid Betting Expert section.

          Maybe there was 30 other tipsters which had on their last 15 bets yield over 30%.

          If You think You are the best, 100% You aren`t.

          Good bettor is a man who control his feeling. You, with Your swearing just shown what kind of player You are.

          GL in future!


            ja ja ja b3str lol )) you are right , you are the god , you are best in the world ))
            now serious : a lot of guys have problems with this guy, who stolen the picks without problems, and after that he dont give any chance tp make a good collaboration ...i'm really curious how many guys maked collaboration with this fantomathic "Betting Expert section" ...i believe nobody ,but it is just my opinion ....
            also about this god of betting b3str , i have strong feeling that he is wife of wetmmeister

            ps. lol b3str like a very stupid person , when you ask me if i'm the best ..i'm not saying that never, i'm not so stupid like was about gentleman agreement between me and wetmeister this...and he dont respect that .. just as likely to do with all persons who sent him the picks...nothing more .... ugly like you smell this ....
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              Cris please calm down a bit, i know that you like to say Motherf... etc to me and you really think i would take you then?

              Sure you send me 20 , very good picks, i dont say something diffrent. And you can be sure, that i dont play any picks i get from the tipsters i want to see a view picks from, because then i would be in negative numbers.

              We are searching good tipsters, without much emotion and i must say that i'm happy that i have not choosen you besides your very impressiv stats, but you also must have the character to do this.

              Merry Christmas

              PS: All tipsters, who send me stats , will come on a waiting list and get contact with me by time.


                Originally posted by Wettmeister View Post
       can ask Lakini he also knows me.
                I have no idea who you are and the PMs I wrote to you, in order to ask WHO you are, have not been answered.

                I am sorry, if anyone got blended by this sentence, I simply did not realize what is going on.


                  Lak, I think we can lock this one down...
                  For all pre-game and live bets visit @MilosNSNS on Twitter


                    We are searching Investors

                    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we are a young hungry Bettinginvestor Team with people from Germany and England and we wanted to start something new in the betting business. Our Team includes 4 people, 3 Tipster and 1 who is the Accounting and Balance chief. All people from our team have more than 5 years experience in professional betting.
                    We want to create a kind of “Fond” for betting, means people invest in our Fond and get high interests at the end of the year.

                    We know that always questions appear as:
                    1. If you are such a good team, why not betting with your own money?
                    Right good question! But without high capital no high profit. You could ask this question also to big Fond manager ;-). You would agree with this. Sure we can bet on our own (and we also of course do) but then we would reach our aim maybe first in 10 or 15 years, so why should you not also make profit with our knowledge? You earn money and we also.

                    2. Can you guarantee that I’m not losing my money?
                    Yes, if you let your money stay with us 12months than we guarantee you, that you min. get back the sum you have invested with us (we have security capital for it, that’s why we only can accept a totally investment of 500.000€ at the moment). If you want to have your money earlier back, then there could appear loses (also of course winnings)

                    3. Can I always have my invested money back, if I need it?
                    Yes, but if you want your money back before 12months are gone, then there could appear loses. Your money you will get always back 3 days after you have told us to withdraw.

                    4. How much interest I get for my invested sum?
                    Let us make an example:
                    You have invested in August 2009 a sum of 100.000€, and now in August 2010 its pay time, due to our stats for this 12months we had a profit of + 60%.
                    Means your gross annual money is 160.000€, our earnings are only based on the profit!!!
                    You made a gross profit of 60.000€
                    Our earnings: 20% from the profit = 12000€ + cost for databases and service and accounting 10% = 6000€
                    Your total net profit would be = 42.000€
                    Means we would pay you 142.000€ to your bank account (other payments also possible)

                    5. Why should I invest money?
                    We are people who love the betting business. We know our job and know what we have to do to make profit. You will get with us more interest than in any other investment branches and you cannot lose money (If you let your money stay with us at least 12months). You can always visit us at Düsseldorf or Cologne in Germany. We give you weekly information about where we have invested your money in and how much profit it generates. You normally get around 20-80% Profit in a year.

                    For more question feel free to contact us by PM or [email protected] (MSN)


                      Is this the joke of the day? You have 500.000€ "security capital" so why don't you invest your own money?

                      Your Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Guide:




                          Originally posted by TEDDIE21 View Post
                          Is this the joke of the day? You have 500.000€ "security capital" so why don't you invest your own money?

                          You seems to be not a business man.

                          500.000€ security capital must not mean only money, it can also be other kind of securties, which is enough secure for a bank in worst case.

                          We do not accept to loose 500K€ , since to have a total lost of the invested money is not possible, maybe you heard about moneymanagment. every single bet is new calculated, to loose everything is totally impossible. Also to be more than than 5 bets a season in minus which means with a bank of 500K€ is only 25K€ which is nothing. Compared to the chance that this event happend after arround 2000 value bets with 10% value a year, its arround 0,01%

                          So please not joke and waste your time if you do not like the offer, simple not answer.




                              haha no sorry. But we do not use a Ponzi Scheme.

                              It scares me a bit that noone seems to understand Fondadministration, it is the same in betting buisness.

                              If it would make Ponzi Scheme, why we than can pay you out every day ? And do you think we fake balances and make faking bets, just to show you every week the actual stats?

                              And why should we stop at 500K?

                              Sorry if we would make a fake , than we would definantly not do a stop at 500K. =D

                              We are totally transparent, you can see us work every day if you like. You can meet us, when you want. Whenever you want

                              But its typicall reaction of human nature, with something new :-)


                                Well, if we think how a Ponzi scheme works, then yes, my example is not quite appropriate. My bad...

                                I don't know if this is against the forum rules and that's why I won't close this thread for now. This is up to the forum leaders to decide. But you should get used with people's reactions in this case, since this isn't something new. Not by far...

                                Only few months ago it was the Neil Blatchly Scandal ( I'm sure you heard about it. It wasn't a Ponzi scheme either but he started the same like you. None can tell if he was trying to cheat the investors or he was just extremely dumb.

                                You can't be accused of anything yet, of course, but you should get used with people's reactions. They don't know you, they don't know how reliable you are, they probably know a lot of scamming histories so their reaction is perfectly normal.


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