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Protipster looking for investor / betting group

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    Protipster looking for investor / betting group


    I try to be short as I am serious and looking for only serious person/group.

    I am pro bettor on football 10 years experience (Czech, Irish league + friendlies, national teams matches, UEFA Cups) following only asian market. It means sky is the limit.

    Verified work:

    I worked for Livebettors for 3 years from 11/2009 to 10/2012.

    sample of past stats

    This is the sample and I can prove it is original from the group. I was not kicked for the "bad" results for the last months but they, unfortunately, had to stop the service.

    Also, notice how close I was not to pass the trial. Almost 9 units in minus but the staff remained calm with 1 unit left to make it possible .. and then my max was 95 units in 2 years.

    Since 1/2010 I am working for smaller private investor

    Unfortunately, he also has some problems currently and he has a pause (still in 2018 :/).

    I also passed trial with asianconnect but unfortunately I turned the offer down as I didn't want to spend time with extra previews etc.. I have to say it was a mistake and as few years later I tried to get in they returned my behaviour back with no interest even I was keen to make a full trial again.

    I had other few experiences with another investors but it was short term, they dissappeared or we didn't find the collaboration positive for both sides.

    What I offer

    I offer prematch or live picks with high limits on Asian market (Pinnacle included).
    I can work with flat or unit system.
    I can bet it on my own on "your" account or via operators on skype
    I have no problem with a trial to prove the skill
    Payouts on monthly basis/units basis etc., open to discuss the model

    Who am I looking for?

    Well the best would be some milionaire investor as described the market I operate has really high limit but this seems to be a dream to find. I am looking for at least serious investors or betting group who works similar like the suggested group (AsianConnect or Livebettors), payouts at least 100***8364; per unit, operators on skype most of the time and understanding betting as the investment (good, bad months) with aim to be there for at least 5 years.

    I am not looking for "people" who resell the picks etc. I am looking only for the b2b = direct bettors or investors

    If you are interested more please send me an email on [email protected] as I tried to be short and we can discuss more or you can leave a message here.

    Thank you for your time.
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    ''payouts at least 100***8364; per unit'' - Do you mean you charge 100 Euros for every unit of the net profit, with 10 unit max betting system?


      Originally posted by g_latsabidze View Post
      ''payouts at least 100***8364; per unit'' - Do you mean you charge 100 Euros for every unit of the net profit, with 10 unit max betting system?
      There is nobody serious who bets 10 units per bet, come on. This is just trick for gamblers and tips sellers I have never met any serious subject who bets 5 bets for 3 units and then 10 bets for 10 units.

      Morelikely this refer for flat system, 1 unit per bet or for unit system (1-3/3 max). So yes, if you place a bet with odd 2.00 for 1 unit I expect €100+ share. Of course on some basis (month, quarter, 10 units to be made etc.)

      This is why I am looking for serious investor, such as Livebettors or I believe Asianconnect was.


        It has been almost two years but I am still looking for new groups or investors.

        Drop me an email if interested in.

        Thank you.


          Still looking for investors?


   serious better. Can bring alon one other high stake [email protected] if you like to talk further. Thanks


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