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Service Picks (brazilian championships

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  • Service Picks (brazilian championships


    My name is Marco Antonio and I have been on sports betting for a few years, I work with my own money, I am Tipster and I also work for investors and unions.

    Like every business student, I have an immense pleasure in investing, and it was in the sports betting market that I found what I was really looking for. Native of Brazil and passionate about soccer since childhood, it was in the sports betting market that I found a way to be profitable only with my study and continuous effort


    The main objective of the service is the search for value bets in Brazilian leagues, always prioritizing quality rather than quantity. All picks are sent to the customer's email in a timely manner, between 08:00 am and 13:00 pm (Brazilian time), in case of high value bets, I can send them at different times.
    All picks are in Asian markets ie Handcap Asian and Over / Under. At this point, if the client does not have much knowledge about this market, please kindly ask me to talk about it.
    I value the quality of the service, treating the customer in the best way is my main focus, as well as providing a lucrative picks service in the long run. Therefore, all bets will be sent only when there are good limits in the market so that all customers can bet without the odds falling fast.

    Average 40-70 picks per month.


    The recommended banking management is 50 units, as it is what I use and has been profitable and safe in the long run. We will bet between 0.5 and 2 units in each bet, I usually use fixed stake of 1 unit, only in some situations I will send pick with 0.5 or 2 units.

    All picks will be sent as the example below:

    League: Brazil League A
    Game: São Paulo vs Flamengo 03/15 19:00 GMT -3.00
    Pick: São Paulo -0.25 @ 1.93
    Unit to bet: 1 unit
    Min odd: @ 1.80

    It is important to say that all picks will have the minimum odds that the customer must bet, so at no time should the customer bet if the quote is below the odds recommended by me. If this happens, the recommendation is to follow the market, and bet as soon as the odds increase again, if it does not increase, abandon the bet.


    30 $ EUR - Monthly
    80 $ EUR - 3 Months
    150 $ EUR - 6 Months
    280 $ EUR - 12 Months


    The service aims to profit from sports betting in the long run, and my records prove that I am profitable in the Brazilian leagues, so it is normal to have oscillations during this way. The best option for the client is to acquire the semiannual and annual plans, as this way the probability of obtaining a profit is greater, because in a single month it is perfectly possible to end up at a loss, since we are talking about investments. However, over a long period (6 or 12 months) the client will surely close at a profit.
    If the customer is not satisfied with the result of the service, you can contact me via email, which will refund all the money paid for the service, in the same way that was paid.


    For more information about the Picks Service please contact by email or number below.

    Whatsapp or Telegram: +55 49 988283350

    Link of records:

    ** To check all the blog's records, go to '' Statistics '' in the left menu, and select the '' All Time '' field. **
    If someone wants to buy the pick service from the blogabet, the amount is higher due to the commission imposed by them.

    Best Regards, Marco Antonio

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