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    Service Picks


    My name is Marco Antonio, I'm a bettor and tipster, and I come through this message to spread my service of choices in Brazilian football

    The main purpose of the service is to seek bets of value in Brazilian leagues, always prioritizing quality instead of quantity. All the choices are sent to the customer's email, and at a fixed time, between 08:00 am and 13:00 pm (Brazilian time), in case of something very valuable, I can send them at different times.

    All choices are in Asian markets, ie Asian Handcap and Over / Under. I highly value the quality of service, take good care of my customers, it is my main focus, of course, to offer a lucrative long-term picking service. Therefore, all bets will only be sent when there are good limits in the market so that all customers can bet without the odds falling fast.

    All the choices will be sent along with the minimum probability that the customer can accept, this is very important, since, below, it has no value and the client should not bet.

    Homes used and recommended are: Pinnacle, Sbobet and 188bet.

    All as choices are sent as the example below.

    Brazil League A
    São Paulo vs Flamengo 03/15 19:00 BRT
    São Paulo -0.25 @ 1.93 Pinnacle
    1 unit
    Min odd @ 1.80

    The service has on average 40-60 picks per month.

    Price of service choices:

    39 $ EUR - Monthly
    100 $ EUR - 3 Months
    85 $ EUR - 6 Months
    350 $ EUR - 12 Months

    Below you leave my blogabet with all the results of the last months. To check, just go to the '' Stats '' tab. Any questions about the service, please contact the email below, I will reply as soon as possible.

    Email to contact:
    Link Blogabet:

    Thank you.

    Best Regards, Marco Antonio

    93 picks and only 2% yield.. R.I.P


      Originally posted by Konjina View Post
      93 picks and only 2% yield.. R.I.P
      See in archived picks, it has more than 250 picks.


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      All-time favourite bookie of due to their great betting offers in many sports, very good live betting and in-game cashouts, and general ease-of-use. Take me to Bet365!

      Great bookie, offer superb odds (low margins), very high limits, does not slash winning customers. Probably the most reliable sportsbook on the net. Well known among sports punters for their ability and will to offer a fair product. Pinnacle will not hide. If you are good, you win. OK,  I'll give Pinnacle Sports a try!