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Looking for influencers and marketers for our new betting tool!

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        Better late than never!
        We can finally announce some big developments. First one is customizable notifications:
        You can find them by clicking on bell icon on top of the page, right side, after Log Out button.
        Click on Create New Rule:
        Notification Name - name the notification how you prefer. Notification name will be shown when you get the notification on the desktop and on the mobile app (Out before WC).
        With country and league, you can set and league where the notification will work on criteria. When you leave it blank, all the games will be taken into account.
        In the next row, you can the game time value. By setting it between 55 to 75, only games between this time range will be searched for further criteria before giving you the notification.
        In the last row, you can add the criteria and add new ones by clicking on the plus And icon.
        Time Period - Pregame: Here you can add pregame lines and odds criteria. Closing odds and pre game odds, which means you can also add the lines/odds movement.
        Also you can add Current game stats and odds and add stats from momentum (last 15-25-35).

        Mobile app will be out before WC! Best app on the market for in-play stats and following the games scores. Add games into your favourites, get notifications and games results.

        Also we have in-play line notifications where you can set the tool to give you a notification for example when home team -1.5 asian lines changes to -1 with your minimum requested odds!

        Link to the tool:

        Pictures of the notifications tool:


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          I'm looking someone who could help us to translate our new and awesome betting and trading tool! In favour, I will give you a free account for one year!
          Short prewiev of our tool: Its football betting and trading tool showing you all the live stats, pre game statistics, odds and odds movements, recent games scores and statistics. Also we offer mobile app and customizable notifications where every user can create his own betting systems!
          The tool is used already by a lot of tipsters and gamblers and we are looking to expand and translate the site into different languages. So anyone interested in free account, translating the site or working for us as affiliate and get paid, please contact me:

          Link to the site:
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            Our site has also totally different look now! Customizable notifications and best mobile app on the market are waiting!

            Some pics from the tool:














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              Hi guys,

              good news as we managed to add a lot of different features to our mobile app.
              You can now see in-play stats, compare 1st half and 2nd half stats and also check momentum stats in mobile app. Also, when you add games into your favourites, they are on top of the page in the mobile app also. Theres some great features added very soon, so keep eyes on our updates section! Link to the site:


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                Hi guys, we are looking for possible collaborations and affiliates for our constantly growing betting and trading tool!
                We are offering you affiliate links, banners, commission and lifetime payments option. Also, we do have already some partners making passive income
                and looking for site, groups and forums owners with betting content! Also tipsters are welcome!
                Our site have had another several big developments in recent months and already during this year we are the only betting site in the world who offers inplay stats, pre game stats, odds feed, customizable notifications, inplay alerts and mobile app all in one package! Link to the tool:

                You can also contact me on:


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                  New updates on the site and some special features added, more information from our news/system updates link!


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                    Notification system is now updated and soon you can use our spreadsheet for notifications in order to make some adjustments and follow much easier if and where the notifications are actually profitable. Create your own betting system and during the year we will also implement a solution where you can share your notifications with friends or sell them for your customers!

                    Link to the tool -


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                      Our tool is getting better and better!!! New addition is launched and it's named SPREADSHEET!
                      Spreadsheet collects all of your customized notifications into one spreadsheet, which is almost fully automated and filled with important information FOR YOU!
                      The spreadsheet also analyzes automatically the leagues and countries where your notifications are performing better and is showing you the profits by leagues and countries.
                      There's easily over million different ways of how to create notifications in order to maximize and find your profits like I have done already!

                      Link to the tool with discount code! - or contact me directly -
                      Also looking for possible collaborations and affiliates!

                      Picture of the Spreadsheet with some profitable notifications!



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